Filename Size Information
AmigaArc.lha 26945 v0.23. 1985-87. Amiga port of Arc 5.0. By Raymond S. Brand, System Enhancement Associates. Files : Exe, Readme
LHArc.lha 48299 v1.10, 1.21. Compatible with version 1.13 of Lharc for MSDOS systems. By Paolo Zibetti (ASM code by Paolo Toccaceli). 1990.
LHArcA.lha 25852 By Stefan Boberg. Original 80x86 LZHuf code by Haruyasu Yoshizaki. v0.99a
Zoo.lha 36130 Amiga Zoo : Copyright 1991 Rahul Dhesi & J. Brian Waters, Noncommercial use permitted
Barebones Ooz : Zoo archive extractor/lister (Big) by Rahul Dhesi, version 1.01 (1987/02/13)

File packers

Filename Size Information
ANC_Cruncher.lha 2083 By The Criminal / ANC. Based on Byte Killer code by Lord Blitter/BS1. Files : CrSave, CrLoad, 2 Readme.
Black'n'Decker.lha 3007 v2.1. By Filipetto Rizzi / Savage. [Packed with MegaCruncher 1.2]
Byte_Killer.lha 28324 v1.2+, 1.3, 2.0, 2.03, 2.05, 3.0, 3.0b. Docs. Exe decruncher and hacker. v2.0 and v3.0 decruncher source. First version (1.3) by Lord Blitter (Bamiga Sector One) in Jan 1998. GUI by the Blizzard group. 2.05 by Cath/LSD. Fixed decrunch adress.
Byte_Killer_DataDecruncher.lha 21588 v1.1. By Stephen 'Dr.Who/Infect' Mifsud who was known as FantaZY/SynerGY. 1997. With sources and test files. Decrunches v1.0 pro to 3.0 ByteKiller data.
Byte_Killer_DataRipper.lha 18203 By Stephen Mifsud 'Dr.Who' of Infect. 1984. Find in memory BK data and decrunches it. Recognize and decrunches v1.0 pro to 3.0 ByteKiller, all versions of Black & Decker, Compack 1.0 and Drakpack 1.0.
Chryseis.lha 10380 v0.9. 1994. By Lazy Coder/ Chryseis. Decrunch an exe while loading like Titanic cruncher.
"The crunching algorithm is a lempel-ziv like (size-offset encoding) with variable sized size-and-offset information, but instead of coding string repetitions, it's coding byte repetitions (it's just like byterun-1 but with extra offset information)".
Commercial_Decruncher.lha 5799 By Turbo. Decrunches commercial crunchers like Rob Norton Cruncher ('RNC1' tag, data and exe versions), FileImploder ('IMP!' or 'ATN!'), 'ATOM' data cruncher, TurboPacker? ('Ice!', data), Factor5? ('TPWM', data), ByteKiller 1.x and Black&Decker 2.0 (no tags).
ComPack.lha 1259 v0.1. Written by Blizzard. 7/87
ComPacker.lha 2001 v4.2+. ComPacker+ v4.2 Extended version. By Vortex 42/ ESH
Cop_Pack.lha 3709 Binary cruncher. 1994. by Copkiller / Coldcut
CrunchMania.lha 410948 v1.4, 1.6, 1.7t, 1.9t, 1.91t. 1991-93. By Thomas Schwarz. Great user manual. Shareware. Several algorithms, like LZ-Huffman and samples (delta). Absolute and relocable code. Crunch/decrunch library and documentation for developper.
Crunch-O-Matic.lha 17479 1992. v1.0. By Andreas Genthner. Shareware. Packs and executes an IFF picture, a module, a text file and an usual executable.
Defjam_Packer.lha 12948 v3.2, 3.6. By AntiAction/DefJam. With doc.
Disk|File_IMPloder.lha 11901 v1.0. (C)1989 Discovery Software Intl. Inc. All Rights Reserved
Double_Action.lha 72955 v1.0. By Vince / Tristar. 1990
Drag_Pack.lha 14852 v1.0b, 2.52 Pro. By Blue Duck Hunter / Velcro Fly. 1988
FlashSpeed_Cruncher.lha 3978 v1.0. In 1992 by Argon and Crash
High_Pressure_Cruncher.lha 3845 The High Pressure Cruncher, written by The Bitfreak in 1989 for FBI
HQC_Crunchers.lha 15587 Compressor : High Quality Crackings Inc Single Part Repacker 1.00. Cruncher : HQC, (C)1987 A.C.G Enterprises
Imploder.lha 164707 v3.0, 3.1, 4.0. Freeware. Code by Perter Struijk and Albert J Brouwer. Music by Paul van der Valk. 1991. With docs.
ISC_Amiga.lha 6883 v1.5. (c) Skull of Rainbow Trio. 24.05.89
Master_Cruncher.lha 8037 v3.00. Coded by Robert Frahm & Michael Cremer.
Max_Packer.lha 7386
Mega_Cruncher.lha 16720 v1.0, 1.2. By Hans Bergstedt. Software copyrights (c) 1988 by Llewellyn Technologies. [packed with MegaCruncher 1.0]
Omega_Packer.lha 13956 v1.3.
Pack_It.lha 7870 Written by Gary Kemper. Copyright 1987 by Tigress
Pack_It_v1.0.lha 31766 Release 1.10. Written 1990 by Joachim Koester & Joerg-R. Scholz. (C)'90 by K&S Software & HK-Computer. 07.07.90
PKAZip.lha 45377 Amiga Version by Dennis Hoffman. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 1989, 1990 by PKWare, Inc. Version 1.01 1/21/90
PowerPacker.lha 284759 v2.1a, 2.2a, 2.3a, Pro 3.0b, 4.0-1.3, 4.2-2.04. By Nico Francois (Lone Wolf / PowerPeak). 1989-1992. With docs. Recrunches ANC, Dragpack, HQC2, Imploder4, MasterCruncher 3, Relokit 1.1, Titancruncher 1.1, TNM 1.1 and TurboSqueeze 5.1. System friendly, ARexx port, Hunklab, Encryption.
Pro_Pack.lha 28622 Pro-Pack 2.08 Software Developers File Compression Utility. 3 Apr 92. Copyright (c) 1991,92 Rob Northen Computing, UK. All Rights Reserved. [packed with ProPack].
Red_Sector.lha 2784 House-Version 1.4 by FLASH for the RED SECTOR. The names have been changed to protect the innocent...
Relokit.lha 4012 v1.0. (c) by J.J.'88. Relocatible File Packer v1.0. Crunch and Decrunch Routine (c) by Lord Blitter.
ScrunchPro.lha 17844 ScrunchPro v1.0d. Written & Developed by 2-Cool of LSD. Copyright (c) 1992. All Rights are Reserved.
SMF_Compacter.lha 1535 v1.0. Written in 1987 by The Softicus
Spikes_Cruncher.lha 3748 v1.1.
Stonecracker.lha 347913 v2.92, 4103. Jouni Korhonen (Mr Spiv/Cave). 'S404' tag. Decrunch source code. External library for developpers.
Super_Cruncher.lha 8487 Fast Team / KNS. v2.7
Supplex_Cruncher.lha 10963 Based on MegaCruncher, improved + speeded by Jumbo & Snap of Supplex. [packed with MegaCruncher 1.2]
Syncro_Packer.lha 3423 V4.6. (C)20-Feb-90 by Syncro of Science 451
Tetra_Crunch|Pack.lha 22524 TetraCruncher 1.1, 1.02. TetraPack 2.1, 2.2 + Doc.
The_Crunch_Master.lha 1678 Coding 1988 by The Visitors (Herbie and Kitt). The mainfunction of this program is to crunch an object file, for example a file created by The Object Master
Timecruncher.lha 6569 v1.7, 2.2. Improved and partly coded by The Cracker / Triangle, Vox Dei.
Titanics_Cruncher.lha 46244 v1.1, 1.2. Written 1989 by Triad. With on the fly load & decrunch routine.
Turbo_Spike.lha 7591 Copyright 1992/93 Turbo/Infect. Crunch-/Decrunchroutines based on Spike1.5 but are speed up and optimized.
TNM_Master_Cruncher.lha 6144 System Friendly. By The New Masters
Tryit_Cruncher.lha 5220 v1.01. 3rd December '88. By Bernd Knochenhauer
TSK_Cruncher_And_Linker.lha 2034 Cruncher & Linker of TSK
Turtle_Smasher.lha 16479 v1.41. Him & Mr.Crook of Vox Dei. Can write packed data as disk tracks.
TWPack.lha 12135 TWPackPro 1.0. 1992, The Wave. Coded by Surfman.
Ultimate_Packer.lha 46877 v1.1, 1.1b. Georges Thill.

Disk Crunchers

Filename Size Information
DMS.lha 74610 DMSwin TURBO 1.52, Update By Blackhawk of Paradox!. DMS WBench (c) 1994 ParCon Software version v2.04
DisCruncher.lha 13803 v1.0 by Phoenix.
LHWarp.lha 25097 v1.40. Written by Jonathan Forbes, Copyright Xenomiga Technology, 1990.
Warp.lha 12556 v1.1. Written by the fine programmers at MAAD. The default mode is with Dynamic Lempel-Zev, Huffman Squeezing, and NCR Packing as the compression mode.
Zoom.lha 86311 v5.4. Copyright 1990-92 by Olaf Barthel, all rights reserved. Zoom! is a Gift-Ware product.
Lh data compression/decompression code Copyright 1990-91 by Holger P. Krekel & Olaf Barthel, run-length-compression code Copyright 1992 by Henning Leise


Filename Size Information
Chunk.lha 1100 v0.1. By Dr.Who. Clips useless hunk from an executable
Coder.lha 10696 v1.2.2. Usage: Code [decode]. By Fast-Team & KNS.
DPaint_Unpack.lha 1196 v1.1. Written by Quicksoft of Axenon in 1989
IFFCR.lha 2930 The linear IFF-ILBM modulo cruncher. v2.0. (C)1987/88 The Third Wave. By A.J.Brouwer
NoisePacker.lha 6535 v2.0, 3.0. 1990. Twins of Phenomena. Replay.
OKS_Addresscoder.lha 1337 By Marvin the Sunrider of the O.K.S. Import Division. v1.1.
ST_Packer.lha 1231 By TIP.
The_Object_Master.lha 1579 v1.0. Coding 1988 by The Visitors (Herbie and Kitt). The mainfunction of this program is to turn a block of machinecode and data into an executeable one (an object module). .


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