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Welcome to ExoticA. A HUGE Amiga website full of classic and great Amiga Music, Software, Artwork, Nostalgia and much much more.

For more information on the site please go and read the Info Section.

Here is a brief description of each section. Use the main links on the left to navigate round the site or if you are on a text only browser or just viewing the non frames (ugly) version then use the links at the bottom of the page.

Please Note: There are many more sections to the website which can be accessed from links within the major sections.

Main: This will bring you back here to this main intro page.
Info: This area contains various information sections including information about the site, a Game Information Database, Scenery (Huge Amiga Scene Guide), Delinews Text/Magazines, Support pages, Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual, Instructions on joining the ExoticA mailinglist, and more..
News: Regularly updated news showing all additions/changes to the website.
Tunes: Browse the HUGE Exotic Music Archive, The UnExoticA Game music Collection, the High Voltage SID Collection - Over 16,500 C64 tunes, and more.
Players: Music players you will need to play the files on the site.
Editors: Biggest archive of Amiga Music Editor Software on the net. Many rare/classic ones here.
Demos: Currently only 1 special demo online. Area opens with more sub sections soon.
Nostalgia: Section containing currently : All AM/FM Diskmags with in depth catalogue, most Newsflash Diskmags, and more.
Utils: Amiga File/Disk Crunchers. More sections soon..
Source: Sourcecode for music replays, demos etc.
Gallery: Contains hundreds of scans of Amiga Game boxes with full author information, a gallery showing the all the topical and decorative intro logos used on ExoticA, the results of the ExoticA intro Logo Competition and some photos of the Amiga City!
Misc: Download Exoticons! the ultimate Amiga Game newicon collection, or check out an MPEG conversion of the great CD32 Alien Breed Tower Assault Intro.
Forum: ExoticA related Discussions (Amiga Music, Scene etc), technical support, comments, Suggestions etc.
Links: Links to other great Computer Music Pages, Amiga pages, and other sites of interest,.

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This site is brought to you primarily by BuZz/IRIS, Vital and XtC and it is updated fairly regularly. There are also many other people helping or who have helped with this project.. Check the Credits page for more information If you have contributed a lot to the website and you would like to be mentioned on the credits page please mail me.

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This site is dedicated to Roy

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An IRIS Production

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