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Updated: 04.02.2001

303 Emu v2.3z
Author(s): Jeroen Schellekens Updated: 19/11/1997
Requirements: OS 2.0, 2 MB RAM (1 MB CHIP)
Description: 303 Emu is a program to generate acid-sound and loops, with the bleepy TB-303 sound to use with trackers programs.
  • 303 Emu v2.3z
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  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    303Tracker v0.12
    Author(s): Jeroen Schellekens Updated: 15/10/1998
    Requirements: (68030+ recommended), 1 MB CHIP, 4 MB FAST, PAL Monitor
    Description: 303Tracker is a program to calculate and play TB-303 bassline loops to create for example acid, techno triphop or anything. You can also use 303Tracker as a render-program to create bassline loops and use them in music-sequencers like OctaMED Sound Studio. 303Tracker has a very easy graphical user interface which lets the user create a track in several ways.
  • 303Tracker v0.12
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    AHX v2.3d
    Author(s): Martin "Dexter" Wodok, Manfred "Pink" Linzner, BuZz/Maniacs (Fix) Updated: 10/11/1998
    Copyright: Abyss
    Requirements: OS 3.0+
    Description: AHX is an editor providing you with the ability to compose VERY EASY, VERY FAST and MOST C-64 LIKE as possible!
  • AHX v2.3d
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  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: UnderWare More Informations

    Author(s): Petter A.Urkedal Updated: 01/01/1990
    Requirements: any Amiga
    Description: AProSys is a musiceditor with realtime synthesized effects.
  • AProSys
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    BeatBox v2.55
    Author(s): James L. Boyd & Curt Esser Updated: 07/02/1999
    Requirements: OS 2.01+
    Description: BeatBox is an easy-to-use music program, allowing four tracks of samples to be used and everything controlled using buttons and menus (no nasty hex numbers here!).
    • Four channels of music
    • Uses standard Amiga "8SVX" IFF samples (up to 99 per song)
    • The save format now includes the samples
    • Uses simple block system (16 samples per block)
    • Easy-to-use block sequencer
    • System friendly, multitasking
    • Online Help
    • Supersonic load/save routines
    • Font sensitive
    • GUIs optimised for PAL or NTSC
    • Works with graphics cards
    • Designed from the start to use as few resources as possible
    • Easy installation - needs no assigns or fonts installed
    • Choose your own screen mode
  • BeatBox v2.55
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  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    Digi Booster Pro v2.21
    Author(s): Tomasz & Waldemar Piasta Updated: 02/06/1999
    Requirements: OS 2.0, 68020, AHI
    Description: Digi Booster Pro is a 128 channels tracker with XM, MOD, DBM export.
    • Support following formats: XM, S3M, MMD0-MMD3 (OctaMED/SS), MOD (4-32 CHN), Oktalyzer and DIGI (Digi Booster 1.x)
    • MP1/2/3 import
    • TB 303 emulator
    • Saving/loading modules with MP3 encoded samples (68k/PPC)
    • CGX and P96 support
    • Mixer (HD rendering) option included which allow to render your module to AIFF or AIFC sample then you are able to convert these formats e.g. to CDDA or MPEG audio formats
    • Realtime DSP effects: echo, cross echo, delay, cross delay, hall and works on defined channels; it means that you are able to active DSP with selected tracks
    • Optional 32 bit HI-FI mixing with linear interpolation in realtime
    • Export *.XM files (4-32 channels) - not in unregistered version
    • Export *.MOD MOD.* files (4-32 channels) - not in unregistered version
    • Up to 128 channels (4/6/8/10/.../128)
    • Up to 7 octaves
    • Unlimited sample size
    • AHI support (at this moment there's support for following sound card: Tocatta, Delfina, Wavetools, Prelude, Melody, Maestro, Concierto and of course for Paula)
    • DeliTracker, EaglePlayer and Hippo player support
    • Source code of player included
    • Two different commands in one line and in same time. It means that you can use for example: sample offset command 9xx and vibrato 4xx
    • 8 and 16 bit audio modes (so you can load to Digi Booster 16 bit samples) formats supported: IFF8SVX; IFF16SV; RIFFWAV 8BIT; RIFFWAV 16BIT; AIFF 8/16BIT / STEREO/MONO
    • Max. 256 samples (only in editor, but file format (DBM) supports max 65535)
    • Max. 1024 patterns (only in editor, but file format (DBM) supports max 65535)
    • Max. 1024 position (only in editor, but file format (DBM) supports max 65535)
    • Almost all key shorcuts and commands are ProTracker compatible
    • Ping pong loop and command E3x - backward play
    • Realtime instrument effects: volume envelope, boost envelope, filter envelope, offsets, panning envelope and much more. Envelope consists of: 32 points, 2 sustain points, 1 loop
    • Instrument/sample mode; you can use the same sample a few times with other parameters e.g.: you have string sample no. 1 and you want use this sample a few time, each with different finetune, volume, loop and let's say one with volume envelope, second with boost envelope. In normal tracker (like ProTracker) you have to load the same sample two times to memory. In DB pro you have Instruments.
      So you have to do following things:
      - Load sample to bank no.1; so you have an instrument no.1 which use sample no.1
      - In instrument no. 2 change sample bank to no. 1
      - Now you can set different effects and parameters to instrument no.1 and no.2
  • Digi Booster Pro v2.21
  • Links:
  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: ShareWare More Informations

    Musicline Editor v1.15
    Author(s): Conny & Chrstian Cyrus, John Carehag, Jimmy Fredriksson Updated: 29/08/1996
    Requirements: OS 3.0+
    Description: Musicline Editor is a flexible, powerful & easy to use musiceditor.
  • Musicline Editor v1.15
  • Links:
  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: More Informations

    NewTracker v3.56▀ / AHIr2
    Author(s): Bj°rnar Henden, Martin Blom (AHI version) Updated: 21/04/1997
    Requirements: OS 2.0, AHI (for AHI version)
    Description: NewTracker is a program to compose music modules compatible with the ProTracker module-format.
    • Font-sensitive gadget user interface
    • Multiple windows, most of them sizeable
    • Opens on any public screen
    • Select screenmode
    • Support for xpk
    • Doesn't mess up your hires pointer
    • Correctly allocates audio.device
    • Builtin sampler
  • NewTracker v3.56▀ / AHIr2
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    OctaMED Sound Studio v1.03c
    Author(s): Teijo Kinnunen Updated: 08/02/1997
    Description: OctaMED is a tracker like editor.
  • OctaMED Sound Studio v1.03c
  • Tools & Accessories:
  • OctaMED Player v7.02 - by Teijo Kinnunen
  • AutoDrum-E - An ARexx script that creates a drum machine with GUI on the screen
  • MIDI Companion V3.0 - by Declan Gorman - First plug-in designed mainly for use with the Roland MC-303 sound module but a lot of it's features can be used on other MIDI equipment.
  • NSM v0.74 - by Kjetil S.Matheussen released. - A new plug-in system. Lets you read and write to the memory directly instead of using the slow ARexx system.
    - Bassdrum v1.3 - Bassdrum sample generator - by Claude Heiland-Allen
    - Crange v0.74 - Copies the range to another track, with the same line-numbers and the instrument which is present on the other track.
    - Echo v1.4 - Better echo effect - by Claude Heiland-Allen
    - Expand v0.74 - Expand or Shrink the lines in the range or the current block by a faktor/divisor.
    - Filter v1.4 - Better filter effect - by Claude Heiland-Allen
    - InsertLines v0.74 - Inserts or deletes (n) number of lines on all the tracks at the current cursorline-position.
    - Invert v0.74 - Inverts the notes in the range. If no range is specified, the current track will be inverted. There is allso a plug-in in this archive that inverts a hole block.
    - Iset v0.74 - Let's you specify the midichannel, midipreset and volume on the current instrument without using the mouse.
    - TrackNamesWindows v0.41c - This is a small configurable window that displays the track-names, the keyboardoctave, the current track, on/off status of the visible tracks, volume of the current instrument, midichannel/samplelength of the current instrument, and the name of the current instrument.
    - Transpose v0.74 - Transpose up or down the range or track one note or one octave, fast and without using the mouse.
  • Octaflip - by Kjetil S.Matheussen - Six ARexx scripts that flips a range, a track or a block.
  • PlotCMD v1.21 - by Johan Persson - Let's you make note command changes in a graphical way. You can plot a curve in OctaMED's sample editor, or choose a pre-defined one, and then apply it to a track's command levels. This way you won't have to "hard code" volume fadings, filter sweeps etc. into the tracker (Requires MUIRexx (MUI v3.0+) and Moos (for mathematical operations)).
  • PrefixMMD v1.0 - by Andrew Bell - This is a simple Shell based program that allows you to clean up the names of your modules by attaching a MMD0/MMD1/MMD2/MMD3.* prefix to the name.
  • Swomp v1.0 - A new player by Stephen Williams.
  • Links:
  • Official HomePage
  • Distribution: Free! In the Official HomePage More Informations

    ProTracker v4.0▀2 (Year 2000 Fixed)
    Author(s): Tom Beyer Updated: 01/01/00
    Requirements: any Amiga
    Description: ProTracker is a classical music composing tool which uses the "tracker" display.
  • ProTracker v4.0▀2 (Year 2000 Fixed)
  • Tools & Accessories:
  • ProTracker v3.62 year 2000 fix - by Jan Poruba
  • ProTracker DataType v1.14 - by Martin Blom - Require AHI v2+
  • PLSTsearch v1.1 - by Ola Ekstrom - A small CLI/Shell-based searchtool for PresetLists files.
  • Distribution: FreeWare More Informations

    Quadra Composer v2.1
    Author(s): Bosse Lincoln Updated: 08/11/1994
    Requirements: OS 2.0
    Description: Quadra Composer is a music tracker which use standard intuition screens and windows for display.
  • Quadra Composer v2.1
  • Distribution: More Informations

    Symphonie Pro v3.x
    Author(s): Patrick Meng Updated: 01/01/1998
    Requirements: OS 3.0, 68020+
    Description: Symphinie Pro is the most powerful tracker available.
    • 256 Physical Audiochannels, 16 Bit Software DSP, 16 Bit Samples MODs have a resolution of at least 20 Bit if you use 16 Bit Samples hires frequency resolution, hires volume resolution
    • Midi
    • Digital output (Audio Rendering) in WAV, AIFF, MAESTRO or RAW, 8/16 Bit, 5-500 kHz
    • Realtime Timestretching, Realtime Pitchshifting, an independent realtime resonant filter for every Audiochannel
    • 3 Phase Oversampling, 500 kHz Mixrate, 3D Surround Sound
    • 256 Independent Digital 16 Bit Outputchannels. Non destructive sample manipulation
    • DSP PLUG IN SYSTEM: Flanger, LP/BP/HP Filters, Echo, Delay...
    • Platform and Hardware independent Fileformat
    • Running on Amiga, MAC (via UAE), DOS/WIN95 (via UAE), Linux (via UAE)
    • Samples supported: IFF-8SVX, AIFF, WAV, MAESTRO, MAUD, 8/16Bit resolution, 5 - 599 kHz sample rate
  • Symphonie Pro v3.x
  • Tools & Accessories:
  • Symphonie Player Pro
  • Distribution: More Informations

    - NEW - TheX0XPackage v0.92 - NEW -
    Author(s): Michel 'DMX' Bagmeijer Updated: 17/01/01
    Description: A set of editors for the TR-X0X & TB303.
  • TheX0XPackage v0.92
  • Distribution: More Informations

    WaveBeast v0.56▀
    Author(s): Marco "Skyphos" Trush & Jan "Halfbyte" Krutisch Updated: 04/09/1998
    Requirements: OS 3.0, MUI v3.x
    Description: WaveBeast is a very powerful software synthesizer based on subtractive synthesis.
    • Two oscillators doing sine.saw.square.pulse.noise.samples
    • Pulsewidth modulation
    • Additional noise generator
    • Oscillator sync
    • Ring modulation
    • Two 2 pole filters with resonance 12db.lowpass.highpass.bandpass
    • Four graphical envelopes for amp.pitch.filter1.filter2
    • Five lfo's for pulsewidth.amp.pitch.filter
    • Great dsp effects like fuzz.reverb.delay
    • Step sequencer with 64steps.slide.accent.notelenght.transpose
    • Variable output samplingrate.wordlength.note.volume
    • Direct output via AHI
    • The sounds are calculated non-realtime and can then be played via AHI or saved in the following formats:
      - 8 bit raw
      - 16 bit AIFF mono
  • Version for 68000
  • Version for 68020 (NO FPU)
  • Version for 68020 (FPU)
  • Version for 68040 (FPU)
  • Version for 68060
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  • Distribution: More Informations

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