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G. Lunder 1996-2004!

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--- the scenery project --- (c) 1996-2004 Glenn Lunder --------------------
 \    _   /__.________._________._________.________
  \   /____(\_       \_    _   \_     __/\_   ____/__
  /______    /   /____/    _    /   /    /    /    /::::::::::::: :  :
_.    |/   /|_____( (____/(___(_________(_________(k4K!
\||____!___(          _.________                             _.________
                      \     _  /_._________.______  _.______ \    _   /_
                           /_  \_    _   \_     /__\_     /__\   /____(__
     :  : :::::::::::::|    |/   /    _    /    /    /    /   /______    /
                       |________(____/(___(_________(_________    |/   /__

                            s  c  e  n  e  r  y
                            p  r  o  j  e  c  t

                         (c) Glenn Lunder 1996-2004

What is Scenery? Well, it's a guide to groups, parties and releases on the
c64/amiga demoscene (pc is in development), and features what is likely the
biggest, best and most comprehensive scene party index ever made public.
It's an attempt to cover an important part of digital history, to accurately
document things and events that otherwise might be forgotten. The demoscene
has given me immense entertainment and excitement over the years, and this
is my way of giving something back.

The Scenery project was initiated by glenn (who later became menace) in
1996, but not released to the public until the year 2000, thanks to an
initiative from Buzz, webmaster at Exotica ( Scenery
was originally a one-man project, but since going public and online, a large
number of people have helped out with everything from small snippets of
information to entire sections of party results etc. Many people have
contributed a little, and a few have contributed a lot. Special 'thank you's
for your tireless efforts to Buzz, Zeg, Phoenix and 3case.

As of april of 2001 we are also going public with the c64 side of the
project, scenery64. This has been in partial development since 1998, but was
not deemed releaseable until now. The party archive is shared between the
two, and now also reflects 'demo of the year' and 'significant releases' for
the c64. If some of these fields seem conspicuously empty yet, then rest
assured I'm working on the matter. They'll be filled when I decide exactly
who and what deserves to fill them ;]

On an amusing sidenote, I have *NEVER* received complaints about my
selections for demo/intro of the year, so I guess most of us agree on these

Please be advised that all reviews and opinions voiced in Scenery are just
that - the personal opinions of myself and/or my contributors - and not the
gospel truth. If I write a negative review of your demo, always keep in mind
that it's just one person's opinion. I am NOT trying to discourage anyone
from continuing to write material for the demoscene! Keep trying, it's the
only way to succeed.

Scenery is freeware. Use this material in any way you want. Permission is
hereby granted for its distribution on internet web and ftp sites, and any
reasonably priced cd-roms. You may, if you feel really generous, donate a
copy to me =]

... the guys

menace (norway) has been developing scenery since 1996, originally based on
the last version of the Amiga Demo List (ADL), release 940814, by Jean-Guy
Speton, but since then everything has been rewritten and re-researched
several times over =]

Buzz (uk) is our webmaster and interface designer, providing us with
webhosting at his amiga nostalgia site Exotica (

Zeg (germany) edits the Amiga Demo Scene Encyclopedia (also at Exotica), and
has contributed AMAZING amounts of material for scenery.

3case (poland) is helping us out developing a pc edition of scenery, and
besides has been more than helpful with providing hard-to-find party
results. Not to mention, being one of the friendliest, nicest people I've
had the pleasure to get to know through the scene.

Phoenix (usa) is a party result contributor, and has helped us correct
hundreds of mistakes in the scenery party archives!

_SoLO_ (france) is the webmaster of several great demo related sites. He is
webmaster of World of Cracktros (, DHTML Demos
( and the Skarla web site (http://www.

Zito (germany) is our spreader, pr man and in-house ascii artist, and also
editor of the excellent amiga diskmag Jurassic Pack together with Ghandy.

s-mail: Glenn Lunder,
        N-1970 Hemnes,

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