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21-Jun-98: ExoticA Mailinglist is Back Online! Sorry for the short period it was down. Check the Support Page for instructions on how to Subscribe!
20-Jun-98: Received 100's of Fantastic THX SoundSystem tunes composed and sent in by JaZz/Jolly - JaZz{Jolly}.lha. Thanks alot pal! :)
17-Jun-98: Received a lot of SidMon 1 tunes, and decided to finally sort all mine out also. I'm fed up with different rips of the same tune with different names, so I went through them keeping the ones with most likely names. ExoticRipper reports some to have shorter lengths than they do, but I don't trust this program :) Anyway, they mostly sound ok, and that's what matters :) If you downloaded the SID-SidMon-1 section before, I recommend you delete them and download *ALL* again. No tunes have been lost only additions, but names have changed etc.

Remade the THX-THXSoundSystem Section. I'll try to keep this organised now :) The tunes are archived by Author. There is now *MORE* THX Tunes here than available currently in the THX Packs on the THX Website. If you downloaded this section before then please delete *ALL* files and replace with these, for a tidier directory structure and more tunes.

16-Jun-98: *New Section*

I was in a really nostalgic mood so I have made a page with Kickstart 1.1 and Workbench 1.1 disk pics on. Take a look at the Nostalgia section :)

Added new DeliGenie - An updated 14Bit-Noteplayer with many improvements from Chris Hodges. Get it HERE or look on the Players Section.

Added new version of EaglePlayer - EaglePlayer 2.01 Beta - to the Players Section.

Added 5 new Fred Editor tunes which are from Giants Megademo - Giants.lha. One of them sounds identical to FRED.Game_Shorty but there is some differences in the file.

*EXCLUSIVE* Another Custom from Cache/Digital of all the SoundFX from RoboCop2 - RoboCop2-SoundFX.lha. This can also be found on the Special Music Section.

Fixed link problems for all the DMS's on the Editors Section.

Removed the following tunes (Duplicates) from SA-SonicArranger section:

SA.MF_Slowmotion1.3 - same as SA.Slowmotion13
SA.MG_Space_Blipper- same as SA.Space_Blipper
SA.S0_Lueckenfueller1.1- same as SA.Lueckenfueller1.1

Added SA.Proteus to SA-SonicArranger Section. This is the same tune as SA.Prometeus (Which name is correct?) but it has different samples, which is why I am keeping it :) Sent in by Thomas. Thanks.

Removed CUST.Quadlite_LeoDemo_TimF from CUST-Custom as it is the same as CUST.LED_Storm. Renamed CUST.RealGiannaSisters to CUST.GianaSisters_Ingame and can be found packed with CUST.GianaSisters_Intro - GianaSisters.lha

Added 3 new Customs - CUST.An_Unbidden_Eye, CUST.Jetset and CUST.Stormlord. Send it by Thomas. Thanks Pal :)

15-Jun-98: SolaceWeb have recently upgraded their system, and now running with more harddisks! and also a new Web Server. It's possible that at times ExoticA could be down. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I'm afraid the ExoticA Mailing List is not working at the moment. Please be patient, it will be back soon.

07-Jun-98: Ok! News time... and as yout might thing. 'About time to!' .. sorry for the delay, I have been quite busy :)

Last Tuesday was my Birthday!!! Yes... I am now the Young age of 22 :).. It was today I celebrated my birthday tho.. well yesterday.. its 3:30 am now! . I've been having some beers. Anyway I got lots of lovely presents and stuff, and Special thanks to Heidi + Sam + Littleun! for posting me a card all the way from Finland :) Thanks!

Onto the Updates:

Added 4 new David Whittaker tunes, although probably will not play on Hippoplayer since this is very bad at playing David Whittaker format Tunes. - They are as follows:


Added another Activision Pro format tune: AVP.9Lives.

*EXCLUSIVE* Added a new Custom Music from *ExoticA Support Team* member (Cache/DTL) - CUST.WorldDarts - Music from J.C.Brooke but routines abit different from his newer stuff.

...An Hour Later...

*EXCLUSIVE* The Cache/Digital is back again with 2 more COOL Customs!! - The Music from 2 Great Special FX games. These guys ruled even on the Spectrum. Music AND sound effects from :

Midnight Resistance and
Hudson Hawk

Again a BIG thanks to Cache for making these rips.

I also like to thank all others who continually support this site. I have things sent in from quite a while ago that need uploading. I will do this soon.

The latest 3 *Exclusive* rips can be downloaded quickly from the Special Music section also.

Ok well.. Seeyou all in the next update!

26-May-98: Added Link Me page where you can find nice banners/html examples for linking to exotica.
I appreciate all links to my site and ofcoz I am happy to link to your site also :)

I am now a member of the Amiga Webring. :)

21-May-98: Added 2 new sites to links page. Fixed a few bugs in ExoticA's html code.

Added JCB.Rockford.lha by Jason Brooke and AVP.AtomicRobokid.lha which is in Activision Pro format.

Added 3 new VectorDean musics:


Applied to join the Amiga WebRing.

15-May-98: *PHEW* what a hot day today.. Scorching!

Beautiful new title logo added on the intro screen. HUGE thanks to XTC for making this!

Updated the Tunes Index.

10-May-98: The summer approaches!!! *aah* The last few days have been great. The sun has been shining and I have been busy drinking, clubbing, and enjoying myself ;) I will be doing some work next week and then next weekend I will be attending the World Of Amiga show in Hammersmith, London. If you wanna meet up there for a chat, drink and abit of a laugh then MAIL ME!

OK! On with the updates! ..

Added the music from Gobliins 2 and Gobliiins 3 which is in RH-RobHubbard-2 format.

Added 2 more David Whittaker format tunes - DW.Aquaventura and DW.Whirligig. I'm not too sure about the Aquaventura tune since I have the music from the game and its in Protracker/MOD format, but its a nice DW tune so. They were sent in by Stefano. Thanks ! Removed DW.Empire as it was a dupe.

28-Apr-98: Added GREAT graphics from XTC. Thanks pal! :)

Added 2 more TME-TheMusicalEnlightment Tunes - TME.Czardas.darklight.lha and TME.hawkeye-music.lha

18-Apr-98: Hello Fellow Amigans! Hope you all had a great Easter Holiday and didn't eat too much chocolate :)

Lets have some ExoticA Updates! - Added 8 Profiteam Soundfactory tunes (PSF-SoundFactory). They are as follows:


Added 3 Fantastic Art Of Noise tunes. (Editor is now called Chorus). The tunes are AON.Boesendorfer_p.s.s..lha, AON.FM-DemoSong.lha and AON8.Scrambled_Mind.lha.

Added 2 Sound Monitor tunes - BP.Demon1.lha and BP.Demon2.lha. Thanks to Nosferatu for sending these to me.

Added some FutureComposer 1.3 and 1.4 tunes, sent in by Nosferato.



I named the FC13.RSI_Theme so because its very similar to the FC14.RSI_Theme although not quite.

Added new format - TME-TheMusicalEnlightment and the tunes:


Send in by Promax. Thanks pal.

Added the excellent music from the game Nitro which is in Tiny Williams format - TINY.Nitro.lha. Sent in by Don Adan - Thanks!

If you have sent me stuff and it has still not appeared online then I'm sorry but I have so much stuff to organise and upload. It will appear eventually, but I don't necessarily place things online in the order I receive them. ExoticA is an ongoing project and it will continue to grow gradually with new sections and features and more information and I thank you all for the positive feedback you have given me.

02-Apr-98: Haven't updated for the last week or so due to extensive trading of narcotics and slaves on Frontier (Elite II) :)
Added new format - TINY-TinyWilliams which contains the music from Future Basketball, Hockey, Moonfall, and Shinobi
The deliplayer I had for these tunes didnt recognise one of the Future Basketball tunes, but after a quick resource and modification its all fixed now. Grab the TinyWilliams DeliPlayer HERE.

Sorted the music formats into alphabetic order on the Tunes Page.


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