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28-Mar-00: I have received a few e-mails asking when I will be adding more music. Well, you Amiga tune fans, let me give you some audio delights! :)

Added the music from the following games to the CUST-Custom section (View: Compact|Full).

Advanced Ski Simulator - CUST.Advanced_Ski_Sim
CJ In The USA - CUST.CJ_In_The_USA.lha
Mickey Mouse - CUST.Mickey_Mouse.lha
Guldkornekspressen - Guldkornekspressen.lha

Thanks to Sunbeam for making and sending in the Custom of CJ In The USA, Wombat for Guldkornekspressen and Peter Kunath for Mickey Mouse and Advanced Ski Simulator. Check the page for information on musician and release date.

Fixed the Custom of Shufflepuck Cafe - CUST.Shufflepuck_Cafe.lha - which was previously online as a uuencoded file -OOPS!- not quite sure how this happened ! The tune is actually already available on the RH-RobHubbard-2 (Infogrames) section but I like to keep all Custom modules.
I know there is many unstable and bad rips in the CUST-Custom section. I will be making a huge revamp of this area soon crediting all tunes and placing all bad rips into its own directory so you don't have to be afraid of those crashes anymore! :)

Added the last release version of Art Of Noise tracker - Art_Of_Noise_v1.9.lha - to the Editors Archive. This is the full version of the tracker released now as freeware. Not ONLY this, but the full source is in the archive and also separately on the Source Area. Huge thanks to Bastian (Twice/Lego) for making all this possible. Need more information? Well check out Laurent's excellent Formats Page which is linked to from the Tunes Page of ExoticA. Also added the sources to Soundtracker v2.5 and v2.6 and Protracker v1.2 and v1.3. Thanks to Mnemotron for sending in the Soundtracker sources and to Conan for giving me the Protracker source disk.

Added another audio format - MSO-MedlySound (View: Compact|Full). This area contains music composed by Paul van der Valk on his Medly Sound Editor (which is available on the Editors Archive). Paul is the author of many classic amiga tunes including the music for the game Hybris and the utilities Imploder 3 and 4. For more information read the text on the Main Tune Page.
Get the Delitracker Noteplayer for this format on the Amiga Players Page. Remember, all the latest versions of Delitracker plugins can be found on the delilatest area.

26-Mar-00: Sorry for the recent lack of website updates. I have been very busy in a new job. I will try to make more time for ExoticA later this week.

Added 19 images to the Games Gallery. All include full author information and links to the music if available. The new additions are as follows:

D: Days Of Thunder

F: Football Manager

I: Ikari Warriors, It Came From The Desert II (AntHeads)

O: Over The Net

R: Realms, Rebellion

S: Seek And Destroy, Sierra Soccer, Slackskin And Flint, Soul Crystal, Star Command

T: Theme Park, Tiny Skweeks, Turrican 2

V: Violator

W: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, World Cricket

Z: Zone Warrior

Thanks to Dante for the scan of Sierra Soccer, Frost for the scan of Theme Park and Jan Krolzig for supplying the boxes for Soul Crystal and the excellent Turrican 2.

Updated the Game Information Database on the Info Section. For your information, the text is now over 15,000 lines long :)

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.67. The manual has now passed the 1 million bytes barrier :) Changes since last version include information additions to Celtic, Iris, Genocide, Beyond Force and many others. The Demo Pack Reference Manual is also updated to version 1.09. This can be found onthe same page as the Demo Manual.

I apologise for not making any music additions, but I didn't have enough time. I will add some more tunes in the next update.

18-Mar-00: Added a fantastic new intro logo to the Intro Page. The logo is a tribute to the great games from Psygnosis for the Amiga and was made by XtC. You can find high quality scans and author information for many of the Psygnosis games on the Games Gallery. A full quality 24 bit PNG version of the image is available for download on the Intro Logos Gallery.
07-Mar-00: ExoticA is back!, at a new address. Please update your bookmarks and links to point to The mirror site is also in full working order and can be reach at
The old looks like it is still working, however I am unable to remove/change this site and due to continual server unreliability and lack of support from the system admin I decided to move.
You should find this server much more reliable, and I will be offering FTP access to the archives again soon. The CGI's (Guestbook/Counter) should also be working again now, so please feel free to have a scribble!

Added the following scans to the Games Gallery, bringing the total number to 904:

B: Battlestorm, Bram Stoker's Dracula

C: Colonization (German Version)

D: Death Mask, Defender Of The Crown II, Dragons Lair (Alternative Scan)

E: Elite (Alternative Scan), Erben Der Erbe

F: Frankenstein

G: Gem'X (Alternative Scan)

H: Head Over Heels

I: International Truck Racing

L: Leonardo, Legend Of The Lost

Thanks to Frost for the scans of Defender Of The Crown II and Erben Der Erde (Inherit The Earth), Mnemotron for the scans of Dragons Lair and Leonardo, and Jan Krolzig for supplying the box for Gem'X (Alternative Version). Also updated the Game Information Database on the Info Section.

Added some more editors to the Editors Archive. Additions include In Stereo 2.10d, Sonic Arranger v1.42, Sonic Arranger v2.16, Soundfactory (with full editor source), Synthesis v4.2, Protracker v3.53 and Protracker v3.0 (ShadesTracker). Thanks to Edel for sending in many of these.

Moved the Valentine's Day intro logo to the Intro Logos Gallery.

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.64. This update has many many changes and additions since the last release including updates to Equinox, Talent, Amiga Industries, Silicon League, Fairlight, Digital Force, Disknet, GFB, Scup, New Masters, Parasite, Razor, Star Frontiers and many others.
The Packdisk Reference Manual on this section has also been udated to version 1.07.

14-Feb-00: Check out the amusing Valentine's Day intro logo on the Intro Page! Thanks to XtC for making this. I hope Petro has a sense of humour :)
07-Feb-00: Added the 'Eat This' Millennium Bug logo to the Intro Logo Gallery.

Added 8 new scans to the Games Gallery. They are as follows:

W: Wacky Races, War Machine, Wings Of Death, Wings Of Fury, Wrath Of The Demon, Wreckers

Z: Zool 2, Z-Out

Thanks to Jan Krolzig for supplying the Wings Of Death box. Updated the Game Information Text on the Info Section.

Made alot of changes and additions to the Editors Archive. Additional editors include Medly Editor, Mark II Soundsystem (Full), Y2K Fixed Protrackers (Fixed by Cupid/Unique - and Soundtracker 64 (90% complete editor with full sourcecode - Thanks to Edel for releasing this to ExoticA).
There are many other additions, so do check out this area.
Versions of MED/Octamed will be added soon.

The Exotic Formats Page which is maintained by Laurent has had many additions over the last month. You can find it on the Tunes Section.

To finish off the update for today, I leave you with a Delitracker custom module of the music from the game Batman Returns - CUST.Batman_Returns.lha. You can find it on the CUST-Custom section (View: Compact|Full). The tune was customised by me (BuZz) and contains over 50 subsongs! (Mostly effects) :)

06-Feb-00: Sorry for the huge delay with updates but I was waiting for many of the server problems to be fixed. I have also been very busy at work. should be working again now, but it is a temporary solution and so CGI's (guestbook and counter) are currently not functional.
The mirror of ExoticA at Hangar 18 is up again however, and I recommend you use this address until the main site is back up again.
FTP services at are working as normal.

Added the following scans to the Games Gallery. Each complete with full author information and links to the music if available:

A: Astro Marine Corps

C: Cannon Fodder, Cruncher Factory

G: Goldrunner 2

P: Plotting, Portal

V: Venus The Flytrap, Vindicators, Virocop, Volfied, Voyager

Thanks to MazzelSiD for the scan of Cannon Fodder.
Replaced the scans of Bionic Commando, Dragonflight (Box) and Populous 2 with much improved ones.
Thanks to Vincent Aupert who sent in many fixes for the Games Gallery and Game Information Database (Also Updated) which is on the Info Section.

Fixed the author credit for the tune BP3.Future_2 on the BP-SoundMon section (View: Compact|Full).
Added the ingame music from the game Project X Special Edition to this area - Project_X_Special_Edition.lha. It's likely these tunes were also used on Project X but I have not had the time to check. Also added another version of BP.Cybersong (from Demo_Songs.lha) - BP.Cybersong.lha. Thanks to Nomaios for all these tunes.

Added a complete rip of the music from the game Return Of Medusa - Return_Of_Medusa.lha - which was composed by Jochen Hippel and can be found on the HIP-Hippel section (View: Compact|Full).
Improved the tune names from the game Warp - Warp.lha.
For those that have not heard all of Jochen's work, I really recommend it. He is one of my favourite game musicians. His music from the games Amberstar, Lethal Xcess, Prehistoric Tale and many others should not be missed :)

Added the following tunes to the AHX-AbyssHighestExperience section (View: Compact|Full):

Banana.lha/ pushing.work4

AHX.Bananmos, AHX.great_giana_sisters, AHX.ode_to_Buzz (Yes! A tune dedicated to me! :) ), AHX.repetetive

That's all for today. See you in the next update!

14-Jan-00: Added 30 scans to the Games Gallery. All with complete author credits and links to the music if available. Some really classic games in this update. The scans are as follows:

R: Return To Atlantis, Ruff and Reddy, The Running Man, Rotor (Alternative Scan)

S: Slayer, Soldier 2000, Space Ace, Spellfire The Sorcerer, Spidertronic, Spinworld, Star Breaker, Steg The Slug, Stone Age, Stryx, Stunt Car Racer, Super Off Road, Super Seymour

T: Thunder Boy, Thundercats, Tiger Road, Tintin On The Moon, Titan, Total Football, Total Recall, Turrican, Turrican 3, Tusker, Twin Turbos

U: Ugh, Unreal

Replaced the CD32 scan of Sleep Walker with a better one from the disk version of the game.
Thanks to Jan Krolzig for sending in the boxes for Turrican 3 and Unreal.
Also updated the Game Info Database on the Info Section.

Added latest version of the DeliTracker 14bit Genie - Deli14BitGenie.lha - which can be found on the Amiga Players Page. This is the best multichannel mixer available on any Amiga music player. Check the Aminet Readme for details. Thanks to Chris Hodges for his excellent work on this

Placed the following New/Updated EaglePlayers on the Amiga Players Page:

EP_JasonBrooke.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_DaveLowe.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_JasonPageO.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_Mugician.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_Mugician2.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_MWalker.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_PaulShields.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_RJosephPlay.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_RobHubbard.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_RobHubbardO.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_TFMX.lha - (Aminet Readme)

Thanks to Don Adan and Mr. Larmer of the Wanted Team for their work on these. Let's hope there may be DeliTracker versions of these players soon :) There will a new Dave Lowe section added soon and other tune areas for use with these music players.

Completely re-made the BP-SoundMon Section (View: Compact|Full).
This has taken many many weeks of work, sorting and commenting files and ripping more music. Thanks to all which helped with this. If you had downloaded this area before, I suggest you do so again, as it's completely restructured and there are a lot of new tunes.

Added the music from 2 Infogrames games - Drakkhen (Drakkhen.lha) and Tintin On The Moon (Tintin_On_The_Moon.lha).
Both game soundtracks were composed by Charles Callet and can be found on the RH-RobHubbard-2 (Infogrames) format section (View: Compact|Full).
Thanks to Bored Seal for ripping and sending these in.

Added a a link to a new area which is created for ExoticA by Laurent Clevy. It's a page containing technical information about the tune file formats and replay routines. This can aid in the programming of portable players for all the classic tunes you can find here. Check out the Tunes Section for more info or go directly to the page.
Thanks very much to Laurent for his work with this page.

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.58. This update includes a lot of changes since the last release including all The Party 99 demos, Fraxion completed, some more 2000 AD demos, more credit additions to Scoopex, Zenith updated and many other new additions and fixes.
There is also a new version of the Packdisk Information Text available on this section.

Well, that's all for this update. I have the flu and so just making it was quite a struggle. Now I'll put on some SID's and relax in bed.
Goodnight :)

01-Jan-00: Added a funny Millennium logo to the Intro Page. Thanks for XtC for making this.

Happy New Year!


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