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Main Tune Page
The main page with links to all music directories. All files are accessable via a simple HTML interface. Archive includes over 6000 exotic Amiga tunes. Please Note: Credit information for each tune is still being worked on. Many files information maybe muddled/incorrect or non-existant. This will be fixed and improved as time goes on.
The definitive Amiga Game Music collection

This section provides complete unmodified rips with full credits for all Amiga game soundtracks regardless of format. Unlike other collections available elsewhere on the internet, UnExoticA's archive hasn't been defaced with rip credits, which often replace comments left by the original composer.

"The Best Hacked Amiga Game Music in the World Ever Preservation Archive! ;-P" /XtC

Exotic Tunes Index
All the music directories (except the HVSC section and UnExoticA) in 1 big HTML file. Useful for searching for specific tunes.
Tune Formats and Technical Info
An attempt to gather technical information about the tune file formats and replay routines. If we have enough detailed description (formats and commented replay), (portable) players can be written for today and the 3rd millenium computers :-). Please send contributions, credits are never forgotten ! Original editors/replay authors will be of course consulted when possible.
This area of ExoticA is maintained by Laurent Clevy.
High Voltage SID Collection
ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection. The most complete collection of C64 music in the world. ExoticA mirrors the collection with all tunes unpacked and browseable with a simple to use HTML interface with the ability to download all the tunes in one archive.
HVSC Tunes Index
All the tunes in the High Voltage SID Collection on 1 HTML file. Warning: This is a huge file with over 21,000 links on 1 page. Can cause major browser overload :)
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ExoticA supports Kohina.
Kohina is a high quality streaming radio featuring classic game and demo music from C64, Arcades, Amiga, Spectrum, Atari XE/ST and more. Emphasis is on quality, with music recorded from the real machines where possible.
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ExoticA is a partner with the fantastic Online Scene Radio Station - Nectarine. Go there now, and listen online to hundreds of your favourite Amiga, C64 game and demo tunes.
Special Music
This page contains links to music which is exclusively made or ripped for ExoticA and also links to some of the most popular tunes on the site.


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