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Updated: 02.05.2001

05R/W Base v1.2
Author(s): Maxime Doyen Updated: 26/10/1998
Requirements: OS 2.0, MUI 3.1+, midi.library 7.0+, KORG 05R/W Module
Description: 05R/W Base is a powerfull manager/editor for the KORG 05R/W module.
  • Nice and intuitive layout thanks to MUI
  • "Combination" manager, import/export and load/save bank or combination
  • "Comination" editor with real time test
  • "Program" manager, import/export and load/save bank or program
  • "Program" editor, with real time test and gfx displays for EGs
  • "Drum Kit" editor, to create your own drumkits
  • "Virtual MIDI Keyboard", with 2 octaves, pitch, modulation and controllers
  • 05R/W Base v1.2
  • Distribution: ShareWare More Informations

    Apache v1.124
    Author(s): Jon Rocatis & Simon Holm Updated: 02/09/1996
    Requirements: OS 2.0+, 1 MB RAM, MUI v3.3+
    Description: Apache is a modular patch editor for MIDI devices. To work needs some Plug-In modules.
  • Apache v1.124
  • Plug-Ins available:
  • Roland JV 80 v1.85 - by Jon Rocatis
  • Roland JV 1080 v1.347 - by Jon Rocatis
  • Links:
  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: More Informations

    Arp v1.1
    Author(s): Sheun Olatunbosun Updated: 17/05/1998
    Requirements: OS 2.04, midi.library
    Description: Arp is a simple tool which arpeggiates incoming notes.
    • Simple delay unit
    • Up to 24 note arpeggio
    • MIDI keyboard / mouse arpeggio input
    • Any style pattern (ascending, descending, random)
    • Fixed / freestyle mode
    • Bypass facility
    • Selectable MIDI channels
    • Suspend mode
    • On-line guidance
    • Load/save settings (not in demo version)
  • Arp v1.1
  • Distribution: ShareWare More Informations

    AutoMapper v1.5
    Author(s): Jan Barnholt Updated: 07/11/1999
    Requirements: OS 3.0
    Description: A Yamaha TX16W sampler utility.
  • AutoMapper v1.5
  • Distribution: More Informations

    Author(s): Alastair M. Robinson Updated: 05/12/1999
    Description: The B5MIDI package includes a low-overhead Standard MIDI File playroutine, in source-code and object-code form, plus some example programs, including a shell-based player (useful as an external `viewer' for web browsers), a DeliTracker player for MIDI files and a little program to convert from Type 1 to Type 0 files, without losing any information.

    Full C and assembly source-code is provided.

  • B5Midi
  • Distribution: More Informations

    Bars & Pipes Professional v2.5b
    Author(s): Blue Ribbon SoundWorks Updated: 28/04/1994
    Copyright: Blue Ribbon SoundWorks
    Requirements: OS 2.0, 2 MB RAM
    Description: One of the best Sequencer available.
    Tools & Accessories:
  • Chromatic Transpose - by Ian Stirling
  • CTOTools v1.1 Beta - by Giorgio Terzi
    (Input and Output Tools to drive Concierto midi hardware)
  • DrumBase - by Denis Hranj
    (This is a collection of drum elements that can be used in a Bars & Pipes environment to easily assemble drum parts for your compositions)
  • MTools - by Michael Rees
    Duration Filter: reroute events based on durations
    MegaBranch: a configurable branch tool replacement
    Modomatic: an automodulator that really works
    UpIsDown: real intervallic inversions
    StickIt: a sort of a joystick-type control change generator
  • New Midi Tools v1.01 by Giles Jones
    (New MIDI In & Out tools with configurable serial devices and 48 MIDI Channels when using 3 MIDI interfaces and a serial card with two MIDI capable ports along with the internal serial port)
  • Tools - by Richard Hagen
    Backspace v2.1: tool that allows "backspacing" during recording
    CCCC v1.3: tool for generating cyclically varying control changes
    CC Prefix v1.1: tool for prefixing CC messages with another CC message
    MapTool: tool for mapping program changes to other program changes
    MIDI Monitor v1.1: this tool tells you more that you ever wanted to know about what MIDI events are going down a pipeline
    Note Mapper v1.0: accessory for mapping MIDI notes to other MIDI notes, en masse
    Note Mapper Tool v1.0: same as above but it's a tool
    PC Mapper v1.0: accessory for mapping program changes to other program changes. For instance, converting GM patches to your home setup
    PC Mapper Tool v1.1: same as above but it's a tool
    PC Prefix v1.2: tool for prefixing a PC message with a CC message
    Ravenous Bug Blatter v1.0: tool that works around a bug that causes hung notes
    RPN v1.0: tool for generating RPNs or NRPNs for GM, GS and XG(?) sound modules
    Scaler v2.0: tool for scaling control change messages
    Splitter v1.2: accessory for splitting one track into many
    Transport Monitor v1.1: tool for monitoring the transport
  • Program Change Suite v2.3 - by Richard Hagen
    (Suite of Tools and Accessories that handles the different sorts of program change conventions available on later MIDI instruments)
  • XG Control
    (Tool to edit the many functions of an XG Sound Module)
  • XGToolset v1.7 - by Alfred & Matthias Faust
    (With this toolset you are able to reach and edit the core of XG-Devices, that you have to edit in other way with cryptical System Exclusive commands. There is also the possibility to write the values as SysEx to track)
  • Links:
  • Amiga MIDI (HomePage of DrumBase)
  • Distribution: More Informations

    BSR v2.2
    Author(s): Claude Heiland-Allen Updated: 07/04/00
    Requirements: asl.library v38, camd.library
    Description: BSR is a patch editor for the Novation BassStation Rack analogue synthesiser module. Now you can edit and store patches on your computer rather than from the front panel of the synth. Currently only BassStation Rack Single sysex dumps are supported.
  • BSR v2.2
  • Distribution: More Informations

    CAMD Library v37.14
    Author(s): Various Updated: 01/04/1993
    Requirements: any Amiga
    Description: CAMD is a shared library which provides a general device driver for MIDI data, so that applications can share MIDI data with each other in real-time, and interface to MIDI hardware in a device-independent way.
  • CAMD Library v37.14
  • Distribution: More Informations

    CAMD ToolKit Release 8
    Author(s): Christian Buchner Updated: 18/04/1998
    Requirements: OS 3.0, 68020+
    Description: This toolkit contains a player, a software synthesizer (based on GMPlay 1.3) and a two graphically appealing monitoring programs.
  • CAMD ToolKit Release 8
  • Links:
  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: More Informations

    Camouflage AB - B
    Author(s): Martin Endres Updated: 28/08/00
    Copyright: ISM
    Requirements: OS 3.0, 2 MB RAM
    Description: Camouflage is a very good sequencer but is only in german language.
    Update Patches:
  • Patch Camouflage AB v2.45
  • Patch Camouflage B v2.05
  • Distribution: Commercial More Informations

    CS1x Editor 1.2
    Author(s): Alco Lammers Updated: 05/12/1998
    Requirements: OS 2.0+
    Description: Realtime CS1x Editor.
    • All parameters are updated immediately over MIDI when edited!
    • Easy GUI with all parameters grouped together in logical groups
    • Graphical editors for filter, AEG, FEG and PEG
    • Big buttons and sliders for more precision
    • Easy selection of voices from a sorted/categorised voicelist
    • Random Performance Generator with adjustable Fruitcake Level!
    • Layers can be muted for better pre-view listening
    • Keyboard shortcuts for common operations
    • Supports XG-, Material Voice-, XG SFX-, and Drum Machine Bank!
    • Fast CS1x-style send and receive of Bulk- and Performance Dumps
    • MIDI-updating list-select for many items
    • Load and save sys/ex files of Performance or Bulk Dumps
    • Load and save performances as Bars & Pipes Tracks
    • Performance Bank Manager for creating new banks from existing banks
    • Work with any device number, configurable from the editor
    • Work on any screenmode sized 640x200 or bigger
    • Edit all parameters of the Variation Effect
    • Also works without MIDI
    • Non-destructive CS1x-style Editbuffer
    • Automatic reading of CS1x System parameters
    • MIDI Thru option with automatic Local control
    • Easy to use, etc!
  • CS1x Editor 1.2
  • Distribution: More Informations

    CS1-x Editor v1.4
    Author(s): Udo Alexander Ganter Updated: 18/08/1997
    Description: This is a SysEx/Patcheditor for the Yamaha CS1-x Synthesizer
  • CS1-x Editor v1.4
  • Distribution: ShareWare More Informations

    Dominator v2.05 (beta)
    Author(s): Luc De Pauw Updated: 16/06/1998
    Requirements: OS 2.04, 1.5 MB RAM (2 recommended)
    Description: QBase look MIDI sequencer.
    • 250 Multi-channel midi tracks
    • Easy GUI with Parts/Events Window in living color.
    • MIDI-mixer with assignable midi-channels and controllers
    • Imports Music-X songs
    • Import/Export Standard Midi Files (Type 0 & 1)
    • Supports standard Amiga Samples
    • Samples react to MIDI note/velocity, program-change and pitchbend events
      (You can have 8 channels of Amiga sound if you link two Amiga's up via MIDI)
    • Program/bank selected window
    • Real-time editing of events
    • Uses locators
    • Able to record & save Sysex messages
  • Dominator v2.05 (beta)
  • Links:
  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    Euterpe v1.20
    Author(s): Dominique Lorre Updated: 11/12/1998
    Requirements: OS 2.0 (3.0 recommended)
    Description: Euterpe is a multimedia Sequencer with many features.
    • Recognised: MidiFile type 0 and 1, SMUS (read only), ProTracker and ETSF (specific IFF format) songs formats
    • Recognised: AIFF, IFF 8SVX, Sonix (TM) .ss, IFF SNDP & EWAV (specifics) and DataTypes sounds formats. (ProTracker sounds are loaded with their module)
    • Recognised: IFF ILBM and DataTypes pictures formats
    • Genlocks Support
    • Unlimited Tracks Types: Instrument for the notes, Samples for the sounds, Master for global events
    • Unlimited patterns on tracks
    • Patterns types for instruments tracks: Channel, Common and SysEx
    • Instruments types: Midi, Midi Drum, Audio, Audio Drum, Texts, Pictures and ARexx
    • Recognise formats General MIDI and Roland GS
    • Knows most constructors sysex codes and most Control Changes by name
    • Events Editor and Bar Editor
    • Sample Editor with Fast Fourier Transformation option for sound frequency calculation
    • Midi Test functions (notes, programs and banks)
    • Synchronization Midi Time Code, TimeClock and by sampling
    • Metronome
    • Midi Mixer
    • Midi Effects
    • ARexx macros definitions
    • Multifiles: Up to 10 songs can be used simultaneously
    • Display Sensitive to fonts and supports all resolution starting with 640x200, 4 colors
    • Midi Access via devices or CAMD.library (optional)
    • Audio Access using AHI.device (required)
    • ARexx Port
    • Public Screen
    • Internal resolution from 96 to 768 pulses per quarter note (192 is default)
    • Supports external controller via Joystick port
    • Master Track allowing tempo and signature changes
    • Knows latin, english and german writings for notes
    • Multi-tasking
    • Use realtime.library, allowing a real pause when playing
    • Looping modes, using two locators
    • AppWindow and AppMenuItem
    • Localisation
    • Online Help and Menu Help
  • Version for 68000
  • Version for 68020
  • Version for 68020 + FPU
  • German files
  • Distribution: ShareWare More Informations

    GMPlay v1.3a
    Author(s): Christian Buchner & Alessandro de Luca Updated: 22/04/1998
    Requirements: OS 2.04, 68020+, (Fast RAM recommended)
    Description: GMPlay is a program to load and play MIDI files with nothing but a plain Amiga. (MIDI hardware NOT necessary!!!)
  • GMPlay v1.3a
  • GMPlay 1.3a Update
  • Tools & Accessories:
  • GM Tonekit 1 - High quality Tonekit by Martin Caspersson
  • GM Tonekit 2 - High quality Tonekit by Martin Caspersson
  • GMPlayGUI v1.5 - A GUI by Anders Persson
  • GMP-G v4.0 - A GUI by Rolf Kleiber - (Requires: CanDo.library)
  • Links:
  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: GiftWare More Informations

    GSPTool v2.0
    Author(s): David Ghere Updated: 19/04/1999
    Requirements: OS 2.04
    Description: Allow transfer of system and program information between an Amiga computer and a GSP-21 Pro guitar effects unit.
  • GSPTool v2.0
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    GX-700 Manager v1.0
    Author(s): Olivier "Ninjaw" Poezevara Updated: 09/09/1997
    Requirements: any Amiga
    Description: This program will explode the capacities of the excellent Guitar effect Rack GX-700 from Roland.
    • 5 real time sliders/controlers for real time playing (replace a pedal)
    • Automatic configuration
    • Load/Save/Receive/Edit/Send configs of your GX-700
    • Add comment on your sounds
    • Powerful pads to select your sounds
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Using the powerful Amos-Pro Interface (sliders enhanced)
    • Free (Just Cardware)
    • Easy-to-Use
    • Use your Keyboard to pilot your gx-700 (translation of signals)
    • Full Amigaguide included
    • FRENCH guide version included
    • Newicons Included
    • Easy install
  • GX-700 Manager v1.0
  • Links:
  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: CardWare More Informations

    HIMEX 0.36 (beta)
    Author(s): Manfred "Pink" Linzner Updated: 30/09/1998
    Requirements: OS 2.1, 68020+, 2 MB RAM
    Description: A tracker based MIDI composing tool. It covers the whole range of midi functions by a simple kind of "instrument programming" concept. Peoples that are familiar with AHX Sound System by ABYSS will also appreciate the sophisticated track concept (the "patterns" are splitted into tracks).
    • Upto 64 voices
    • ProTracker/THX usability
    • Midifile export (Format #0)
    • 100% Graphic cards compatible
    • Fully adjustable on virtually every screen resolution
    • Easy choord-handling (no need to use three or more voices to get a choord)
    • Standard ProTracker command-set adapted to MIDI as close as possible
    • For most purposes you don't have to know anything about MIDI itself
    • Many limitations that came with the MIDI format are hidden for the user
    • Almost no limits for polyphonic output (max 256 notes if your synth can handle this)
  • HIMEX 0.36 (beta)
  • Links:
  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: More Informations

    KCS Level II v3.57
    Author(s): David Silver Updated: 04/07/1991
    Copyright: Dr.T's Music Software
    Requirements: any Amiga
    Description: An old but great commercial Sequencer. More complex than Music-X but with many functions.
    Distribution: Commercial More Informations

    KorgMAN v1.8
    Author(s): Jan Barnholt Updated: 09/09/1997
    Requirements: OS 2.1+, a Korg instrument supported
    Description: KorgMAN is a librarian for the following Korg instruments: 05R/W, X5, 03R/W, X5D/R.
  • KorgMAN v1.8
  • Distribution: More Informations

    MIDI Bridge v1.0
    Author(s): Fabio Rotondo Updated: 01/01/1995
    Requirements: OS 2.1+
    Description: This is a small program which provide a bridge between 2 MIDI devices, for example a keyboard and an expander.
  • MIDI Bridge v1.0
  • Links:
  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: More Informations

    MIDI Filter v1.3
    Author(s): Fabio Rotondo Updated: 01/01/1995
    Requirements: OS 2.1+
    Description: This is a Program Change (PC) converter from standard GS/GM format to your own synth one.
  • MIDI Filter v1.3
  • Links:
  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: More Informations

    MIDI Lib v2.0
    Author(s): Bill Barton Updated: 12/11/1998
    Requirements: any Amiga
    Description: This is a MIDI library for developers.
  • MIDI Lib v2.0
  • Tools & Accessories:
  • MIDILibUtils - Utilities for the library
  • Distribution: More Informations

    MIDI Maestro v1.0
    Author(s): Nicholas Allen Updated: 05/05/1996
    Requirements: OS 3.0+, MUI v3.0+
    Description: This is a program designed to enable musicians to convert notes played on an instrument into MIDI messages. This can be done in real-time or from a recording of the instrument as a file.
  • MIDI Maestro v1.0
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    - UPDATED - MIDI SYStem Explorer - UPDATED -
    Author(s): Dhomas Trenn Updated: 02/04/01
    Requirements: OS 2.0
    Description: An utility for EXploring the world of MIDI SYStem EXclusive.
    • Fully automated control
    • ARexx support
    • Openable on any public screen
    • Extensive customization allows the user to design standard interfaces for all MIDI products connected to the system
    • Graphic interfaces are designed external to the main program. This minimizes memory requirements and increases the interface speed
    • Just about everything is customizable, including: layout, fonts, gadgets, colors, images, menus, MIDI events, etc.
    • Allows the user to enter MIDI information from a device's user manual and configure a custom interface to access parameters
    • Supports ALL MIDI events
    • Patch/Librarian data is stored in MIDI standard format, for easy importing to other software
    • Has the ability to edit individual parameters on devices that only support patch dumps
    • MIDI communication can operate with realtime feedback and/or through user interaction
    • Edits can be made without connection to a MIDI device, if required
    • Includes lots of examples and common device interfaces, to get you started
    • Supports MIDI.library (PD), BlueRibbon.library (B&P), TriplePlayPlus, and CAMD.library (DeluxeMusic) allowing simultaneous use with other programs that also use these libraries
    • Can be run upto 9 times simultaneously, with individual ARexx ports
  • MIDI SYStem Explorer
  • Links:
  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    MIDI Trigger v2.31
    Author(s): Steven Goodwin Updated: 28/04/1997
    Requirements: any Amiga
    Description: A program that triggers samples from a MIDI keyboard, or the Amiga's own. You can also play a backing MOD alongside the samples (which may vary in pitch accross the whole range)
    • As many samples as memory allows
    • Variable pitch on samples
    • MIDI Through
    • Backing MOD (start/stop/pause with any combination of joystick/mouse/keys)
    • Program note range
    • Sample looping
    • Filter out MIDI channels
    • Audio output on next free channel/specific channel or alternating channels
  • MIDI Trigger v2.31
  • Tools & Accessories:
  • 3 new environments
  • Distribution: ShareWare More Informations

    midiIn v32.015b
    Author(s): Rafal "Royal" Michalski & Sebastin Witkowski Updated: 12/01/1999
    Requirements: OS 2.1
    Description: midiIn is a MIDI controlled sample player. It can be used as a part of sound studio system. Because of usage of midi.library it can be controlled from programs running on the same Amiga (using midi.library), as well as external sequencer or keyboard.
    • Loads 16-bit 8SVX, AIFF and WAV samples (mono and stereo)
    • Mixes up to 32 samples (on 060...)
    • Uses midi.library for easy cooperation with other MIDI programs working on the same Amiga
    • Sample volume and panorama, also controlled in real time by MIDI
    • Standard ADSR envelope for each sample
    • 60 banks for samples
    • Stores samples in Fast memory (samples can be as long as memory permits)
    • Pitch Bender (yes!)
    • MIDI Monitor window displaying important MIDI Controllers (Volume, Panorama, Pitch Bender) for every channel
    • Scope window displaying played waveforms
    • Velocity and Aftertouch implementation
    • Keyboard split to any number of ranges assigned to specific samples
    • Very flexible, nice and user-friendly
    • Intuitive program with "live feeling" (the users say so!)
    • Heavily tested, stable, system-friendly
  • midiIn v32.015b
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    MIDIPlay v2.65b
    Author(s): Janne Syväniemi Updated: 10/04/1996
    Requirements: OS 2.04
    Description: MIDIPlay is a program that can play format 0 and 1 MIDI files. It can also print their contents.
  • MIDIPlay v2.65b
  • Tools & Accessories:
  • KaraoFIX v1.1 - Fix some KAR files to run with MIDIPlay - by Ninjaw P.B.
  • Distribution: More Informations

    MidiTracker 1.2.5 (beta)
    Author(s): Sven Thoennissen Updated: 09/02/1999
    Requirements: OS 2.04+
    Description: MidiTracker is a MIDI Sequencer that uses the "tracker" concept for composing songs, hence the name. Unlike other tracker programs that have MIDI capabilities, this program has been designed specifically for MIDI composing and doesn't use any Amiga audio (except for the metronome). If you have used trackers before, then it shouldn't take you too long to get accustomed.
    • Dynamic pattern size
    • Unlimited number of tracks per instrument
    • Supports all 128 controlsources
    • Sample Dump Standard support so you can upload/download samples (8bit or 16bit) to your synth or sampler via MIDI
    • Controlsource Graphical Display that allows parameter editing with your mouse
    • Support for any synth you wish!
    • Channelscope mixer to adjust the volumes of all midi channels independently
    • Ability to import ProTracker and OctaMED MMD1 modules
    • Ability to import/export Standard-MIDI-Files (*.mid)
    • A 16bit sample editor to edit/upload sample dumps or samples you get from CDs or the net
    • Gadgethelp (Kickstart 3.x only)
    • Many Hotkeys for quick access to commands
    • XPK compression
    • Locale support (Kickstart 3.x only)
    • An ARexx port
    • Stacker / Remapper to redirect midi data to different midi channels, create instrument stacks and act as a software midi patchbay
    • Midi Time Code support
    • Trigger Actions by playing your keyboard
    • Versatile Midi Filters for both input and output
    • Can play Samples with additional Sample-player software!
    • Backtracking of controlsources

      Note: For a complete installation you need the Public v1.2 version of MidiTracker.

  • MidiTracker 1.2.5 (beta)
  • Links:
  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: ShareWare More Informations

    Music-X v2.0
    Author(s): David "Talin" Joiner & Craig Weeks (for Notator-X) Updated: 14/03/1994
    Copyright: Hollyware Entertainment
    Requirements: any Amiga
    Description: Music-X is an old but very good and easy to use commercial Sequencer.
    Tools & Accessories:
  • Music-X_Macros - ARexx macros, docs and examples
  • MusicXMagic - Tutorial, Music-X and ARexx
  • MusicXRexxMacs - New ARexx macros
  • Distribution: Commercial More Informations

    Patch Meister v1.0c
    Author(s): Annette M.Crowling, Missing Link Software, Inc. Updated: 19/07/1992
    Copyright: Blue Ribbon Soundworks
    Requirements: OS 2.0, 1 MB RAM
    Description: This is a generic patch/editor.
    Distribution: More Informations

    PlayMidi v1.0b
    Author(s): Dirk Busse Updated: 27/12/1999
    Requirements: GMPlay, cli.datatype
    Description: Plays MIDI files via GMPlay & cli.datatype.
  • PlayMidi v1.0b
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    QS-Edit 1.4ß
    Author(s): Jouni 'TECHO' Vepsäläinen Updated: 21/07/1999
    Requirements: OS 2.0
    Description: This is a full editor for ALESIS QS series synths QS6, QS7, QS8, QSR (and maybe QS6.1, NANOSYNTH, NANOBASS and NANOPIANO). Tested on QSR.
    • PROGRAM, EFFECT and MIX modes. I tought that there's no need for GLOBAL mode
    • Play notes with keyboard. There's special window with aftertouch, modulation, velocity and pitchbend controllers. There is also slider for program change, octave and midi channel. Use F1 and F2 buttotons on any window to change octave, press SPACE to kill notes
    • Device may be specified and configured
    • Copy sounds between them selves or to buffer
    • Clearing sounds to zero
    • Add sample group/sample names from sound cards to special text files, Keyboard.QS and Drums.QS. This you have to do with text editor!
  • QS-Edit 1.4ß
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    QSR Edit v0.1
    Author(s): Petri Savolainen Updated: 13/05/1998
    Requirements: any Amiga
    Description: This is a stand-alone patch editor for Alesis QSR synthesizers.
  • QSR Edit v0.1
  • Distribution: More Informations

    Author(s): Giles Jones Updated: 04/06/1999
    Requirements: ClassAct classes
    Description: Voice editor for Yamaha RY30 drum machine.
  • RY30ED
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    Sample Dumper v0.81
    Author(s): Sven Thoennissen Updated: 31/10/1998
    Requirements: MUI v3.8, SCSI bus or MIDI interface, musical device which is able to hold samples
    Description: Whit this program, you are able to dump soundsamples either via MIDI or SCSI to your synthesizer.
    • SDS (MIDI Sample Dump Standard), with open and closed MIDI loop
    • SMDI (SCSI Musical Data Interchange Protocol)
    • Utilizes your serial boards, like the IO-Extender or Multiface III
    • Is FreeWare!
    • Support various sample formats
    • Locale support
  • Sample Dumper v0.81
  • Links:
  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    Sample-X v2.6
    Author(s): Sheun Olatunbosun Updated: 10/06/1999
    Requirements: OS 2.04+
    Description: Sample-X is a program which handle Amiga samples integrated with MIDI sequencing.
    • AHI based
    • 16 MIDI channels
    • 32 polyphony
    • Mono, stereo samples (long/looped)
    • Wave samples
    • No CHIP RAM limit on samples
    • Direct from hard disk play
    • Reverse sample play, delay FX
    • Raw sample configuring
    • Sample replace feature
    • Loads IFF/WAV/AIFF formats
    • Sample priority scheme
    • Multiple samples per MIDI channel
    • Save MIDI channel setups
    • Save Session setups
    • Volume envelope
    • Wave envelope
    • Extensive MIDI control to give:
      - Real-time panning/Sample cross-fading
      - Real-time pitch-bend
      - Wave manipulation (filter emulation)
      - Quick disk sample trigger
      - DJ loop mode
    • Works with AHI aware soundcards (Internal Paula audio, Delfina, Toccata, Prelude, etc)
    • Talks to serial port, other midi.library aware music apps and Music-X
    • Works with Bars & Pipes !!!
  • Sample-X v2.6
  • Distribution: More Informations

    SyX v1.2
    Author(s): Thijs Van Der Vossen Updated: 09/04/1997
    Requirements: OS 2.04+
    Description: SyX is an utility that can record, trasmit and save MIDI System Exclusive data.
  • SyX v1.2
  • Distribution: More Informations

    TG300 v1.4
    Author(s): Sheun Olatunbosun Updated: 10/01/1999
    Requirements: OS 2.04+, Yamaha TG300 Module
    Description: This is the ultimate Yamaha TG300 patch editor.
    • Intuitive/custom GUI (quick response)
    • System, Part, Voice, Drum, Effect editing
    • Fully named program, drum, effect lists
    • Suspend operation
    • Intuitive GUI layout
    • Retargettable MIDI ports
    • Snapshot facility
    • MIDI port reconfigure
    • Load/save patches
  • TG300 v1.4
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    Tiger Cub v1.12
    Author(s): David Silver Updated: 01/01/1990
    Copyright: Dr.T's Music Software
    Requirements: any Amiga
    Description: The simplified version of KCS with only the graphic editor.
    Distribution: Commercial More Informations

    TiMidity++ v2.7.0
    Author(s): Masanao Izumo, Amiga port by Benjamin Niemann Updated: 24/09/00
    Requirements: 68040+, 16 MB Fast RAM, "ixemul.library" and "ixnet.library" v48, AHI, GUS patch files
    Description: TiMidity++ is a MIDI to WAVE converter and player that does not requires an external MIDI instrument module to play MIDI file; it can perform with software power only.
    • Plays MIDI files without external MIDI instruments
    • Converts MIDI files to various audio file formats (ex. wav, au, etc.)
    • Uses GUS/patch and SoundFont for voice data
    • Displays some information about the music data during playback
    • Various user interfaces are available (ncurses, motif, xaw, etc..)
    • Plays MIDI files over a network
    • Plays MIDI files in archive files
    • Plays not only SMF files but also MOD, RCP/R36/G18/G36
    • Can handle 32 channel data
    • Can handle user interfaces as dynamically linked modules
    • Can display a sound spectrogram
    • Automatically detects the mode of a MIDI file (GM/GS/XG)
    • Automatically detects drum channels (GS/XG)
    • Trace playing
    • Low load
    • The following MIDI events are supported: NoteOn/Off, KeyPressure, Program, ChannelPressure, Pitchwheel, ToneBank, ModulationWheel, MainVolume, Panning, Expression, Sustain, Portamento, DataEntry, ReverbEffect, ChorusEffect, RPN+/-, NRPN, RPN, AllSoundsOff, ResetControllers, AllNotesOff, Mono/Poly Part, RandomPan, KeyShift, TempoChange, Lyric, InsertText, KARAOKE-Part(@KMIDI), MasterVolume, MIDI-Reset, SystemExclusiveMessages
  • TiMidity++ v2.7.0
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    TMidi v1.4
    Author(s): Oliver Heyme Updated: 21/09/1997
    Copyright: The CloseUP
    Requirements: OS 2.0+
    Description: TMidi is a MIDI Sequencer that use the "tracker" style for composing music.
    • Songlength and number of pattern limited to 999 (that`s enough)
    • Number of tracks limited to 32 (that`s enough)
    • Play with an exact timing (also with a lot of tasks)
    • Possibility to set the velocity of every note
    • Midi Thru with a very configurable Filter
    • Midi Input (input notes with your masterkeyboard)
    • Easy to setup the most important parameter (Volume,Pan...)
    • Remonte TMidi with the joystick with your own configuration
    • Remonte the most important editfunctions with you masterkeyboard
    • Database + Editor for your used devices
    • A lot of editing functions
    • 8 Bit sample support (up to 16 diffrent)
    • Supporting the datatypes.library for sample loading (only OS 3.x)
    • Load and save SMF-Files (Typ 0)
    • Save MMD1 (OctaMED) und MPX2 files
    • Load MidiStation V2.10d files
    • You can set your own midi-effects (like Reverb)
    • Easy handle on SysEx-bulks
    • A midi-monitor (shows the incoming data)
    • A ARexx-port
    • Delaytime calculator
    • Multi-window-handling
    • XPK-Support (files only 10-20 kbyte)
    • 100% Assembler - very fast
    • Online help
    • Much to configure
    • Systemfriendly
    • A nice looking gadtools-GUI (please use VisualPrefs - looks great)
  • TMidi v1.4
  • Links:
  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: GiftWare More Informations

    Vect-X v1.2
    Author(s): Sheun Olatunbosun Updated: 14/05/1998
    Requirements: OS 2.04+, midi.library
    Description: Vect-X is a simple tool which allows cross-modulation of four sounds playing through a MIDI device.
    • 4 vectors (or MIDI channels) in operation
    • Configurable vector to MIDI channel
    • Variable modulation parameter (i.e. volume, pan, reverb)
    • Intuitive joystick action
    • Clear GUI feedback
    • Retargettable MIDI ports
  • Vect-X v1.2
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    VEd v1.0
    Author(s): Abraham Pazos Solatie Updated: 22/07/1996
    Requirements: OS 3.0, Yamaha SY-85 synthesizer
    Description: VEd is a voice editor for the Yamaha synthesizer SY-85
  • VEd v1.0
  • Distribution: More Informations

    XG Edit (2nd preview)
    Author(s): G.O.Jones Updated: 19/08/1998
    Requirements: MUI
    Description: This is an editor for DB50XG and QS300.
    • Loads SysEX, even from Midi, Octamed and B&Pipes Songs (these files must be uncompressed)
    • Save as Raw SysEx, Octamed and B&Pipes Sysex
    • Uses midi.library and MUI
    • Pass thru for MIDI keyboard
    • Multi Edit
    • Drum Editor
    • FX edit (mostly finished)
    • Initialisation Types for some windows
  • XG Edit (2nd preview)
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    XGed v0.9 (beta)
    Author(s): Sheun Olatunbosun Updated: 16/09/1998
    Requirements: OS 2.04+, midi.library
    Description: This is an incomplete XG editor in that only one of the windows works correctly for an XG unit (the other windows are still configured for the TG300 patch editor from which this XG editor is a spin off).
    • Intuitive/custom GUI (quick response)
    • Edit system, part, voice, drum, effect data
    • Fully named program, drum, effect lists
    • MIDI message window
  • XGed v0.9 (beta)
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    XGTool v0.91
    Author(s): Csaba Molnár Updated: 27/01/1999
    Requirements: 68020, MUI 3.8
    Description: This is an XG Editor and Librarian for Yamaha MU10.
    • Load and Save XGE format files, so you can use your settings in XGEdit on a PC!!!
    • All parameter values are displayed in human readable form. For example, Reverb Time is displayed as 0.3s-30s (seconds) and not from 0 to 127
    • You can edit:
      - Master effect settings
      - Parameters of Reverb, Chorus and Variation effects
      - Part parameters (like Effect Send, Vibrato, Velocity limits, etc.)
      - Choose instrument for a part
      - Type of a part (Normal, Drum1, Drum2, SFX)
      - Behavior of controllers for every part
      - Individual parameters of drumnotes and sfx sounds
    • Full cooperation with Bars & Pipes Professional and midi.library
  • XGTool v0.91
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