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Special Music

Exclusive to ExoticA!


SonicSolutions lha contents

SonicSolutions readme
=- SoNiC SoLuTiOnS! -=
The Synthsound Editor Years!
These Tunes Have Never Been Released Until Now...
All tunes by DeeJay 99 (Mark Wright) for various unfinished Amiga products in 1991-1997.
(BuZz Notes: Deejay 99 = Kerni / ex Magnetic Fields and Silents)
Darius Zendeh Deliplayer + Modules

Darius Zendeh Deliplayer Archive Contents
*EXCLUSIVE* to ExoticA
Music from Darius Zendeh (Old Mark2SoundSystem)
and a *NEW* deliplayer from FantaZY/Synergy
Included with the replayer is all the music from R-Type
and also a few tunes from other sources all ripped also by FantaZY.
Midnight Resistance Music

*EXCLUSIVE* to ExoticA
Midnight Resistance Music from Special FX
Ripped, Reworked & Customised for *ExoticA* by Cache/DTL
Hudson Hawk Music

*EXCLUSIVE* to ExoticA
Hudson Hawk Music by Keith Tinman/Special FX
Ripped, Reworked & Customised for *ExoticA* by Cache/DTL
RoboCop2 - All SoundFX

*EXCLUSIVE* to ExoticA
RoboCop2 from Special FX - All SoundFX
Ripped, Reworked & Customised for *ExoticA* by Cache/DTL

Specially Cool Tunes

XtC's ExoticA Favourites
(in alpha order)
(There are some Tracker-cloned tunes that should be in this list, but I thought I'd just show the 'exotic' tunes! ;-)

Alien Breed (Title)
Battle Squadron (Title)
Cybernoid (128k Spectrum Version)
Firelord Gauntlet III (Title)
Ghouls'n'Ghosts (128k Spectrum Version)
Ghouls'n'Ghosts (All Tunes)
L.E.D Storm
Masterblazer (Museum Music)
Shadow Of The Beast (Title)
The Great Giana Sisters (Intro)
The Never Ending Story (Allister Brimble)
Turrican II (Title)
EMUL.Xenon (128k Spectrum Version)
DW.Xenon II (Title)
Gemuse's ExoticA Favourites
In no particular order:

Wings of Death (ST Version)
Last Ninja Remix
Turrican II
Stormlord (AHX version)
Imploder 3
Imploder 4


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