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23-Mar-98: New graphics for the front page! Now we have really cool looking images for the Game Music Web Ring and for the link to SolaceWeb.
*HUGE* thankyou to XTC for making these for us :)
Re-made the Editors Section. Now it contains a far more complete collection including cool things like FredEditor and TFMX.
20-Mar-98: Added some new AON-ArtOfNoise tunes made by Pink/Abyss. I have now created a subdirectory for his stuff in this section so all his tunes are packed into 1 lha - Get it HERE. The tunes are as follows :

AON.Cradle_Of_The_Future *NEW*
AON.Exoneration *NEW*
AON.Inner_Voyage *NEW*
AON.Trough_The_Riots *NEW*

The ones which are NOT new should be removed from the root of the AON-ArtOfNoise directory.
Thanks to Guffaw/t13n for sending these in to me :)

Added the music from James Pond 3 (Splash Gordon) which is in VectorDean format. Sent in to me by Nosferatu.

Added music from Might And Magic 3 which is in MXTX-MaxTrax format. Thanks again to Nosferatu. A couple of the songs dont get recognised properly on Delitracker/Eagleplayer.

Added the music from Navy Seals which is in Delitracker's Custom format. A couple of people sent this file to me but I forgot who you were. Sorry.

Removed FC13.FSong from FC13-FutureComposer Section. (bad rip and dupe)

19-Mar-98: Well, there's been no updates for some time, coz I've been feeling lazy ;) But now I'm ready to get back to work!

Added the music from a playable demo of Chaos Engine featuring a much larger and better sounding World 1 in-game music. Big thanks to Cache/Digital for sending this in to me :)

Added new HIP-Hippel tune - HIP.Cybernoid_II, a great version of this C64 Classic! Thanks to FantaZY for sending me this.
Moved HIPC.Testament-SineIntro song and sample file to their own directory for tidyness.

Renamed the Delta Music Section to DM-DeltaMusic (previously was just called DM-Delta). Added 2 more tunes also to this section - DM2.Cave and DM2.Cave2.

Renamed FRED section to FRED-FredEditor since this is the true name of the editor NOT FredMonitor.
Also Added 2 more FRED-FredEditor tunes - FRED.highlander and FRED.Insects. Thanks to Nosferatu for the DeltaMusic and the FredEditor tunes.

Fixed many problems with links on the site. ALL links should now be working! (I hope) Updated the Tunes Index page.

02-Mar-98: More Coool! additions to ExoticA - 4 FRED Tunes - FRED.Aspar , FRED.Game_Shorty , FRED.Hiscore_Shorty and FRED.Thruster.. Also added is HIP.5th_Gear , MON.Gyroscope_Bug and SID1.Ragnov. All these sent in to me by Nosferatu. Thanks Alot!

A note about the SidMon-1 tunes - You may notice many duplicate files, however even though the filesizes are the same, and they might seem to sound the same, there is differences within the files. For this reason I will leave them all in the collection, at least for the meantime.

More Updates to follow!! Keep Watching! and Join the Mailing list! info on the Support Page

01-Mar-98: FINALLY! Finished the html for the AM/FM Diskmag Section. For each disk there is in depth information, which was taken from the AM/FM catalogue file. There is 19 normal AM/FM disks and 6 Special ones online. If you know of any more please email me.

Updated the Tunes Index page.

Found two BP-SoundMon tunes I didn't have by Allister Brimble (downloaded from his Homepage). One is another version of the Alien Breed Title Music and the other is music from Super Wonderland. I already had a version of this online (slightly different samples/modname). They sound the same though.

Made some general HTML changes, and uploaded the missing tune CUST-RainbowArts_Slideshow.lha.

27-Feb-98: Received Lots of new SFX-SoundFX modules including a whole bunch of stuff from Deejay99 (Kerni). Thanks mate. If you have downloaded the SFX-SoundFX Section before, then I recommend you download it again, since much has changed.
Fixed a link problem on a great tune, - CUST.Faery_Tale_Adventure.lha
Thanks to Nosferatu for pointing this one out. Thanks to all the people also who have sent in stuff, and i'm sorry ExoticA has got so behind. I will try to do more updates, and I apologise if I miss out or credit people incorrectly but it gets confusing sometimes looking after sooo many files.
22-Feb-98: Located 2 missing Newsflash disks - Newsflash 21 disk B and Newsflash 23 disk B. Other Newsflash disks can be found on the Newsflash Section.

ExoticA Mailing List!! - There is now a mailing list setup for exotica, which can be used for questions about exotic mods , Amiga nostalgia, and other relative subjects.
To subscribe to the mailing list its quite simple. Just write an email to with just the text

subscribe exotica

No subject is needed for the email.
You will then get a confirmation email from the mailing list which you have to respond to. Just follow its instructions. Once on the mailing list, you can then send mails to

21-Feb-98: Okey Dokey, To let you all know. ExoticA aint dead or anything. I have been waiting for SolaceWeb to make a system upgrade.
Now I will continue with updates. Plenty to go on. So please, Watch this space!
24-Jan-98: Mr.Styckx has finished his YM soundchip emulator called 'MYST' (YM used in Atari ST) and it is available here and also on aminet. The release came with MANY Atari ST tunes which can be found in the YM-YM2149 section. I am distributing the music files slightly different on ExoticA than they are on aminet since all the tunes are in separate lha's for each author subdirectory. The main archive is kept the same ofcourse and can be found in the players section - MYST_Main_v10.lha and you can view the aminet readme HERE.
I would just like to thank Mr.Styckx for such a F*CKIN COOL!! production :) and for spending so much hard work to bring all these FANTASTIC tunes to the Amiga platform.

Added all the music from Flight Of The Amazon Queen which is in VectorDean format.
More ExoticA updates soon.

22-Jan-98: Sorry for the lack of updates. I have LOADS of stuff to put online, but have been really busy working on a screensaver for a company. I will try to make some updates at the weekend.
11-Jan-98: Again I receive a load of stuff from the Synergy guys. Thanks to DARKNESS/Synergy for making the rips and to Synapse/Synergy for sending the stuff to me :)
Added a whole lot of new AY-3-8912_songs (Spectrum Tunes). Also I added a new format to ExoticA - DL-DaveLowe Music. Music Deli'ysed by DARKNESS, get his Deliplayer HERE.
Added 3 new CUST-Custom modules. CUST.CrystalTune, CUST.F1GP and CUST.Supreme.
Please note: I keep ALL custom's of modules even if they are available in their own Deliplayer format.
10-Jan-98: There seems to be problems downloading files at the moment. If you get the error Forbidden then please just leave the file and try again another time. It seems to be only affecting files over a certain size.
You may or may not have noticed, but the counter has not been on the page for a while. This was because I was linking to a lame free counter service, which is in the process of moving or something. Now I am running the counter on my own account which is much better.
8-Jan-98: Added the music from Dune 2 which is in MXTX-MaxTrax format.

*EXCLUSIVE* to ExoticA : Music from Darius Zendeh (Old Mark2SoundSystem) and a *NEW* deliplayer from FantaZY/Synergy (Thanx Mate!). Included with the replayer is all the music from R-Type and also a few tunes from other sources all ripped also by FantaZY. As well as the music being distributed with the player, I have added a new section for it.
Get the DariusZendeh player and modules Here. The format directory is called DZ-DariusZendeh.

Added the missing tunes from Sensible World Of Soccer and Sensible Golf
Soon to come to ExoticA : Editors section update, THX Soundsystem 68000 version (fixed by me), More great rips, and other great nostalgic things!

2-Jan-98: Added DW.SuperLeagueManager sent to me by Synapse/Synergy. Thanx.
Did a big update to the BP-SoundMon section adding TONS more SoundMon tunes. If you had previously downloaded this section I advise you to grab ALL the tunes again.
1-Jan-98: Happy New Year!
After taking a short Christmas break I am back to yet again regularly (I'll Try) update this site. I hope everyone visiting ExoticA has had a great xmas and I hope you all continue visiting here.
Added the intro page with options for a Frames or No-Frames version of the site.
Changed various other parts on the site. I wil update the editors section VERY soon so please be patient! There is also more tunes to go up soon. I'll keep you posted.


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