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27-Jun-00: Updated ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection to version 3.6. The collection now contains 13,028 SID tunes.
ExoticA offers the collection in two formats. Either as individual files with a simple to use HTML Interface or you can download them all in one large GZIP'd TAR Archive - HVSC.tar.gz (~24mb).
25-Jun-00: Added the following scans to the Games Gallery:

G: Global Effect (CD32), Guy Spy (CDTV)

H: Heimdall 2 (CD32)

J: Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf and Course Design, Jocky Wilsons Darts Challenge

K: Kings Quest 4

L: Lemmings (CDTV), Logical (CDTV)

M: Mig 29 Soviet Fighter (German), Midnight Resistance, Moving (CDTV)

N: North And South

O: Operation Wolf (Alternative Scan)

P: Pinball Fantasies (CD32), Pit Fighter, Prince Of Persia (Hit Squad Budget Version), Push Over

R: Rally Championships, Rise Of The Robots, Risky Woods, Ruff'n'Tumble

Thanks to the following people:

.J Jenson: for the scan of Prince Of Persia (Hitsquad Version).
David Banz: for Kings Quest 4 and Risky Woods.
Elend: for the scans of Guy Spy (CDTV), Lemmings (CDTV), Midnight Resistance, Moving (CDTV), North and South, Operation Wolf (Alternative Scan), Pitfighter and Ruff'n'Tumble.
Jean-Francois Fabre - for the scan of Push Over.

Updated the Games Information Database on the Info Section.

Sorry there is no new music in this update. I ran out of time. I hope to get some online later this week.

11-Jun-00: A new version of Scenery has been released. Scenery is the most complete and comprehensive guide to the Amiga demoscene there is. It has been developed since 1996 by Glenn Lunder. More information and full credits can be found on the Scenery Section.

Added the following new scans to the Games Gallery. This brings the gallery to a total of 965 Scans!

A: Advantage Tennis, Alien Breed Tower Assault, Alien Breed 3D 2 (The Killing Grounds), American Tag Team Wrestling, Arabian Nights (CD32), Arcade Pool (CD32)

B: Benefactor (CD32), The Blues Brothers, Breach, Brian The Lion, Bump'n'Burn (CD32)

C: Cannon Fodder (CD32), The Case Of The Cautious Condor, Chuck Rock 2 (CD32), Chuck Yeagers Advanced Flight Trainer 2, Colorado (Alternative Scan), The Curse Of RA (CDTV)

D: Deliverance

F: Full Metal Planete

G: Galdregons Domain Players, Ghost Battle, Gunship 2000 (CD32)

Added an improved scan of Alien Breed 2. This one is really scary!
Thanks to the follwing people for today's gallery update:

Jean-Franoic Fabre: for the scan of Advantage Tennis, Deliverance and Full Metal Planete
J. Jenson: for the scan of The Blues Brothers
Elend: for The Case Of The Cautious Condor
Alexander Holland: for the scan of Ghost Battle

Updated the Games Information Database on the Info Section.

As some of you might already know, It was my (BuZz) birthday last week (June 2nd). I am now the young age of 24 :)
What I didn't expect was to receive a specially coded intro for my birthday! A few fellow Exoticans made me this wonderful gift and you can download it on the Demo Section. Huge thanks to Mr.Tickle, Niceguy and Zeg for such a great suprise :)

Thats all for today. See you in the next update!

28-May-00: Some more music for you in today's update.

Added a new section SC-SoundControl (View : Compact|Full). This contains music from Holger Gehrmann used on some games from reLINE. To play all the music from this section you will need the SoundControl (Distributed with Delitracker) and SoundControl5 DeliPlayers.

Added a section with many game tunes from Dave Lowe for the Wanted Team Dave Lowe player. (View Section: Compact|Full). This player is for Eagleplayer only. Thanks to Don Adan for sending in the tunes.

Moved the Crunchers Area to the Utils Section and replaced the main page with a updated version contributed by Laurent. This version includes information about Author,Year and more. Your work is greatly appreciated Laurent!

Laurent has also updated his Formats Page which can be found on the Tunes Section. Additions include the full sources for Digital Mugician and Deli-Wizard genie aswell as original replay source for SIDMon. The sources can also be found on the Source Section of ExoticA.

17-May-00: Sorry for the long delay with no updates. I hope today's will make up for it! :)

Opened the Misc Section with a colourful new icon collection called Exoticons. The collection contains around 942 Game Icons created from the hi-resolution images on the ExoticA Games Gallery. The icons currently use the NewIcon system, but in the future support may be added for OS 3.5.

Exoticons.lha (Main archive - 5.1mb)
Exotica.readme (Aminet readme)
Exoticons.jpg (Workbench screenshot with Exoticons)

Added some missing issues/disks of the great Newsflash Diskmags to the Newsflash Section. The additions are : Issue 19 (Disk B), Issue 25 (Disk C), and Issue 29 (Disk A and Disk B). Huge thanks to Jrom for sending in Issue 29.

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.70.

Changes since version 3.67 include the follwing:

Addition of releases from the Ukonx and Mekka-Symposium 2000 parties.
Many groups completed/reworked including Savage and Vision
200 module name additions.

As a special bonus I have added another image to the Games Gallery. Its a high quality scan of the Bubble Bobble Comic Strip. You can find it on the B Page or just download it here - BubbleBobbleComic.jpg.

Thats all for today. See you in the next update!

24-Apr-00: Added a new area to ExoticA - Scenery - on the Info Section.

"SCENERY is the most complete and comprehensive text-based guide to the Amiga demoscene there is. It's based on the best of several other productions, but with the unique Scenery seal of quality and detail."

- Glenn Lunder (Author of Scenery)

This is the first official public release of Scenery. ExoticA offers Scenery as a LHA archive, a ZIP archive or you can browse the HTML Online Edition.
Huge thanks to Glenn for allowing ExoticA to host Scenery. It certainly is an excellent resource and I have had many hours of enjoyment reading it.

Added 19 game box scans to the Games Gallery. This bring the total number of scans to 942! The new additions are as follows:

0-9: 4th And Inches

C: Carnage

D: Darkmere, Das Schwarze Auge, Death Or Glory, Dragons Breath

E: Erben Des Thrones

G: Gauntlet 2

H: HeroQuest 2

P: Pools Of Darkness, Power Struggle

S: Shadowlands

T: Think Cross, Tilemove, Twilights Ransom

U: Ultima 5

W: Warriors Of Releyne, Wizardry 6, Worlds Of Legend (Alternative Scan)

Thanks to Panther for sending in most of these.
Also updated the Game Information Database on the Info Section.

Added some more replay sources to the Source Section and the source to a very early version of the Oktalyzer Editor. Thanks for Laurent for sending these in. Do check out his excellent Formats Page on the Tunes section for information about many Amiga audio formats with commented source.

Added a new sound format - PT-PowerTracker (View Section: Compact|Full). This section contains music used in some intros from Kefrens. Composed by Laxity using his own Editor/Audio routines. Music in the intros is credited to Powerlaxen. Only 2 tunes are currently available. Thanks to Michael Trier for sending these in.

02-Apr-00: ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection is now updated to version 3.5. The collection now contains over 12,500 C64 tunes.
ExoticA offers the music individually via a simple to use HTML Interface or you can download them all in one large GZIP'd TAR Archive - HVSC.tar.gz.


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