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About ExoticA
General information about this site,the contents and how it started.
Information on the hosting solution for ExoticA.
Photos and information about the people who make and help with ExoticA.
Deli News
English translations of the Deli News text's which were written some time ago by zeg. Alot of useful information about all areas of the music scene.
Amiga Demo Scene Online Encyclopedia
Online browseable and searchable list of Amiga demo scene releases. An incredible compilation of information covering releases, parties, coders, musicians and graphic artists.

(This was previously known as 'The Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual' and was available in a plain text downloadable form.

C64 and Amiga Releases
Scenery is comprised of 2 comprehensive scene guides for the Amiga and C64. They show the evolution of the C64 and Amiga scene, with information on parties, releases and groups.
Tracker History
A list showing the history of sound/noise/protracker and clones on the Amiga.
Amiga Game Information
Author/Publisher information for a large number of Amiga Games. Covers all the information available in the Games Gallery.
Information on submitting files for the website, joining the mailinglist, and a few troubleshooting tips.


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