DeliTracker v2.27
ReadMe File

DeliTracker 2.31
(Binary Only)

A great music player. Plays over 120 formats. Many Features etc.. Grab it.

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MYST Deliplayer (to play the YM-YM2149 tunes)
MYST_Main_v10.lha (YM Soundchip Emulator
MYST_Main_v10.readme (Aminet Readme)
MYST Data Files (Tunes also on the YM-YM2149 Section)
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Deli14BitGenie - Removed due to a lamer cracking this 'free' software. The author only asked for a postcard!. New versions only available for registered users.

EaglePlayer v2.00
ReadMe File
Another great music player. Supports over 150 formats. Nice GUI. Supports MOST Deliplayers also.

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EP_MWalker.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_PAP.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_PVP.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_PaulShields.lha - (Aminet Readme)
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EP_RobHubbard.lha - (Aminet Readme)
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EP_THermann.lha - (Aminet Readme)

EaglePlayer v2.01b
ReadMe File
New version of this great music player.
EaglePlayer Official Homepage Visit EagLeplayer official homepage for latest updates/versions.
HippoPlayer v2.44
ReadMe File
A small and fast music player. Doesn't support as many formats as DeliTracker or EaglePlayer. Still a nice proggy.
MultiPlayer v1.32
ReadMe File
Plays 20 formats. Older than the above programs. Maybe worth a look.


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