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30-May-01: Finally, version 1.0 release of Exoticons is here.

Exoticons consists of 1500 icons created from high quality box scans of Amiga games. Certainly, it must be the largest game icon collection currently available for the Amiga. It comes in both NewIcons and OS3.5/3.9 versions and is downloadable from the Misc Section. Please note that the packs are very large, and could take some time to download. They also should be appearing on Aminet very shortly.

As a bonus included with the Icons is a small intro coded by Cupid/IRIS. Big thanks to him for all his work. Thanks also to XtC for the drawer images and the wonderful Exoticons logo.

08-May-01: ExoticA has gone Ocean Style! Check the fantastic new logo on the Intro Page! Huge thanks to XTC for his excellent work.

Both Web Rings and Browser Recommendations are removed for now from the Index Page. Partly for clashes on the bright background, and partly because I have no reason to support Yahoo and their harmful ideas and property policies.

06-May-01: Added 38 scans to the Games Gallery. All complete with full author information and a link to the music if available. The new scans are:

A: Action Service, Aquanaut, Arabian Nights

C: Caesar Deluxe, California Games, Campaign (Alternative Scan), Captain Dynamo, CarVup, Cardiaxx, Castle Warrior, Catch'Em, Celtic Legends, Championship Manager93, Championship Manager 94, Championship Manager Italia, Chariots Of Wrath, Chase HQ 2, Chrono Quest 2, Clever And Smart, Clockwiser, Coala, Cohort 2, Colonel's Bequest, Colossus Chess X, Conflict Europe, Conquests Of Camelot, Continental Circus, Cool Croc Twins, Cool World, Cosmic Spacehead, Count Duckula, Crazy Cars 2, Crime Wave, Crystal Kingdom Dizzy, Curse Of Enchantia, Curse Of The Azure Bonds, Cybernoid 2, Cyberpunks

Thanks to Mike for making many of the scans. Updated the Game Information Database on the Info Section.

I forgot to mention in the last update about a new Scenery demo scene guide. Scenery64 has now been released, with information about C64 groups and productions. Although Scenery64 is still not finished, and many things are to be added, it still is a very good source of information.

Updated the Scenery Amiga to V1.10 (May 2001 release). Scenery Amiga is a comprehensive scene guide for the amiga. It shows the evolution of the Amiga scene, with information on parties, releases and groups. All the Scenery Guides are linked to from the Info Section.

You may have noticed from the Main Page that ExoticA now comes under the IRIS name. IRIS is a great demogroup founded in 1988 which I have recently joined and I hope to be an active and useful member of the team :) Visit the website at where you can find more information about the group, and download many of the productions.

29-Apr-01: Added the following 29 scans to the Games Gallery:

0-9: 4D Sports Driving

A: Altered Destiny

B: B17 Flying Fortress (Alternative Scan), Baby Jo, Back To The Future 2, Bangkok Knights, Barbarian (Palace), Barbarian 2 (Psygnosis), Batman The Caped Crusader, Battle For The Ashes, Battle Isle '93, Battletech (PCHits Budget Version) , Beneath A SteelSky (CD32), Black Crypt (Original Version), Black Gold, Black Lamp, Black Magic, Black Viper, Blitzkrieg, Bloodwych (Alternative Scan), Blue And The Gray, Blue Angel 69, Bobo, Bonanza Bros, Booly, Brides Of Dracula, Bubble Dizzy, Bully's Sporting Darts, Bump'n'Burn (CD32) (Alternative Scan)

Updated Bloodwych with an improved scan. Big thanks to Mike for sending in many of the new images. Also updated the Game Information Database on the Info Section. As well as the new information from the most recent gallery additions, it contains a few fixes for previous items. There are many more fixes to apply, which I will do at a later date.

Added a Tracker History information page to the Info Section. This area is also linked to from the Editors Page.

Updated the Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.90. Many changes have taken place since the last release including updates to Mute 101, TSB and Relay.

Added the following Custom modules to the CUST-Custom Section (View: Compact|Full):


Thanks to Don Adan for making all these great rips (Which were released first to Aminet). Full credits for these tunes can be found on the CUST-Custom Section (As linked above). As usual, the credits are also on the file comments inside the LHA's.

10-Apr-01: Added a link to the ExoticA Partner site - Nectarine - on the Tunes Section. Nectarine is a fantastic Scene Radio Station. Go there now, and listen online to hundreds of your favourite Amiga, C64 game and demo tunes.

Forgot to mention that a Credits Section was added on the Info Page. Here you can see photos and read information about the people behind this website.

09-Apr-01: Updated ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection to version 4.0. The collection now contains 15,342 C64 tunes.
ExoticA offers the music individually via a simple to use HTML Interface or you can download them all in one large GZIP'd TAR Archive - HVSC.tar.gz.
To see whats new you can check out the e-mail announcement text - update25.txt.
For more in depth changes, you can refer to the update logs in the DOCUMENTS/ Directory.

I failed to mention in previous updates about a new version of the great SCENERY - Amiga Demo Scene Guide. Scenery is definately the most comprehensive Amiga demo scene guide available. This is the February 2001 release - Read the main page about what's new.

I have been a bit slow on updates recently, and for this I can only apologise. However, despite the other important things in my life right now (mostly work), there has been on-going development of a new area for ExoticA.
It will contain a lot which the current music directory doesn't - Game Music from games utilising standard Sound/Noise/Protracker or cloned/packed formats of this.
More information about this area will be released soon, but the archive is already close to 100 mb in size!. All are full game rips - and all in their original game format (Unless we have original soundtracks supplied by the Author).
All tunes are also sorted by Author and we wil provide a comprehensive HTML interface to the music.

I also have currently more than 350 ! scans waiting to be added to the Game Box Scan gallery. I hope to get these online as soon as possible. Along with the new Players Area and additional tune sections.


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