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22-Dec-97: Yet again I have stayed up ALL night long making HUGE site updates for you people.
Uploaded over 22 MEG!! of the Newsflash diskmagazine collection. A VERY VERY cool diskmag from UGA. They contain exclusive stuff from some of the most famous Amiga personalities, like well known game musicians etc.
Added yet some more DeliPlayers in a pack from Shelter. Check versions of players before overwriting current ones. Get them Here. Thanks to Amadeus/SLT for sending these to me, and thanks to SunBeam/SLT for making new players.
I miss some copies of Newsflash and some disks for a few of the issues. Please Email Me if you have any ones I do not etc.
Removed MW-MartinWalker Section since these were just old AVP-ActivisionPro Tunes. Moved MW.D-Generation.lha from it to AVP.D-Generation.lha. Used Exoticripper to clean the file.
Fixed some smelling erors :) and some link problems on this News Page.
Christmas Day very soon. Lager Lager Lager...... :)
21-Dec-97: Added 200+ tunes to the AY-3-8912_songs section. They are all in 1 lha called AYsongs_CPC_01.lha. For information on these tunes please read AYsongs_CPC_01.readme.
Thanx to XtC for informing me about these tunes.

Added a request on the Support page. Please help if you can.
Updated the Hippoplayer version on the Players page to 2.42. For version changes please consult hippoplayer.readme.

Added the PC Module players to the Players page !

*EXCLUSIVE* Added new DeliPlayers and new DeliGenies. Get These NOW!.

Fixed some liink problems. Thanks to Crown/Cryptoburners for pointing these out to me :)

20-Dec-97: Added Aztec Challenge music and BP3.Back_On_Track. Thanx to Promax for these.
In the last few days I have been busy reorganising the Music Editors which I have, and sorting though new tunes. The Editors Section will be updated very soon. The PC Players section will be made in next couple of days also.
The front page will also change soon with a nice graphic and options to view a Frames and No-Frames version of the site.
Rearranged some tunes in the FC14-FutureComposer section and received some Future Composer modules written by FantaZY/SynerGY which I was missing. Thanks pal!
Added a few ADSC-AudioSculpture format tunes
17-Dec-97: Uploaded all the Future Composer 1.3 & 1.4 Musics. If you downloaded the futurecomposer section before, I suggest you replace it with the new files.
I placed a new Section to the tunes page, a link to a Index Page which lists all the tunes online with links to them all.
16-Dec-97: Before I had only 3 tunes from Tearaway Thomas, so I decided to rip them myself. 7 tunes in all, and they are in the DH-DavidHanney format. You can grab them Here.
I received many Future Composer 1.3 and 1.4 Tunes. Due to the amount of files I will give each version their own section. Also recieved a new format which I will place online soon.
12-Dec-97: Well, Updates are getting less often :( Hey doods it's Party time of year so I got other things to do :) P.A.R.T Why? Cozzzz I LOVE IT!
Whats new?. well. Added the YM2149 format. YM2149 is a Synthetic Sound Processor used in a number of computers including the Atari-ST. The YM2149 Musics online are all taken from the Atari-ST and made to the their fileformat by Mr Styckx. The needed DeliPlayer is also coded by Mr Styckx. You can get it Here. BIG THANKS to him for making this :)
I am not 100% certain that what I said about YM2149 is correct, since i know very little about this really.

Added the following to the crunchers page:
Byte_Killer.lha : New Stuff in Archive
PowerPacker.lha : added v3.0a of PowerPacker
Byte_Killer_DataDecruncher.lha And Byte_Killer_DataRipper.lha : Made by Fantazy/SynerGY Thanx!

I keep all different versions of a cruncher in 1 lha file. To see what is contained within the LHA files check the .txt files on the Crunchers page.

9-Dec-97: Well the news is getting kinda long now. At the new year I'll keep older news on separate pages.
Took the music from Sensible Golf which is the VectorDean format.
8-Dec-97: Xmas is getting close! Whahay!.. Shit. now I got to waste money on gifts for people. Xmas time is fun to drink and eat good food, but the giving and receiving of gifts suxx. Bah HUMBUG I say :)
Anyway, I placed a whole load of new DW-DavidWhittaker tunes online. If you have already downloaded this sectino then I adise you to Download them all again due to changes on some filenames, and a couple which were slightly Corrupt.
I will be adding another link on the top of the Tunes section to go to a Special Music Section which will contain stuff which is EXCLUSIVE! to exotica and music which may not be Exotic but in our opinion is soooo DAMN! good it has to be online. :)

Time passes.. Instead of sleeping BuZz works on the site.. its now 11am. I didn't sleep last night and I'm still going strong.. erk!
Hope my hard work is appreciated. I hope people actually read the news section :)

New Stuff:
Special Music Section is now online. Check it out right now to download some music which has never before been released! Some great Synth/Chip tunes from Deejay 99 (kerni / ex Magnetic Fields and Silents)
Nostalgia Section is now finally on! Yeeaah!. To start it off I have got together a massive load of Crunchers which are all online. If you have any Crunchers or versions of a cruncher which I am missing please email them to me.

A while ago I submitted the site for the Game Music Ring but then didn't do anything about it. I have now mailed the RingMaster bloke, And we should hopefully be linked up soon.
Ahh well I think thats all for now :). Hmm maybe it's time to change tunes, I've been playing the Turrican II musics now for about 3 hours :)

7-Dec-97: Organised and renamed many Crunchers. They are now ready to be placed online.
Also recieved a whole bunch of DW-DavidWhittaker format tunes which I will place online shortly.
6-Dec-97: Added the missing title music from Prehistoric Tale by Jochen Hippel.
You can grab now all the wonderful music from that game in one LHA file. Filename is A_Prehistoric_Tale.lha in the HIP-Hippel section.
Spent all this morning going though old utility disks and CD's searching for old Crunchers and other fine Amiga utilities. A Cruncher Section will appear VERY soon.
5-Dec-97: Sorted though files cleaning out duplicates etc. Fixed a link on the main page.. oops. Added a link on the Links page.
4-Dec-97: Well, its 7:15am and I have been awake all night yet again making huge updates to the site.
2 new sections are online now CUST-SUNTronic and DH-DavidHanney. The reason why the SUNTronic tunes are in a section named CUST-SUNTronic is because they are in DeliTracker's Custom format. Also they are all placed into 1 lha file since they consist of songs and separate instruments. There is over 200 of them also :)
The DH-DavidHanney section currently just has some music from Tearaway Thomas.
Please check the following sections for major changes (Many Many new files!)


As you also may have noticed, I am making the news section slightly more Colourful!. Basically I will highlight words in Magenta rather than using italic or bold, since I think is more appealing. What do you think?
Added a few more BD-BenDaglish tunes and also some ML-MusicLineEditor tunes.
As I mentioned in the news for 3-Dec-97 the SONIC. music in the SA-SonicArranger section has been moved to SONIC-SonicArranger.
Some of you might be wondering what will be going in the Nostalgia section. To start with my idea was just to place a few old demos/diskmags in there, but after some suggestions and thinking I have decided that I will make a Crunchers section there. Hopefully we will also host the biggest collection of Amiga Crunchers aswell as the large amount of exotic music :) I also hope to get the classic diskmag collection NewsFlash on the site also.
All this won't be happening immediately, but please watch out for it in the near future. *Phew* well this is a long news to write, and I am going to end it now and go to bed. :)

3-Dec-97: Last couple of days I have been going though many unsorted files I had and other files I had on disk.
I will be adding a whole bunch of SUNTronic Custom and many new Sonic Arranger, DMU-DigitalMugician and some more BD-BenDaglish tunes.
Due to the amount of Sonic Arranger music I have, I am going to split the archive into 2 sections. SONIC-SonicArranger section will contain all the Sonic Arranger modules which contain the replay code. These are basically rips. The SA-SonicArranger section will contain just the original tunes, which can ofcourse be loaded back into the editor. I use SONIC. just because this is what ExoticRipper adds to the files when ripping :)
2-Dec-97: Ah the festive season approaches. And the updates to this site continue. Whats new this time?
Added SUN-SUNTronic format and I added quite a few tunes to BD-BenDaglish and MC-MarkCooksey.
Added SCUMM.Maniac_Mansion-Title.lha to the SCUMM section. Again I'd like to thank Nomaios for these :)
28-Nov-97: Added many new ML-MusicLineEditor, MKII-Mark2SoundSystem and SID2-SidMon-2 tunes. Altogether there is about 3 megs of new lha's.
Added the SCUMM format to the site.
Oh yeh, I put on SoundMaster editor
I'm taking a few days break from ExoticA and the next update won't be until either Monday 1st December, or possibly Tuesday 2nd December. Please enjoy the site over the weekend! :)
27-Nov-97: Added the Players section and I also made the Links page. I'm happy to add any links to decent Amiga/Music related pages, just email me the URL and a brief description of the site.
The Players section isn't 100% complete as it only contains programs for the Amiga at present.
Added another module format: JO-JesperOlsen.
Ooops. None of the MON-ManiacsOfNoise-Old Tunes were downloadable. This is now fixed.
Added some SM-SoundMaster format tunes. The editor will also be placed online in the next few days. Thanks again to Nomaios.
26-Nov-97: Added another 1.5 meg of TFMX tunes. There could possibly exist a few duplicates, since I have not had an opportunity to listen to all of the new ones yet.
Changed the exotica logo. This is not the final logo, just another one which we might use.
Added 3 more tunes to the AON-ArtOfNoise section.
Placed some cool new gfx on the top of each web site section. Thanx Vital :)

Added new custom tunes GrandPrixCircuit and Colossus-X_Chess. Thanks to Nomaios for these :)

25-Nov-97: Finally added the Info section. I apologise if you don't think I have explained things very well but I am not much of a writer really.
Added a 'Links' image to the sidebar, so if anyone wants me to link to a related site then please email me (BuZz). It would also be nice if a few people could link to my site aswell. :)
24-Nov-97: Well, most of the TFMX are now online. I will do the rest later. I have fixed some link problems on the MTP-MajorTom and a couple of other sections. This was caused by spaces on filenames. Due to script routines I replce all spaces in filenames by a "_" character. Some other special caharcters also caused problems. Most of this should be fixed now.
Added the final version of RickDangerous Music. Again I'd like to thank FantaZY/Synergy for making this Custom Module.
23-Nov-97: For the last couple of days I have been busy organising my TFMX directory since I have more than 10 megs of new tunes.
I am currently uploading, and a update should appear very soon. I renamed many tunes from the original German filenames, since for non german speaking people it was confusing to know what was what. Although original filenames are probably better to have, its more difficult to keep track of everything in my collection if this is so. And in my opinion its the music which is the important factor here :)
20-Nov-97: Uploaded a few more missing tunes. Repaired MORE broken links (Thanks for finding these scitek). I received today a whole new batch of TFMX tunes and a few AON-ArtOfNoise tunes which will be placed online in the next few days.
19-Nov-97: Fixed some problems with links and uploaded a few missing files. I have been asked question like 'Can you arrange the filelisting so that .... ' etc. The answer is NO. NOT until the custom web tool is finished. Before asking me questions about the site, make sure you have read al the available sections. Thankyou :)
18-Nov-97: Uploaded the last few meg of new tunes. Updated the new filelistings. Please check sections CUST-Custom, and AON-ArtOfNoise for major changes. Also the cool Gem-Z music added to TFMX dir. Added a tune to BP-SoundMon listing aswell.
17-Nov-97: Received a final installment of CUSTOM format tunes for delitracker/eagleplayer. Received quite a few missing AON-ArtOfNoise (Chorus) files. Also Received 'Super Gem-Z' Music and A Couple of others. Finished at around 1-2am will upload the rest and the new updated HTML filelists tomorrow.
16-Nov-97: Received lots of CUSTOM tunes which I will place online in the next couple of days. Also received a few other tunes in other formats. These also will be put online soon.
Added the Support Page and added dates to the guestbook entries.
15-Nov-97: Added 4 new formats. Legless Music Editor (LME) , ManiacsOfNoise Old, AProSys (APS), and Hippel-ST
A new deliplayer is needed to play the 'MON Old' tunes. I will place it on the players section but for now you can link to it here. The MON Old format contains for example the title music from Unreal which was before this only in custom. I will not remove the custom version though.
You also might notice Tusker music. Well I ripped music from Tusker which is in TFMX format. So, were there 2 games called Tusker or 2 versions with different music? Or maybe MON made music for it but it was never used? Who knows :)
OK, wel to play the Hippel-ST (Atari ST) Tunes. Get the deliplayer here. To play AProSys tunes, Use eagleplayer since I don't think there is a deliplayer for it. All tunes on this site are playable, if not on delitracker then on eagleplayer. Well I think thats all for now.
14-Nov-97: Made the guestbook page. Took ages, coz I messed up someone elses perlscript completely :) But anyway..
Reorganised some module dirs, moving files into subdirs. Received a new tune or 2. I'll try to get them on later, unless ofcourse I fall asleep, since I'm VERY tired. BTW feel free to add a nice comment to the guestbook :)
13-Nov-97: Added an IRC section to the page, and tidied up my Irc Bots realtime html output.
Fixed some link problems, and fixed the editors page which I put on. Got some new gfx from vital, and a GUI he designed for the 'Web Tool' which we are gonna call 'eXoTiBaSe' since it is now going be a full exotic music database program with HTML output features and archive maintainance. Added graphics to the top of each music format page by hand since the program will not be complete for a while. Once the new GUI version of the program is completed it will also make comment editing easy and maybe even upload the files for me :)
12-Nov-97: 7:30am *yawn* I havn't been to bed yet. Too busy working on this site. A couple of people have asked why the tunes are not in alphabetical order. The reason for this is just that our custom program doesn't sort the files yet. But it will.
Please be patient, we are working as fast as possible :)
11-Nov-97: Added new gfx from Vital and used his cool program to update the tables. The program will soon support new things and comments will appear by the filenames. Also there will be a back button and the graphic for each format will be placed on the pages. All the graphics for the formats are finished now btw :)
Remade the main page. Made this news text so dates might be inaccurate. I will be updating after each update I make from now on. Placed a new counter on the page. Some other minor HTML changes.
10-Nov-97: Ripped the music from 3 cool demos.

Spaced Out Volume 1
Spaced Out Volume 2 - Both got damn fine music :)
Rave Nation - Great 8 channel techno Musicdisk

Got some new tunes, and also some wicked music editors. An friend called FantaZY made the music from Rick Dangerous into a custom module so we can all here those small but coool musix.

8-Nov-97: I have now made many html pages, and finally have decided on a look. I've only done a frames version of the web site at present. I will make a no frames version at a later date when this one is complete. Made some quick gfx for the front page while awaiting ones from Vital. He did some changes on the custom util. I keep meaning to ask him what the official name is.
Some of the archives uploaded contain more than 1 tune, for example the TFMX music from turrican is in a single LHA but contains many tunes. I decided it would be best to have a .txt file for all these archives.
07-Nov-97: Finished uploading all the files, and Vital started work on a custom tool to create the html tables. The tool will also manage a complete database of the tunes and individual renaming/moving/uploading of files.
Vital also started work on raytracing a title graphic for each module format.
04-Nov-97: Started uploading archives to the web site.
01-Nov-97: I started to clean up my music collection even more than it was and restructure it slightly. I renamed the directories and deleted many duplicate files. I also received many new tunes from Nemesis1 (thanx m8) :)
Made a new area on my harddisk for the website, and moved some old music editors from floppy.
Oct-97: Realised my music directory on my harddisk was getting rather large and that I had many things that could not be found on the net, since most of my collection is game music and classic chip/synth tunes. I decided it would be rather cool to have all my exotic tunes online for others to grab so I looked into getting some webspace.
Then towards the end of the month I phoned a loony friend called Vital for a chat, and I said to him about my idea. He told me it wuld be a cool idea, and that he had plenty of webspace, so we discussed it even more and the conversation went on and on, and we came up with 100's of ideas for the site.
So it was all sorted. We were gonna make a exotic music site, and Vital said he would do lots of gfx and nice rendered logos for the pages, and I said I would slave away on CygnusEd :) making html. We also decided to include other things on the site like the music editors that many of my tunes were made on (I have been collecting Music Editors for AGES!).


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