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30-Mar-99: Well.. Easter is almost here, and XtC has drawn a beautiful Easter Logo for the intro page. Take a look! Cheerz XtC!

Fixed various bugs around the site.

23-Mar-99: I'm afraid the music files are still all offline, so in the meantime, please enjoy the following Games Gallery update. The scans/author information for the following games was added.

A: Alien Breed 2, Ambermoon, Amberstar, Anstoss World Cup Edit

B: Battle Isle, Body Blows Galactic, Cruise For A Corpse

D: Dyna Blaster

E: Elfmania

F: Flink, The Flintstones

J: Jaguar XJ220

H: Historyline 1914-1918

K: Kreuz As Poker

L: Lion Heart

O: One Step Beyond

P: Pro Flight, Project-X

R: Red Baron

S: Die Siedler (The Settlers), Skidmarks, Soccer Kid, Space Quest 1, StarTrek 25th Anniversary

T: Transarctica, Traps'n'Treasures

W: Whales Voyage, Wiz'n'Liz

Y: Yo! Joe!

The Games Gallery now contains 268 images ;)

Added a Games Information section to the Info page. This shows all the author/credits for the images on the Games Gallery in 1 HTML (or txt) file.

Spectral made a translation of Zeg's Deli News issue #2. Thanks mate! Check the Deli News page for more info.

9-Mar-99: All the tune archives are temporarily? offline. I hope this gets sorted ASAP. I have no control over this however and if for some reason the ftp cannot be restored I will have to move ExoticA.. again...
1-Mar-99: Well, It's 7:15 am and I seem to have forgotten to go to bed. Actually, thats a bit of a lie. The truth is I noticed there had been a High Voltage SID Collection update and had to play some of those fantastic tunes :)

So, anyway, I have now updated the ExoticA mirror of this magnificent C= 64 music collection to version 3.0. Now there are over 10,000 tunes!!! Big thanks to the hardworking High Voltage team. ExoticA's mirror of the collection distributes the tunes in 2 ways. You can either browse the individual files using our custom HTML interface - HERE or you can download ALL the tunes in 1 HUGE (19.5 meg) gzip compressed tar archive - HERE.

Please also remember that most of the archives online can also be downloaded via FTP. Just login to and go to directory /pub/exotica/

Added issue 26 of Newsflash diskmag. The collection is getting closer to completion. Huge thanks to Mark de Jong for sending this in! Its on 3 disks and you can download it from the Newsflash section.

24-Feb-99: Restructured the Info section and added a Deli News page to it. This will contain english translations of Zeg's Delitracker news texts. Thanks to spectral for the first translation.

Added the music from International Soccer Challenge - DW.Int_Soccer_Challenge.lha - which was composed by David Whittaker. renamed DW.amiga.mus to DW.Battle_Of_The_Ashes on the DW-DavidWhittaker section.

Added XtC's and Gemuse's fave tunes to the Special Music section. Sorry for the delay - only 8 months late :)

22-Feb-99: Nothing added to the site. Just a message to remember my friend Roy. Who was an active and supportive amiga user. He died 1 year ago today to my greatest sadness. But not only do I think of him, but I send my thoughts to his wife, daughter and 2 sons who's terrible loss I cannot imagine. My love to you all.
15-Feb-99: Well, I hope romance was in the air for you all yesterday. Did you get any cards? I received a lovely postcard from some friends in Finland, but I have to say, there is very little love here in my life. So come on, send me some nice emails to cheer me up :)

Reorganised the AVP-ActivisionPro music section improving filenames and adding new music. The tunes AVP.British and AVP.German were both from the game Reach for The Skies and so are packed together in 1 archive - Reach_For_The_Skies.lha. Added the following games tunes:

Defender 2: Defender_2.lha
Devious Designs: Devious_Designs.lha
Frenetic: Frenetic.lha
AV8B Harrier Assault: AVP.AV8B_Harrier_Assault.lha

Made some other minor filename alterations to other tunes also. All tunes were composed by Martin Walker.

Added the music from Heavy Metal which was composed by Jason Brooke (JCB-JCBrooke) - JCB.Heavy_Metal.lha. Altered some other filenames in the JCB-JCBrooke section.

Moved the tune AHX.Tualkeg Run Sella from Pink.lha to Unknown.lha in the AHX-AbyssHighestExperience section as it was not composed by Pink.

27-Jan-99: 25 Games Gallery images added. The new scans are:

D: DarkCentury

G: Grid Start, Gunship 2000

H: Hostages, Hotshot

I: International 3D Tennis, International Ice Hockey, International Soccer Challenge

J: Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash

K: Karting Grand Prix, Knights Of The Sky

M: Manchester United Europe, Microprose Soccer, The Secret Of Monkey Island

P: Paradroid 90, Pipe Rider, Player Manager, Puffy's Saga

R: Roller Coaster Rumbler, Rotor

S: F-19 Stealth Fighter, Superstar Ice Hockey

T: Transputor

V: Viz

W: Wayne Gretzky Hockey

Fixed various errors on the Games Gallery. Thanks to Greeble for pointing these out. Added many missing links to C64 Music from various games.

Renamed the music section JPN-JasonPage to JP-JasonPage as it also contains music in his earlier format. Added issues 25 and 27 of Newsflash disk magazine to the Nostalgia Section. Huge thanks to Mazzelboy for sending these in to me. There are still quite a few missing issues and incomplete issues. Please help me complete the collection!

25-Jan-99: Added 14 new Game Box scans to the Games Gallery. They are as follows.

A: Alien Breed Special Edition, Amiga Karate, Arcade Trivia Quiz, Arnie

B: Biing, Blood Money, Blue Max, Buggy Boy

C: Chaos Engine, The Chessmaster, City Defence

E: Edd The Duck, Epic

F: FIFA International Soccer

Of course, for each game there is author information and if available, there is a link to the music.

Updated various pages on ExoticA to use a plain coloured background image. This will make backgrounds dither on low colour screens etc, and should look better on low spec machines. Users browsing in 24 bit should be unaffected.

19-Jan-99: Sorry for lack of updates recently, but I have been very busy working on the site.

Moved all CGI's from their old server to here. The guestbook and the counter should be working again now, so if you've been wanting to write a nice comment then do so :)

Added an updated title logo from XtC, which I think looks really fab. Thanks!

05-Jan-99: Happy New Year! Hope you all have had a great holiday, and have been eating and drinking excessively :)

Quite alot of new AHX tunes added today. Thanks to Solo, Icebreaker, and Mortimer Twang for sending in stuff. Also I have ripped some tunes from a few recent productions (Psychol #13/Appendix and Cruisin 2/Abyss). Here are are the new AHX additions:


AHX.Mid Day Action, AHX.Zero Impression F

AHX.-Now_You_Understand-, AHX.-The_Thin_Long_Way-

AHX.bluesada, AHX.O.N.A., AHX.short means kewl, AHX.the one that hurts me, AHX.thx tribute to xtd #01

AHX.Classic Cracktro, AHX.GhostBusters, AHX.Purple-Shades, AHX.Snow Bubbles, AHX.Wild Thing, AHX.Winter Dreams

Some duplicates previously in the JaZz archive have been deleted also.


AHX.jennipha [ędaddytwang], AHX.amanda


AHX.Tualkeg Run Sella, AHX.Wearing the inside out, AHX.Gatesbusters
(From Cruisin 2 by Abyss released at TP98 in 40k intro competition)


If you would like to download some other great AHX tunes be sure to check the main AHX-AbyssHighestExperience music page.

New Customs:

CUST.Bangkok_Knights.lha - From the game Bangkok Knights, Amiga music by Dave Lowe (Uncle Art). In my opinion the C64 and ST versions of the game had much better music however.

CUST.FA-18_Interceptor.lha - From the game F/A-18 Interceptor (One of my all time fave flight sims!) :) Music by Dave Warhol.

CUST.Formula_One_GrandPrix.lha - From the game Formula One Grand Prix. There is already a Custom of this online but this one contains more information :) Music by Dave Lowe (Unce Art).

CUST.Line_Of_Fire_Music.lha - From the game Line Of Fire. Music by Dave Lowe (Uncle Art).

CUST.Time_Scanner.lha - From the game Time Scanner. Music by Dave Lowe (Uncle Art).

CUST.Indianapolis_500.lha - From the game Indianapolis 500. Music by Rob Hubbard. Customised by Sunbeam

CUST.Tristar_Demo_3.lha - From Transformers 3rd Tristar demo. Music by Knockosoft and Flynn.

Custom files can be played on Delitracker or Eagleplayer which are both available on the Amiga Players section. Custom modules contain the actual music replay code, since the music is not in any standard format. Many more great tunes can be downloaded from the main CUST-Custom music page.

Thanks to all who have sent files in that I may have forgotten. I try to give credit where its due :) Thanks to everyone who has supported the site in 1998, and I look forward to your continuing support as ExoticA heads towards the Year 2000!


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