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25-Jun-99: Finally got round to adding some new ExoticA banners made by XtC. Thanks Mate! You can find them on the Link Me Section.

Fixed some errors on the gallery and added some new info and the following images:

B: Ballistix, Black Shadow, Brain Blasters

C: Cosmic Pirate

D: Deflektor

E: Elf, Eliminator

Fixed some gallery errors, added some more information. Also updated the Amiga Game Information page which is on the Info Section.

Added the missing music from the game Stormlord, which is in MON-ManiacsOfNoise-Old format (View Section: Compact|Full).
The music is now packed in the same archive as the intro/title tunes - Stormlord.lha.
Thanks to Kyzer for the rip. He had to alter a couple of pointers in the tune so it would play due to a bug on the Mon_Old Deliplayer. This bug is however not present in the latest version of the player which was fixed and sent in by Florian. Thanks to both of you :)
Download the Player here - Mon_Old.lha

Added the latest 14Bit-Noteplayer Deligenie by Chris Hodges to the Amiga Players Section. It is based on the original 14bit noteplayer but with many many additions. Infact, This genie is totally superb!. Read the Aminet Readme for more information or download the genie - Deli14BitGenie.lha.

I find its really hard sometimes to keep up to date with all the DeliPlayers and deligenies, so I have made a directory where I will hope to keep the latest available for download.

Take a look at the delilatest directory (which is also linked to on the Amiga Players Section).
You might notice a few players or genies you have not seen before. Quite a few are previously unreleased to the public. One such example is the ImpulseDecruncher Genie which along with the Impulse Deliplayer will allow you to play the newer tunes made on the tracker.

Thanks to Peter Kunath for the greatest music player (Delitracker) on the Amiga, and I'm happy he still turns on his Amiga now and again to do some things :)

Please send in any players or genies which I am missing, or newer versions if you have any or let me know outdated players which should be here. Thanks!

Corrected the spelling of the LME-LegglessMusicEditor Section -
(View: Compact|Full).

and repacked tunes with credit information and better filenames.

Added a music format used by The Professional Sound Artists (PSA). The section is named:

PSA-ProfessionalSoundArtists - (View Section: Compact|Full).

There is only 2 tunes available (PSA.Intro-Tune.lha and PSA.The_Punisher_Title.lha) and these come from the PSA Demodisk.
Other tunes on the disk were in Noisetracker/LME format. Most of the music on the Demodisk was used in games.

Don't forget, all music areas are linked to from the Main tunes Page, along with some information about the music format or editor/tracker it was created on.

Finally I got round to adding some extra EaglePlayers from the Wanted Team. Thanks to Don Adan for sending them in and keeping me up to date. Sorry it took so long for me to add these. The following Eagleplayers can be found on the Amiga Players Section.

EP_AMComposer.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_BennDaglish.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_JasonPageN.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_LME.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_PAP.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_RobHubbard.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_Soundcontrol.lha - (Aminet Readme)
EP_TFMX.lha - (Aminet Readme)

Well, Thats it for now. This update actually took longer than a day as do many of the updates I make. The sun is shining and it's pretty hot in here, so I think I will go out for a nice cool beer! :)

22-Jun-99: Sorry for the delay. Added another 19 Game Box Scans images to the Games Gallery. There is now 439 scans online. Most if not all with full author information. The new scans are as follows:

V: Vision, Vital Light, Victory Road

W: WWF European Tour, WWF Wrestle Mania, War In The Gulf, Web Of Terror, Whirligig, Whizz, Wicked, Wild West World, Winzer, Wonder Dog

X: XR 35

Y: Yolanda

Z: Zany Golf, Zarathrusta, Zork Zero, Zyconix

Added some more information to the Games Gallery and Game Info Page (On the Info Section) and fixed some errors. Thanks to spectral for pointing out some problems.

Added issues 3, 4, 5 and 6 of Zeg's Deli News to the Deli News Section. Thanks to Spectral for all his hard work with the translations. (The Deli News were originally written in German)

14-Jun-99: Added 18 new scans to the Games Gallery. The new titles are:

R: Raider

S: Shiftrix, Shuffle Pix, Sir Fred, Sky High Stuntman, Space Assault, Steel Empire, Street Fighter 2, Suspicious Cargo

T: Tangram, Tetra Quest, Think Twice, Thunderstrike, Time Runner, Tip Trick, Triple X

U: U.N.Squadron, Uridium II

Added an improved scan of the Resolution 101 game box.

Added the music?? from Sir Fred (Sir_Fred.lha) which is in RH-RobHubbard-2 (Infogrames) Format - (View: Compact|Full)
Please note: One of the tunes may not play, which is probably a good thing, as its pretty terrible :)

Also added the music from the game O.B.Y. 1 - OBY1.lha - which was composed on SidMon 2 (View: Compact|Full).

Fixed many typos and made some credit additions on the Games Gallery and updated the Amiga Game Info text on the Info Page.

13-Jun-99: Finally we hit the 400 mark on the Game Box Gallery. There is now a total of 402 game box scans. The following lists the new scans.

H: Helter Skelter, Hillsfar, Hydra, Hyperion

I: Insects In Space, Iron Lord, Ishar

J: James Pond

K: Krusty's Fun House, Kult

L: Lethal Weapon, Loopz

M: Manix, Master Blazer, Mindwalker, Monkey Island II, Moon Blaster

N: Nick Faldos Championship Golf

O: O.B.Y. 1, Ooops Up

P: Pop Up, Powerboat USA, Prime Mover

Added an improved scan for M.U.D.S. and also some more author information for the game.

The game Mindwalker is probably the oldest ever Amiga game. The author Bill Williams died on May the 28th 1999 :( Other games from him included Sinbad, Alley Cat and Necromancer.

11-Jun-99: Added 15 more scans with author information to the Games Gallery.

A: Aquatic Games

B: The Ball Game, Beast Busters, Blazing Thunder, Boston Bomb Club, Botics

C: Centrefold Squares, Crystals Of Arborea, Cyberblast, Cytron

D: Dynasty Wars

E: E-Motion, European Football Champ

F: Faery Tale Adventure, Fusion

Fixed many bugs on the gallery. Thanks to Greeble for sending me details of the problems.

Added Newsflash diskmag Issue 24 to the Newsflash Section. Thanks to Mark de Jong for sending this in.

We are still missing quite a few issues, so if anyone has some, please send them in.

07-Jun-99: Completely revamped the whole ML-MusicLineEditor section (View: Compact|Full), with full author information, subdir's and over 30 new tunes. I recommend you download this section again if you want to have all the changes.

The following lists the new tune additions.

Dick_Jansen.lha :

Role_Model.lha (Johan Kotlinski) :

Firefox.lha (Jimmy Fredriksson) :

Twins.lha (Christian Cyréus) :

Ziphoid.lha (John Carehag) :


Huge thanks to Ziphoid (John Carehag) and Role Model (Johan Kotlinski) for sending in all the new tunes, and for credits help on the Musicline Section.

Added the following new scans to the Game Box Gallery. All the images have full author information and links to the music if avilable.

0-9: 4D Sports Boxing, 9 Lives

A: Action Fighter, Anstoss, Aquaventura, Archipelagos (alternative scan), Armageddon Man, Artura, Atomic RoboKid, Aunt Arctic Adventure

Added a much improved scan of Atomino.

Added the following cover artist information to the Games Gallery and Game Info Text (on the Info Page

Bob Wakelin: Epic, Ivanhoe
Steinar Lund: APB, Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash (also fixed the spelling of the image/info), Manchester United
Anny 87: Typhoon
AlAsi: Soldier Of Light
Celal Kandemiroglu: Atomino, Lethal Xcess, Rock'n Roll
Chris ?: Crack Down
CAZA: Drakkhen
Michael Hellmich: Die Kathedrale, Kengi
Herman Serrano: Carrier Command
Junior Tomlin: Archipelagos, Prospector
P.C: Hostages
G: Puffy's Saga
Grabuge: Eagles Rider, Krypto 'n Egg, Purple Saturn Day
Gégé: Jumping Jack Son
PoLARD: Outzone
Paj: Interphase, Badlands
G. McNamara: Battle Command
Orlando Petermann: Clown'o'Mania
PS AS.: No Excuses, Amegas, Beastlord, Turbo Cup Challenge
MeLYN: Captain Fizz
SW: Tracker, Onslaught
RoSt: Turn it

As most of you probably know, it was my birthday last week. Just wanted to say thanks to all the emails I received. I got an aquarium for my birthday from my family, and so in a few days will be getting a few fishie friends :)

See you all in the next update.

05-Jun-99: The new main tunes page is now online, with links to compact and full index's of each music area.
30-May-99: Over the last week I have been busy recoding the script which generates the HTML pages for the music section. In the next few days I will finish it. There will be 2 pages for each music format. A page very similar to the ones online now and also a more in depth page, showing full contents of archives with author information etc.

Ok, on with the update. Added 12 new scans to the Games Gallery. They are as follows:

A: Alien 3

C: Cyberzerk

E: Emerald Mine 2

I: Impossible Mission 2025

J: Jungle Strike

L: Lin Wu's Challenge

O: Overdrive

R: Robo Sport

T: Terramex, Theatre Of Death, Tracker, Traders

Replaced the scan for Terrorpods and Rock'n Roll with an improved image and also replaced the image for The Bards Tale II with a much improved scan of the original box. Thanks to Mathias Ortmann (Scuz) for this.

Fixed many pieces of information throughout the Gallery and changes have been made to the Game Info text on the Info Section also.

It's my Birthday in 3 days. Hooray! :) Feel free to send me lots of pressies and nice emails :)

Updated the links page, adding a few links which I promised to add a long time ago. Sorry for the delay!

In the next few weeks there should be quite a few changes happening at ExoticA. Hopefully I can get the new editors page finished (complete with screenshots) and also a few things wil be moved around a bit. New sections on the website will include a source section, with replay code, demo source and much more.

Watch this space :)

23-May-99: Updated ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection to version 3.1. The collection now contains over 10,500 SIDS! I had to recode the script which creates the HTML interface for the collection, due to a few naming problems. The new HTML creation script is done in PERL and can be run remotely which will save me alot of time in future updates.

Added a thin strip to the bottom of the Game Box scans to show that they were scanned for ExoticA. The gallery has taken many many months to create, and although this shouldn't affect your viewing pleasure, it might help prevent poeple from stealing credit for all our hard work.

Ofcourse, copyright for all the images belongs to the publishers/authors.

17-May-99: The FTP on hasn't been working recently so I havn't been able to do any updates. Sorry about this.

Today we have a very special update - The FANTASTIC new Star Wars intro logo. You can see this (and its well worth checking out) on the Intro Page. Massive thanks to XtC for all his hard work on the logo. Also thanks to Eric Schwartz. Wonder if G. Lucas would like the logo? :)

Oh I almost forgot, today is XtC's birthday! Happy birthday mate. He's now the ripe old age of 26 :) 30 doesnt seem so far away now does it!

Oh and.. May the Schwartz be with you :d

05-May-99: Added 31 scans to the Amiga Game Box Art Gallery. Each game has full author information and links to download the music if possible. The following is a list of the additions:

B: Beast Lord, Bionic Commando (Preview scan)

C: Captain Planet

D: Dalek Attack

E: Eye Of The Beholder

G: Galactic Warrior Rats,Gnome Alone

K: K240

L: Lords Of Time,Lure Of The Temptress

M: Midwinter 2, Mig-29 Fulcrum, M.U.D.S

N: The New Zealand Story

O: Odyssey

P: Perihelion, Primal Rage

R: Resolution 101, Robot Commander, Rugby : The World Cup

S: Second Samurai, Sensible Golf, Sensible World Of Soccer, Seven Gates Of Jambala, Shadow Dancer, Shadoworlds, The Simpsons, Street Hockey, Subtrade, Super Space Invaders, Super Stardust

Added the fantastic music from the game Rotor which was ripped and customised by Florian Vorberger - Rotor.lha.

ExoticA now has a mirror, so if any problems do occur with the main site in the future, you will still be able to access the music etc. :) HUGE thanks to my good friend Spectral who made this possible. The mirror is accessable at or you can just follow the links at the top of the Intro Page.

I've noticed some sites link to ExoticA linking directly to the frames and not the intro page. Please do not bookmark/link to the subpage or you will miss out on all the special intro logos. A new logo will be added to the front page this month, so keep an eye out! :)

Another thing: I got an email this week asking me if i could place some amiga emulation FAQ on ExoticA. Please realise, ExoticA has NOTHING to do with Amiga Emulation. Its constructed on REAL Amigas, for the enjoyment of the current Amiga community. I really dont care about UAE or Fellow :)

Updated the Game Information section on the Info Page. Fixed various broken links and bugs around the website. Only a few thousand more to fix :)

20-Apr-99: Mr.Styckx has released an update for his fantastic deliplayer MYST - MYST_Data_9. The update contains lots of new tunes and some fixes to previous ones.
For those that don't know, MYST enables you to play hundreds of fab tunes from the Atari ST by emulating the soundchip (YM2149). Read the information inside the archive on how to update. The complete set of MYST data files and the main replay and documentation can be found on the Amiga Players Page
Alternatively you can go to the YM-YM2149 page and just download the tunes you want.

Added some info the Main Tunes Page. Added the music from the game Chaos Engine 2 by Richard Joseph which is in VectorDean format. Big thanks to XtC for ripping this and sending it in to me!

Added credit information to the tunes in the VectorDean section and repacked all archives. Also improved filenames a bit. Added the following new scans to the Game Box Art Gallery :

All Dogs Go To Heaven, Bob's Bad Day, Mercs, Nevermind, Quartz and Rock'n Roll.

19-Apr-99: Well, I'm sorry for the delay, but I was relaxing a bit over Easter :)

Added lots of new Game Box scans to the ExoticA Games Gallery. All games have info, and a link to the music if available. The new scans which were added are:

0-9: 688 Attack Sub, 7 Colors

B: The Bard's Tale II, The Bard's Tale III, Beneath A Steel Sky, Betrayal, Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games

C: Cannon Fodder 2, Captain Fizz, Civilization, The Incredible Crash Dummies, Crazy Football, Crystal Dragon, Custodian

D: Das Boot

E: Espana : The Games 92

F: The Final Mission, Fireblaster

G: Garfield Winter's Tail, Garrison 2, Globdule

H: Heimdall

I: The Island Of Lost Hope, It Came From The Desert, Ivanhoe

K: Knights Of The Crystallion

L: Lemmings, The Light Corridor, Line Of Fire

M: M1 Tank Platoon

N: No Excuses

P: Personal Nightmare, Pioneer Plague, The Plague, Powermonger, Psyborg

Added improved quality game box scans for Exolon, Lethal Xcess, Matrix Marauders and Menace. The info for a few games was also updated. There is now a total of 304 scans available!.

Updated the Game Info part of the Info Page.

Fixed various HTML bugs around the site, and a few minor colour changes on a couple of pages.

03-Apr-99: Finished uploading all archives. Took about 18 hours non stop uploading on my little modem :)

All tunes, diskmags and crunchers are back online. The files are only available via HTTP however, and I don't know when the FTP access will be restored.

02-Apr-99: Put the High Voltage SID Collection 3.0 files back online.

Couldn't wait for SCSI problems to be fixed so started uploading all archives again.


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