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20-Aug-00: Sorry for the recent lack of updates, but I have been very busy lately.

I am working on an update for the players section, and that will be online soon. I also have over 150 scans waiting to be added to the Games Gallery.

I do have something for today's update though - a new Intro Logo. If you live outside the UK it is quite likely you will not understand it, but it should give the rest of you a laugh :)

Thanks to XtC for his work on this :) you can of course find all previous Intro Logos on the Intro Logo Gallery.


15-Jul-00: Added 30 new scans to the Games Gallery. All the images are complete with full author information and a link to the music if available. These new additions bring the gallery to a total of 1016 scans! The new additions are as follows:

A: A10 Tank Killer, A320 Airbus USA, AV8B Harrier Assault, Akira, All Terrain Racing, Amnios, Another World, Apocalypse, Approach Trainer, Approach Trainer (Alternative Scan), Austerlitz

B: B17 Flying Fortress, Banshee, Base Jumpers, Battle Valley, Behind The Iron Gate, Bio Challenge, Black Crypt (Hit Squad Budget Version), Bloodnet, Bloodwych, Breathless

C: Campaign, Cedric, Chambers Of Shaolin, Chuck Rock 2, Cisco Heat, The Clue (CD32), Cool Spot, Corporation, Curse Of RA

Huge thanks to Mike for contributing almost all of these images. Thanks also to XtC for some information fixes.
Updated the Games Information Page on the Info Section.

Added a new section to the Gallery called Amiga City. I shall not tell you what it is. You will have to see for yourself :)

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.74.

Changes since version 3.70 include additions and better information for TRSI, Darkage, Maniacs (Yay!) , Flash Production and other additions from parties.

Updated many Wanted Team Eagleplayers on the Players Page. The following new/updated players were added:

EP_AMComposer.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_RobHubbard.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_DynamicSynt.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_MarkCooksey.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_MMDC.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_PVP.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_PaulShields.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_SConnolly.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_SeanConran.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_Soundcontr.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_SoundImages.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_SynthPack.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_TFMXPro.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_THermann.lha - (Aminet Readme)

Added a new section PS-PaulShields (View : Compact|Full). This contains music from Paul Shields used on a few games. To play the music from this section you will need the PaulShields Eagleplayer (Which will also work with Delitracker). Find this on the Players Page. Thanks to Don Adan for the support and for supplying the rips.

Phew! Ok that's all for today. See you in the next update!


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