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25-Dec-99: I hope you all have a great Christmas. Plenty of food, beer, and making merry :) Here is my gift to you.. Another ExoticA update! :)

Added the following Game Box Scans to the Games Gallery:

M: Marvins Marvellous Adventure, Mercenary, Miami Chase, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Mr Blobby, Mr Nutz, The Munsters

N: Naughty Ones, Navy Moves, Necronom, The Neverending Story II, Nightbreed

O: The Oath, Overlander

P: Pac-Land, Paladin, Pinball Illusions, Pinball Wizard, Pink Panther, Pinkie, Power Drift, Pro Boxing Simulator

Thanks to Jan Krolzig for a few of the boxes.
Updated the Game Information Text on the Info Section.

Corrected the spelling of the music from the game Mr. Nutz - Mr_Nutz.lha - on the TFMX Section (View: Compact|Full). It was previously spelt Mr_Nuts.lha.

Added the music from the game The Neverending Story 2 - Never_Ending_Story_2.lha - and a complete rip of the music from Necronom - Necronom.lha.
Both were composed by Michael Tschoegl using Oktalyzer and can be found on the OKT-Oktalyzer Section (View: Compact|Full).
Thanks to Nomaios for making these rips.

Added another (and the last I hope) missing tune from the game Warp which can be found in the archive Warp.lha on the HIP-Hippel Section (View: Compact|Full).
The tune is a secret title tune which is only played if you hold down the left mouse button after the Thalion Logo. Thanks again to Nomaios for this.

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.56.

That's all for now. Expect another update soon :) and *Merry Christmas!!*

21-Dec-99: Added 24 scans to the Games Gallery. This brings the gallery to a total of 819 images, all with full author information and links to the music if available. The follow lists the new additions:

A: Agony, Aladdin, Alfred Chicken

B: B.C.Kid, Bubba'n'Stix

C: Carcharodon

D: Doodlebug, Domination, Dyter-07

F: Flight Of The Amazon Queen, F.O.F.T. (Federation Of Free Traders)

G: Gladiators

H: Hoversprint

I: Infestation

J: Joe Blade, Joe Blade 2, John Barnes European Football

K: Kid Gloves

L: Last Ninja 2, Leander, Led Storm, Live And Let Die, Lollypop, Lords Of Chaos

Added a improved scan for the game Battle Command. Thanks to Jan Krolzig for supplying some of the boxes. Updated the Game Information Text on the Info Section.

Added the missing End Tune from the game Warp which can be found in the archive Warp.lha on the HIP-Hippel Section (View: Compact|Full).
Do check out the other tunes from this area, as Jochen Hippel is a fantastic musician and created some of my favourite game tunes on the Amiga and Atari ST. Thanks to Nomaios for sending in this tune.

Replaced the rip of the music from Lollypop - Lollypop.lha - with a complete one which was ripped by Jan Krolzig. Thanks!.
The music is composed by Jesper Olsen and can be found on the JO-JesperOlsen Section (View: Compact|Full).
This format can only be played on Eagleplayer, and seems to have some problems on 060 based machines (on mine anyway).

Made the following additions to the AHX-AbyssHighestExperience Section (View: Compact|Full):


AHX.Arkanoid, AHX.BombJack, AHX.Bubble Bobble Title, AHX.Cheesepop, AHX.Firepit Loader, AHX.Fraxion Ripper Remix, AHX.Grim Reaper, AHX.Loader Tune 1, AHX.Mizz_Liz_Jet-Z, AHX.Silver_Clouds, AHX.Stranglehold, AHX.Suspected?, AHX.Unsuspected_1J_THX, AHX.Unsuspected_M_THX, AHX.Wizardry

AHX.Eine Shazze For Blaze

AHX.Disco Zax (DRAX)


Mermaid.lha/ - New Artist
AHX.Sick_of_it_all, AHX.abrasive iii, AHX.die_maske, ii, AHX.magic, AHX.talisman, AHX.zeemeermin

AHX.90210, AHX.Rainy_Week, AHX.Turicon

AHX.Bubble_Bobble, AHX.Far_too_happy, AHX.Forever_Gone, AHX.Sproing, AHX.Weekend, AHX.birdie_song - was previously online in Unknown.lha, AHX.cAN-o-sPAM, AHX.gleeben_globen, AHX.i_cant_name_songs, AHX.lets_go, AHX.lsddocsintro44_thx, AHX.six-four-&-no-more

Terry.lha/ - New Artist
AHX.Faza 1

Thanks to Guffaw, Mermaid and Mr.Tickle for sending in the AHX tunes.

ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection is now updated to version 3.4. The collection now contains over 12,000 C64 tunes.
ExoticA offers the music individually via a simple to use HTML Interface or you can download them all in one large GZIP'd TAR Archive - HVSC.tar.gz.

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.54. This update includes alot of changes since the last release on ExoticA including Hypnotic and Sanity being completely reworked.

Placed a Christmas logo on the Intro Page. It's possible we still might have a brand new Christmas logo although it depends if XTC has enough time :)

08-Dec-99: Added the following DeliTracker Custom modules to the CUST-Custom Section (View: Compact|Full):

Batman_The_Movie.lha: Title and In-game music from this Ocean classic. Composed by Jonathan Dunn.
"What are you?" .. "I'm Batman" :)

CUST.Battle_Command.lha: Music from the game Battle Command. Composed by Jonathan Dunn (I Think).

CUST.Elf-Intro.lha: Intro music to the game Elf. Other music from the game is available on the PUMA-PumaTracker Section. The music was composed by Matthew Cannon.

CUST.Fuzzball-Ingame.lha: In-game music from the cute platform game Fuzzball. Although created on Fred Editor, the music in this game had more than the usual amount of subsongs. Now you can hear them all :) Music composed by Tomas Dahgren and John Carehag.

CUST.Pac-Land.lha: Music from the game Pac-Land which was composed by Jason C Brooke.

All the tunes above were customised by me (BuZz), and have been tested on my a500, a1200 and a3000. I hope they work ok for you :)

See you all in the next update.

06-Dec-99: Added 24 scans to the Games Gallery. Some real classics are included with this update. All complete with full author information and links to the music (if available). The additions are as follows:

A: Alien World

B: Baal, Bad Company, Batman The Movie, Billiards Simulator 2, Black Hornet, Bomb Jack, Bubble Bobble

C: CJ's Elephant Antics, Cave Mania, Chase HQ, Chuckie Egg 2, Cloud Kingdoms, Colorado, Commando, Crash Garrett, Cyberball

D: Death Trap, Demon Blue, Dog Fight, Dogs Of War

F: Fire And Forget, Fire And Forget 2, Frenetic

Also fixed some errors on the Gallery and updated the main Games Information Database on the Info Section.

Added the music from the game Kingmaker - AVP.Kingmaker.lha - which was composed by Martin Walker and was created in AVP-ActivisionPro format (View: Compact|Full). Thanks to Nomaios for sending this tune in.

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.50. Changes since the last version include: Updates to LSD and Parallax, 10 new group additions, Satellite 99 party releases added, additions to TSK-crew, Amigavision, Balance, Oracle, Betrayal, and many other fixes.

25-Nov-99: Fixed a silly filename error in yesterday's update with the music from World Championship Soccer on the MC-MarkCooksey Section (View: Compact|Full).
24-Nov-99: Did a complete revamp of the MC-MarkCooksey Section (View: Compact|Full).
This is a page containing music composed by Mark Cooksey (Obviously) for various Amiga games.
There are a couple of different music formats. The tunes using the earlier format are named with the prefix MCO. To play the older tunes you will need an extra DeliPlayer - MarkCookseyOld.lha - which is on the Amiga Players Section.
This replayer was made a long time ago and it really doesn't work too well, if at all, on higher end 680x0 CPU's. I will get this fixed soon.
I have also placed on there a new version of MarkCooksey player by Sunbeam - MarkCooksey.lha. This was released specially for ExoticA. Thanks Sunbeam :) Read the text inside the archive for details.
The following tunes are new to the MC-MarkCooksey Section, but others have had name improvements, and full credit information added also:

MC.World_Champ_Soccer.lha - Corrected 25-Nov-99

I was not happy at all with the ExoticA Links Section. This has now been remade, with links split onto several pages. Also fixed many of the links which were previously broken.

Added some DeliPlayer sources from Andy Silva. You can find them on the Source Section in the replays/DeliPlayers/Andy_Silva/ directory.

22-Nov-99: Again I apologise for lack of updates recently. I have been busy working on other things :) I will try to get another update done before the end of the month.

Added 8 original tunes from the game Lion Heart - Lion_Heart.lha - to the SA-SonicArranger Section (View: Compact|Full).
Unfortunately one tune (Geheim) is still only available in the final packed Sonic Arranger format which can be found on the SONIC-SonicArranger Section (View: Compact|Full).
This great music was composed by Matthias Steinwachs. Huge thanks to him for posting his original disks to me :)

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.48. Since the last version many additions and changes have been made to many groups, including: Ackerlight, Crusaders, Mad Monks, Trilogy, Amaze, Anarchy, Anthrox, Arcane, Movers, Deathstar and many others.
Also included on this section now is an early version of the Amiga Scene Compilation Disk Reference Manual.

10-Nov-99: Added the following scans to the Games Gallery: Alien Breed 3D, Bush Buck, Dragon's Lair, Global Commander, International Sensible Soccer World Champions, Ishar 3, Kick Off 2, Mega Motion, Populous 2, Super Skidmarks, Xenophobe and Zeewolf.
Thanks to Volker Remuss, Greeble and Martin Bergmann who contributed some of the scans.

Updated the information for Amegas and Typhoon. Also fixed many link problems on the Games Gallery and updated the Games Information Database on the Information Section

Corrected the spelling of the music from Sharkeys's Moll (Sharkys_Moll.lha) to Sharkeys_Moll.lha. You can find this along with other music on the TINY-TinyWilliams Section. (View: Compact|Full).

Although I said the Editors Section would be finished soon, I have not had time to complete it. Due to many people requesting some of the files I have put them online. Check the Editors Page for more information.

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.45. This manual is the largest and most in-depth source of information regarding releases on the Amiga Demo Scene covering releases from 1986 to today. It's also very much in constant development, and much more has to be added.

27-Oct-99: Added 25 new scans with author information to the Games Gallery. They are as follows:

P: Phalanx, Piracy On The High Seas, Powerplay, Predator 2

Q: Quiwi

R: R-Type, Rally Cross Challenge, Robozone, Rules Of Engagement 2

S: Savage, Sinbad, Skrull, Sleep Walker, Star Crusader, Street Cat, Syndicate

T: Team Suzuki, Theme Park Mystery

U: Universal Warrior

V: Vaders

W: Way Of The Little Dragon, Winter Games, Wizard Warz, World Tour Golf, Worlds Of Legend

Replaced Die Siedler with the english version (The Settlers). Thanks to Greeble for some of the scans in this update and thanks also to Markus Wedekind for Sleep Walker. I also fixed many errors on the gallery and added various new and missing pieces of information. All the additions and changes were also made to the Games Info Database on the Information Page.

Added the music from the game Starball - Starball.lha - which is composed by Chris Huelsbeck and Ramiro Vaca using CH's Dynamic Synthesizer 1.34 audio routine. It was customised by Peter Kunath. Thanks for this. You can find other Custom modules on the CUST-Custom section (View: Compact|Full).

Made quite a few additions to the AHX-AbyssHighestExperience Section (View: Compact|Full).
For those that don't know. AHX is a fairly new music tracker for the Amiga. It supports powerful waveform creation, ADSR, filters, the ability to make complex synthetic instruments, and produces a beautiful C-64 SID style sound. The following lists the new additions. All are packed into author subdirectories:


AHX.12th Warrior, AHX.1989 Supreme, AHX.ABBA, AHX.BH 90210, AHX.Blue Monday, AHX.Clarke2, AHX.Dogs Cracked, AHX.Dorkanoid, AHX.Ein Fall Zür Zwei, AHX.Enola Gay, AHX.Impossible Mission, AHX.It's A Sin, AHX.MacGyver, AHX.Maleigh, AHX.Masqrade, AHX.Neuroviisu, AHX.Popcorn, AHX.Rocky Intro, AHX.Sealed With A Kiss, AHX.Slapfight, AHX.Speed-Pack2, AHX.Sucking Sox, AHX.Supercars, AHX.T2-Remake, AHX.Take Em Out, AHX.Take My Breath Away, AHX.Take Off Me, AHX.The_Alibi, AHX.Thread1, AHX.Tuptupklik, AHX.Your Woman

AHX.All That She Wants, AHX.Barbie Girl, AHX.Ecuadaor, AHX.Hawaii On My Mind, AHX.Let The Sun Go Down On Me, AHX.Loving The Loser, AHX.Tamagotchi

AHX.Go East, AHX.Go East (Slow-jam)

AHX.Outburst, AHX.TheTest, AHX.TikkelTokkel, AHX.Wild Sound

AHX.GiannaSistaMixSux, AHX.Ralliautot

AHX.Diabetes, AHX.Life, AHX.Memories, AHX.The Hall Of Mirrors, AHX.Wasted Bytes


Thanks to all the people who have sent AHX tunes in to me including Guffaw, Tommy, Mark De Jong, Icebreaker and others.

As you may have noticed the CGI (Guestbook/Counter) on ExoticA is now functional again. Sorry for the time it was not working. See you in the next update :) And look out for the ExoticA Music Compo. To be announced soon!

12-Oct-99: Added the following Game Box Scans to the Games Gallery. All scans are complete with full author information and links to the music if available:

A: A-Train, Air Force Commander

B: Backgammon, Barbarian (Psygnosis), BlackJack Academy, Block Out, Budokhan (Alternative Scan)

C: Captive

D: Danger Freak, Destroyer

F: Fields Of Glory, Fighter Duel

G: Galactic Empire, Genesia, Goal, Graeme Souness Vector Soccer

H: Hawkeye

J: Jet

K: Katakis (aka Denaris)

M: Mega Lo Mania

O: Operation Wolf, Othello

Thanks to Marcus Gerards for the Barbarian game box.

Updated information for Denaris and fixed various other information. Updated the main Game Information Text on the Info Section.

Added the music from the game Cobra which is composed by Han-Hermann Franck. The music was created on the Sidmon 2 music editor. Other tunes made on this music program can be found on the SID2-SidMon-2 section (View: Compact|Full). Thanks to Bored Seal for ripping and sending these tunes in.

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.42. Additions include Suburban Base and Prodigy and more info added for Horizon, INXS, Intuition, Hypnosis, Hysteria, Grace and some others.

09-Oct-99: Sorry for the lack of updates recently. ExoticA has now moved to a new server. The rest of will move to this server in the near future. The CGI (Guestbook and Counter) on ExoticA will probably remain broken until the move has finished.

Added Game Box Scans and information for the following games:
BMX Simulator, Bureaucracy, Code-Name Iceman, The Colony, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Hollywood Hi Jinx, Lost Dutchman Mine, Microcosm, Mini Golf Plus, Striker, Tetris (Mirrorsoft) and Wayne Gretzky Hockey 2.
Huge thanks to Dante for all these images.

Also fixed various errors on the Games Gallery.

The music from the game Leavin' Teramis was missing a tune and was badly ripped. Replaced it with a complete version - Leavin_Teramis.lha. The tunes are composed by Jochen Hippel and you can find many of his other excellent Amiga music on the HIP-Hippel section (View: Compact|Full)

Added 2 new CUST-Custom modules for DeliTracker (View Section: Compact|Full):

CUST.Action_Fighter.lha - The music from the game Action Fighter composed by Ben Daglish. A scan of this gamebox is available on the Games Gallery.
CUST.Iron_Lord - The music from the game Iron Lord composed by Jeroen Tel (Wave/Maniacs Of Noise). A scan of this game is also available on the gallery.

Thanks very much to Peter Kunath for making these customs.

Oh, BTW, ExoticA is now 2 years old. :) See you in the next update!


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