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What is ExoticA?

ExoticA is a website that concentrates mostly on the earlier days of Amiga computing. You will find online here a large amount of things for the Amiga including Exotic Amiga Music, demo information, game box scans, utilities, diskmags and other nostalgic and historic Amiga items. The Amiga is the finest computer ever created and its going to be around for a long time.

How It All Started

It was back in October 1997, when I realised that although there was alot of Amiga music available on the Internet, most of it was just Protracker music modules. For years I have loved the more synthy sounds produced by many other less well known Amiga audio programs. I have also been a huge fan of Amiga game music which quite often was written using custom music routines created by the programmer of the game. I decided to start a website for the more exotic Amiga music formats including many tunes from games, demos and intros. You will find many things on this site which are not available elsewhere.

Much has changed on the site since then and it has grown to be more than just a music site including other things created on the Amiga computer. Read the Main Page for a brief description of what each section contains.

Note: ExoticA does not have any commercial games. If you are looking for games go elsewhere, I do not condone piracy, and there will never be pirate Amiga games on this site.

.. In the Future

This site is an on going project, and there is much more to come. Read the News Page to keep up with all the latest developments.

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