AM/FM Diskmags

Contents of all AM/FM disks described in detail

Note: The items listed in this index are only the "unique" features of each issue. Regular columns (letters/answers, editorials, advertisements, info about the music on the disk, etc.) are also included on all AM/FM Magazine Disks, although they are not listed in this index.

Magazine Disk #1

  • 16Bit Amiga sampling at last
  • Roland D70 live tips
  • MED v3.10 review
  • E-MU Proformance piano mod. review
  • Tech Corner: Serial & Midi
  • Gossip
  • GLIB, Sound storage system for:
    Yamaha DX100
    Yamaha TX81Z
    TX81 Performance
    Korg DW8000
    Kawai K-5 single patches
    Kawai K-5 multi patches
  • Protimer
    Calculates playing time for
    ST/NT/PT modules
  • MIDI Analyzer
    Use to check MIDI equipment/
    leads, their MIDI support etc.
  • SuperEcho
    Generates superb audio effects
    MIDI Music
  • "Human Nature"
  • "Sleeping Gods Lie"
  • "Adore"
    Amiga-only Music
  • "Radha Soami" - by David Elfstrom
  • "Sunrise" - by Peter Salomonsen
  • "Green Pullover" - by Tor-Egil Braseth
  • "Horror!" - by Bjorn A. Lynne

Magazine Disk #2:

  • Complete Jarre discography
  • Music theory: Chords, part 1
  • Review: Dr.T's XOR Generic synth editor
  • New Music-X synth editor protocols
  • Review: Boss DR-550 drum machine
  • MIDI competitions at conferences?
  • How to get the most from Music-X, part 1
  • The MED tutorial, part 1
  • Review: Sound Source's Korg M1 Film Texture collection
  • Prince gossip
  • News report from Amiga Symposium Oslo 1991
  • Latest news from Korg; the Wavestation A/D tested
  • About the further development of ProTracker
  • MIDICom v1.36
    MIDI tool performing several tasks such as a BPM/ms calculator,
    a MIDI test panel, Song Credits handling and more.
  • MFT
    Converts MIDI files to text files for printing etc.
  • VcEd Yamaha DS-55 voice editor
    Sound editing for your Yamaha DS-55 made easy
  • FixModule
    Prevents danger of system crashes when using Noise/Protracker modules
    MIDI Music
  • "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins
  • "Father's Song" by Prince
  • "Simple El-Piano Piece" by Bjørn A. Lynne
  • "Autoplay" MIDI recording of keyboard demonstration mode
    Amiga-only Music
  • "Organic Dreams" by Anders Hamre & Kim Jensen / Decibel Desperados
  • "Session" by Bjørn A. Lynne
  • "White Eagle" by Wiggo Johansen
  • "Basement Groove" by Kon Wilms

Magazine Disk #3:

  • The worlds biggest guide to Amiga Sound/Music software
  • Interview with Lars Hamre, author of Protracker, an two screenshots
    from his forthcoming new music program "Apollon".
  • Useful MIDI information
    * Generally about the technical side of MIDI
    * Standard MIDI file format explained
    * MIDI time codes explained
  • Music-X hints & tips, part 2
  • Amiga versus PC on sound and music
  • Complete Yello discography
  • AM/FM debate: The music industry today
  • Idol worship in music
  • Public Domain Music disks reviewed:
    * Noiseless: "Face Another Day"
    * Zero Defects: "Propaganda"
    * Drifters: "NoTech"
    * Al Pepsi: "Al Pepsi's Music Disk"
    * The Sect: "Mega Concert"
  • Commercial music reviews:
    * Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Blood Sugar Sex Magic"
    * U2 - "Achtung Baby"
    * Front 242 - "Tyranny For You"
    * Enya - "Shepherd Moons"
  • Roland D10 Drum Editor
    Use the Amiga to edit your D10's drums and store the setup on Amiga
  • Roland D10 Tone Editor
    As above, with the D10 "Tones"
  • Roland D10 Patch Editor
    As above, with the D10 "Patch"
  • ProPlay v1.3
    A brand new, beautifully looking and completely system-safe module player
    that will play Protracker, Noisetracker or Startrekker modules, with a
    great file requester, multi-selection of modules, config-setup, displays
    song information and sample names etc. etc.
    MIDI Music
  • "When You Wish Upon a Star"
  • "Carpet Crawl" - by Genesis
  • "Naked in the Rain" - by Blue Pearl
  • "When Doves Cry" - by Prince
    Amiga-only Music
  • "Who Stole my Cuica" - by Anders Hamre
  • "For a Friend" by David Elfstrom
  • "Mem-Saver 2" by Bjørn A. Lynne

Magazine Disk #4:

  • Tech Corner: How to allocate the audio channels correctly,
    by Teijo "MED" Kinnunen.
  • CDTV and MIDI
  • Standard Roland drum map
  • Useful MIDI information
    * MIDI Control Change Messages
    * MIDI Messages laid out for programmers
    * Table of MIDI Note numbers
  • Sound/Music News from the 5th 16-bit Computer Show in London
  • Generally about Amiga and MIDI by Pasi Kovanen
  • Complete Vangelis discography
  • Public Domain Music disks reviewed:
    * Proton - "Gate of Pagan"
    * Vega - "Vega Music Disk 3"
    * The Shining Path - "T.S.P. Music Comp"
    * Prophecy - "Numeric 2"
    * LSD UK - "Grapevine Megamix"
  • Roland D-110 Bank Loader
    Use the Amiga to store the Roland D-110's banks!
  • Roland D-110 Editor (Demo version)
    Working demo version of a superb D-110 voice editor! Edit sounds on
    the Amiga screen instead of in the 2-line LCD display. Finally!
    (PS: No save)
  • Roland S-220 Sample Storage System v2.0
    Store Roland S-220 samples on Amiga disks!
  • Roland S-220 to Amiga Sample Converter v1.4
    Convert the Roland S-220 samples to Amiga format! Great!
    MIDI Music
  • Beethoven's 5th for piano
  • "Marathon" by Rush
  • "Candle In the Wind" by Elton John
  • "Backplay" by Geir W. Kristoffersen
    Amiga-only Music
  • "Streebeat" - by Paal Teien
  • "Dark Star" - by S.J.Pain
  • "Quantum-2" - by Robert Korzeniewski
  • "Messing Up" - by Sami Jumppanen

Magazine Disk #5:

  • Yamaha DX-21 MIDI & SysEx format
  • How to achieve good sound quality on your samples
  • Useful extracts from [1] and [2]
  • Korg M1 Tips - Get the most from your M1
  • Review: Zero-G Datafile Sampling CD's
  • Review: Masterbits S-CD-900 Sampling CD
  • Protracker 1.3 Preview
  • Review: PlaySid 2.0ß
  • 6 Complete Yamaha DX-21 Sound Banks ready to use!
    (Must be used with GLib, AM/FM#1)
  • Yamaha TX-81Z Sound Editor/Storage System
  • Yamaha FB-01 Sound Editor/Storage System
  • MOPED - Korg M1 storage system
  • MIDI Playground translates binary/english/midi, lots of
    uses for this great, flexible MIDI tool!
  • Noise-cracker v1.02 Rips and Converts NoisePacker modules
  • SoundTime - Finds out how long a sound lasts.
  • Realtime Oscillator Superb looking full-screen oscillator!
    MIDI Music
  • "Orient Express" by J.M.Jarre
  • "Maniac" by Pasi Kovanen
  • "Twilight Time" - 50's hit by The Platters
  • "Mary's Child" - Golden oldie
  • "Missanoe" (Unknown author), Nice, calm, "old english" piece
    Amiga-only Music
  • "Graveyard 2" - by Seppo Hurme
  • "Chuck is Back" - by Kim Jensen

Magazine Disk #6

  • Tech Corner: The MED module format
  • Getting into the synthesizer world with a small budget
  • Letters to AM/FM
  • Latest news from Roland
  • The General Midi format explained and mapped
  • Chick Corea's Elektric Band live
  • Latest news from Korg
  • Complete Kraftwerk discograpy
  • How to convert MIDI music between Amiga sequencers
  • PD Music Disk reviews:
    * The Evil Forces: "Giga Mix"
    * Cyanide: "Now That's What I Call Ripped Music, Volume 2"
    * Idiosyncatris: "Big Time"
    * Anarchy: "Legalise It"
  • Proplay v2.0. Superb update of the best module-player, including a
    control panel, song information, timer modes etc. The thing that makes
    this player the best around is that it's the only one that's copletely
    system safe!
  • Yamaha DX100 Editor. Edit DX100 sounds with your Amiga, and store
    the sounds on Amiga disks!
  • Multi-ripper v2.9 C. The best ripper available - rips music from
    almost all available music-editors, can rip directly from disk etc. etc.
  • Casio CZ-101 / Casio CZ-1000 Storage system. Store sounds from
    this synth on your Amiga.
    MIDI Music
  • "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" by Tears for Fears
  • "In Too Deep" by Genesis
  • "Eye In The Sky" by Alan Parson Project
  • "Windcoaliz" by Geir W. Kristoffersen
  • 20+ drum patterns for Music-X.
    Amiga-only Music
  • "ChipChop 2" by Rainer A. Nilsen
  • "Souvereign Solemnity" by Anders Hamre
  • "Empty Spaces 2" by Bjørn A. Lynne
  • "EndTune" by Wiggo Johansen
    Extra Goodies on the disk
  • More than 20 dynamite drum-patterns for Music-X!
  • New superb icons for your favourite music programs!
  • Roland D-110 Protocol for Music-X!
  • New sounds for your Roland D110!

Magazine Disk #7:

  • New series: Beginner's Guide to MIDI [Part 1]: "What is MIDI?"
  • New series: Getting your music gear up and running [Part 1]
  • Review: Valhalla's International Gold Mix #1 for the Korg Wavestation
  • Build your own high-amp, anti-aliasing sound sampler
  • Review: The Korg Wavestation EX
  • Review: OctaMED Professional v3.00
  • Commercial Game Music Reviews:
    * Project-X from Team17
    * Race Drivin' from Domark
  • AM/FM Special Disks #1 and #2 (info)
  • Space Wars - the Movie (Info)
  • hOBbiTs & SpACesHipS - The CD (Info)
  • Newsflash issue #26 (Info)
  • Kawai K4 Editor Professional v1.99 (Demo)
  • MIDICom update: v1.56
  • OctaMEDPlayer v3.00
  • MIDI Diagnostics
  • TrackSheetX (Print Music-X scores to printer)
    MIDI Music
  • Johann Sebastian Bach * ExtraVaganza * !
  • "Red Tape" - by Kon Wilms
  • "Gabrielle" - by Kevan & Gareth Craft
  • "I've Been Loving You", soul classic for MED/OctaMED (with MIDI)
  • "If Loving You is Wrong", soul classic for MED/OctaMED (with MIDI)
  • "The Girl from Ipanema" in MIDI and Music-X format!
    Amiga-only Music
  • "Pina Colada" - by Andrew Barnabas
  • "Now What 3" - by Bjørn A. Lynne
  • "Melotech" - by Pumpstation
    Extra Goodies on the disk
  • Build your own high-amp, anti-aliasing sound sampler

Magazine Disk #8:

  • Tech Corner by Teijo Kinnunen: The Amiga Audio Hardware
  • Beginners' Guide to MIDI [Part 2]: "The Benefits of MIDI"
  • Complete Tangerine Dream discography
  • Various new products described
  • Exit Amiga, Enter Falcon?
  • The new "Sonic Arranger"
  • Playsid 2.0 review
  • New music mag: "Future Music"
  • The [secret] new Amiga Operating System!
  • MIDITools:
    * Echo Processor * MIDI Keyboard
    * MIDI In To Out * ProgChange
    * SysEx
  • Subzero Music Ripper
  • Promizer v0.1a
  • Hunter III
  • PrintDump, Yamaha DX-synths
  • MIDI Stuffer
    MIDI Music
  • "The Last Time" by Craft MIDI Compositions
  • "Arthur's Theme" by Christopher Cross
  • Theme from "Miami Vice"
  • "Take Me To The River" (Craft MIDI Compositions)
  • "Arise"
    Amiga-only Music
  • "There's Somebody On My Feet" - by André Meyer
  • "Rendezvous" - by Edvin Fladen
  • "Obsticularius" - by Paal Granum
  • "Audible Power" - by Sami Jumppanen
    Extra Goodies on the disk
  • Build your own MIDI interface for the Amiga 2000.

Magazine Disk #9:

  • Latest synth news
  • Beginners' Guide to MIDI [Part 3]: "Getting to know your MIDI events"
  • Getting Your MIDI Gear Up and Running [Part 2]
  • Review: The X-Static Goldmine Sample CDs
  • Complete Pink Floyd discography
  • Pink Floyd members' solo releases discography
  • The Death of Rock?
  • by Dave Cassidy
  • Tutorial: Volume manipulation in Music-X
  • AMFC - Amiga Music File Converter v2.0 (Review, tutorial, tips...)
  • AM/FM Synth Features indexed on synth name
  • Memory Allocation for Music-X & IFF/8SVX Samples Project (Doc + picture)
  • PD Music Disk reviews:
    * Freestyle: "Perfect 5"
    * Kaktus+Mahoney: "His Master's Noise"
    * Effect: "Psychic"
    * "The Flash" by (Unknown)
  • Commercial music album reviews
    * The Shamen: "Boss Drum"
    * Prince and the New Power Generation: "Love Symbol"
    * Peter Gabriel: "Us"
  • Advertisements / Information
  • Letters to AM/FM
  • Kawai K4 Editor Professional v2.99 (Demo - Update from AM/FM #7)
  • Kawai K1/K1-R/K1-II/K1-R II Editor v5.30 (100% Full working version)
  • Thief v3.0 Music Ripper
  • JoinSounds v2.0
    MIDI Music
  • "Chariots of Fire" by Vangelis
  • AM/FM Mystery Tune by ??? (Refer to Competition!)
  • Moonlight Sonate - arranged by Aarno Yliselä
    Amiga-only Music
  • "Voulle Vojas" - by Kim Jensen
  • "Techead" - by André Meyer
  • "Scitzophrenia" - by Kon Wilms
  • "Airline-2" - by Bjørn A. Lynne

Magazine Disk #10:

  • 6 FREE Korg Wavestation Performances with NEW sounds!
  • Wavestation SysEx Dumping guide (for above Performances)
  • Tutorial: Hip Hop Drum Programming, part 1
  • Tutorial: Beginners Guide to MIDI, part 4: "Actual MIDI Implementation"
  • Review: Ensoniq DP/4 Parallel Effects Processor
  • Tutorial: Building up a song in Music-X (Using master-sequence)
  • Music-X vs other sequencers - An oversight and some opinions
  • Review: Authentic Sound Effects CDs; Asylum Vol 1, 2 & 3
  • Review: Genesis: "The Way We Walk, Volume 1: The Shorts"
  • Review: Digitech VHM 5, The Vocalist
  • AM/FM takes a close look at the Wavestation SR
  • Commercial Game Music reviews:
    * Lotus III
    * Sword of Honour
  • Special AM/FM Utility: NPLAY v2.0! The first program licensed to AM/FM
  • New OctaMED player upgrade: v4.04 Latest version 01.01.1993.
  • CD_Arexx module: Sound/Music tool for CDTV/A570 owners
  • PlaySound: Plays large sound files off disk/harddisk without using much memory. (Double-buffering)
    MIDI Music
  • "The One" by Elton John (for MED/OctaMED)
  • "XMas Zpireet" by Bjørn A. Lynne (Music-X)
  • "Dawn Chorus" by Craft Bros. (Music-X / MIDI)
  • "Hip Hop Demo" by Kon Wilms (part of tutorial in this issue)
    (Music-X / MIDI)
  • "Hip Hop Grooves" by Kon Wilms (part of tutorial in this issue)
    (Music-X / MIDI)
    Amiga-only Music
  • "Epitaxial" by Kjetil Carlsen
  • "Invisible Touch" by Genesis - Amiga conversion by Bjørn A. Lynne
  • "El Toro" by Sami Jumppanen
  • "Transpheric Cosmos" by Kim Burgaard

Magazine Disk #11:

  • Tech Corner: The magic of 8-channel sound! (Teijo Kinnunen)
    (Note: TechCorner example files and programmes on the disk)
  • Latest news in synths, keyboards, etc. (A. Meyer)
  • Interview: Karsten Obarski - the of Sound-, Noise- and Protracker!
  • Samplitude: Better Sample Editing for Better Samples! (E.Beranek)
  • Winners of the "Mystery Tune" competition in AM/FM #9 !
  • Music-X v2.0 and Notator-X !
  • Music-X Tutorial: Using a MIDI keyboard to play with Amiga samples
  • The Format War! (D. Cassidy)
  • A Piece of the Action (Copyright or Copywrong...?) (S.Plumbe)
  • Dolby Digital Surround - Sound of the future!
  • AM/FM Special Disks #1, #2 and #3 !
  • CD Reviews:
    * The Freddie Mercury Album * Pet Shop Boys: "Discography"
  • PD Music Disk Reviews
    * Anarchy: "Legalise It 2"
    * Paradise: "Techno Tower"
  • Game Music Reviews:
    * Zool
    * Lethal Xess
  • New AM/FM column: Basement Tapes!
    * Generally about this new column, and how to enter!
    * N. M. Parker: "Ethmeric Realm"
    Review of the tape
    Screenshot of the inlay-card * Eric "Sidewinder" Gieseke: "Technology Bytes"
    Review of the tape
    Screenshot of the inlay-card
  • Background Music Player (BMP)
  • ITEM MidiSyn v1.0
  • WonderSound v1.0
  • Prorunner - a new and improved Protracker replay routine
    Amiga-only Music
  • "Ghouls" by Jogeir Liljedahl (Default Backgroundmusic)
  • "Jazz Bubbles" by Andrew Barnabas
  • "Oholibama" by Peter Salomonsen
  • "Jesus Comes" by Elef Tsiroudis
  • "Polka Down!" by Eric Gieseke
    MIDI Music
  • 25 different ready-made rhythm tracks in standard MIDI format!
  • "Mona's Song" - by Bjørn A. Lynne (Ed)
  • "Peter Gunn" (Track from Blues Brothers) - by Duane Eddy
  • "Sweat (Alalalong)" - by Inner Circle

Magazine Disk #12:

  • FREE!! Excellent New Sounds for your Ensoniq SQ-1, SQ-2, SQ-R, SQ-R+
  • The latest Synth/Keyboard news
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Decimal <--> Hexadecimal Conversion Table
  • Review: Pete Gleadalls Samplography
  • AM/FM Special Disks #4 and #5!
  • Using AMFC with Sid 2
  • Commodore's Big Music Cock-up
  • Deluxe Music v2.0 Coming
  • PD Music Disk Reviews:
    * Devious - "Elenium"
    * Parasite - "Imperial Tunes 1"
    * Skyboard Music Disk 1
    * LSD - "Jesus On E's"
    * Pyrogenic - "Short Modules 2"
  • Basement Tapes:
    * Generally about this new column, and how to enter!
    * Minimal Art: "Simplicity" (Jester/Sanity's first tape)
    Review of the tape
    Screenshot of the tape's inlay card
  • EDDY: Yamaha SY22 / TG33 Sound Editor & Storage System!
  • Exotic Ripper v2.01 - The BEST Multiple Format Ripper so far!
  • Sing: "Plays" _any_ file you feed it. Great for a laugh!
    Amiga-only Music
  • "Song IV" - by André Meyer
  • "Classic Mix" - by Rhesus Minus / Cryptoburners
  • "Humplery Jee" - by Kjetil Carlsen
    MIDI Music
  • "The Sky's The Limit" - by Fleetwod Mac
  • "No Son Of Mine" - by Genesis
  • "Heal The World" - by Michael Jackson

Magazine Disk #13:

  • Protracker Studio [Part 1]: Introduction and Note Retrig (E9x)
  • Review: The "Miracle" Piano Teaching package (Hardware+Software)
  • Review: The Desktop Guide to Electronic Music
  • Review: MegaBass Remix Sample CD
  • Latest synthesizer/keyboard news!
  • "Progression" - a great A1200 vs Falcon article by D. Cassidy
  • Reply to "Commodore's Big Music Cock-up" from AM/FM #12
  • The SMUS Simple Musical Score Format
  • PD Music Disk Reviews:
    * "Musicland" - by Brainstorm
    * "Kickin' Klasix" - by Wham Bam
    * "Mirror" - by Andromeda
    * "Skymuzak 2" - by Skyboard
    * "Sonic" - by Gastric Ulcer
  • CD Reviews:
    * Lenny Kravitz: "Are You Gonna Go My Way"
    * Bryan Ferry: "Taxi"
    * K. D. Lang: "Ingenue"
    * The Beloved: "Conscience"
  • Basement Tapes:
    * Allister Brimble on CD: "Sounds Digital"
    (Review of the CD and screenshot of the front cover)
  • New & improved version of Music-X <--> MIDI Conversion Utility!
  • INTUITRACKER v1.50 (By Triumph)
  • FZIFF - Convert Casio FZ-1 16-bit Sounds to 8-bit Amiga samples!
  • RXTracker - Play Sound/Noise/ProTracker & MED modules by ARexx!
    Amiga-only Music
  • "In-game music example" by Jogeir Liljedahl
  • "Monsieur Gastone" by Bjørn A. Lynne
  • "Inner Peace" by Eric "Sidewinder" Gieseke
    MIDI Music
  • "La Isla Bonita" by Madonna
  • "Requiem for an Angel" by Kevan R. Craft
  • Blues Brothers Special! - THREE songs from The Blues Brothers!
  • Two beautiful classic piano pieces by Chopin

Magazine Disk #14:

  • AM/FM Special Disk #3 updated - FREE update offered
  • The 1993 MIDI and Electronic Music Show
  • Memoirs of a (skint) home recorder
  • MIDI & The Guitarist
  • The Desktop Music Workshop
  • MED/OctaMED User Group
  • The IFF 8SVX Sample Format
  • Protracker Studio; Lesson 2: Note Delay (EDx)
  • Review: MIDI Performance Manager! (MPM) (Including 4 screen-shots)
  • OctaMED Professional v5 Preview! (Including 4 screen-shots)
  • PD Music Disk Reviews:
    * "Attraction" by Howard Wilsher
    * "Desert Dreams" by Kefrens
    * "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Bach)" by Rob Baxter
  • Reviews of new CD-releases:
    * Johann Sebastian Bach - Organ Works (Review by Paul Draaisma)
    * Jean-Michel Jarre: Chronologie (Review by Pasi Kovanen)
    * Jean-Michel Jarre: Chronologie (Review by Paul Draaisma)
  • Step-By-Step Patcher / Sound Editor for all General Midi synths!
    (JV-80, SC-55, etc. etc...) Special >AM/FM< Demo Version 1.1!
  • Smart-Ed - Yamaha DX-7 Sound Editor and Storage System (Demo Version)
    Amiga-only Music
  • "Knockout" by Kjetil Carlsen
  • "Dragonfire" by Oliver Lomax
    MIDI Music
  • BACH EXTRAVAGANZA II! 9 Bach-tunes in MED/OctaMED w/MIDI format!
    Bourree in E Minor, Gavotte in D Major, Invention No. 1 in C Major, Minuet in C Minor, Musette in G Minor, Polonaise in G Major, Prelude in C Major, Prelude in G Major, Two Menuets
  • "Dust In The Wind" - by Kansas
  • "Once Upon A Time" - by Kevan R. Craft

Magazine Disk #15:

  • Readers' Letters and answers
  • Protracker Studio; Part 3: Note-Cut (ECx) and Step-Loop (E6x)
  • The making of "Hobbits & Spaceships", Part 1 of 2
  • A VHS in your stereo rack? Why not!? Vidar Engen convinces you...
  • Review: OctaMED Professional v5 (including 4 screenshots)
  • General News and AM/FM Small-talk, Plus Latest Synth-News
  • Warning about Amiganuts
  • AM/FM-Editor leaving the Amiga world! (NOT!)
  • "Crackles" - by Dave Cassidy
  • Sound & Music in games - what's to come?
  • AM/FM Special Disk #3 updated - FREE update offered
  • PD Music Disk reviews:
    * Alcatraz: "Memorial Songs"
  • AM/FM Basement Tapes:
    * Vector Space - "First Sequences"
    (Review and scanned picture of the cover)
  • FM-SYNTH! Generate perfect sounding samples with this Amiga synthesizer!
  • NEWTRACKER v3.0 - With system-friendly routines and conversion of MED mods! Full AM/FM-version - nothing disabled.
  • PATCHMAN - Roland JD800 Sound Editor/Storage.
    Amiga-only Music
  • "Triviality" - by Gisle M.M.
  • "White Wedding" - by Kim Jensen
  • "Party On Dudes" - by Anthony Oetzmann
    MIDI Music
  • "21 Fingers" - by (unknown)
  • "Rock n'Roll" - by (unknown)
  • "Morning" - by Geir Widar Kristoffersen
  • "Evening" - by Geir Widar Kristoffersen

Magazine Disk #16:

  • Great music competition! Win a Fax-modem, a TV, a scanner and lots more!
  • General MIDI Map AND 16 FREE NEW Sounds for Yamaha SY-55 / TG-55 !!!
  • AM/FM's great Music/MIDI jargon buster, version 1.0 ! (To be continued..)
  • General News, AM/FM Small-talk and other gossip...
  • Latest synth news from André Meyer
  • The making of "Hobbits & Spaceships", Part 2 of 2
  • RiffGrabber - new utility for Deluxe Music Construction Set users
  • DPaint Template for Cassette Covers
  • Review: GVP's new "DSS8+" Sound Sampler.
  • Protracker/OctaMED Studio; Part 4: Volume Fine-Sliding
  • Protracker/OctaMED Studio: OctaMED update on parts 1, 2, 3 !
  • Arexx & OctaMED
  • Electronic Dreams: A label with an attitude!
  • PD Reviews:
    * Cybernetix Music Compilation Disk
    * Dataclan: "Beatbox"
    * Gladiators Music Disk 1
    * MED Users Group: "Friends Of Paula 3"
    * Pendle Europa: "Music Madness"
    * "Samples Unlimited" Sample Disk
    * Meat Loaf: "Bat Out Of Hell II" (Back Into Hell)
    * Prince: "The Hits / The B-Sides"
    * Sound Effects CD: "Essential Science Fiction Effects, Vol. 2"
    * Aerosmith: "Get A Grip"
  • Universal MIDI Patch Panel
  • Yamaha FB-01 Editor
  • Yamaha FB-01-printer
  • Matrix 6 Editor!
  • DXSwap
    Amiga-only Music
  • Just Married - by Jogeir Liljedahl
  • Countdown 2 Kaos - by Oliver Lomax
  • Forever Young - by Alphaville / Amiga: Vidar Engen
    MIDI Music
  • GRIEG SPECIAL! 4 great classics by Grieg on this disk!
  • "All That She Wants" - by Ace Of Base (MED/OctaMED w/MIDI)
  • Miracle-music: 4 different tunes from Neil Turland!
  • Gigue in D Major - by J. Pachelbel

Magazine Disk #17:

  • Review of Power Computing's Mini MIDI Interface
  • RBF Software's big OctaMED Music Competition
  • Technical Dimensions seek Amiga musicians to record a CD!
  • A functional Arexx reference for Deluxe Music 2
  • South Africa - Politics, Amigas and music
  • Tutorial: Orchestrating with MIDI
  • Join the Craft Bros. in studio recording material for a CD
  • Tutorial: Protracker/OctaMED Studio, Part 5
  • Memoirs of a (skint) home recordist, Part 2
  • General MIDI - why, what, and how great is it really?
  • Video Killed The Radio Star?
  • Complete Guide to all MIDI messages, controllers, etc.
  • Basement Tapes & "ED" tapes reviewed:
    * Olaf "Raven" Rabe: "Music for the movies" (review and picture)
    * Steve Charlton: "Haven" (review and picture)
    * Various artists: "The Dream is Just Beginning"
    (review and picture)
  • PD Music Disk reviews:
    * Rob Baxter: The Music Royal Fireworks
  • CD Reviews:
    * Jamiroquai: "Emergency on Planet Earth"
    * Orbital: "Orbital"
    * Pet Shop Boys: "Relentless"
    * Pet Shop Boys: "Very"
  • MIDIPlay v1.2b - Enhanced CLI/WB MIDI-file Player
  • RexxMMD v1.1 - OctaMED by Arexx
  • Action Ripper 2 - the latest and best ripper yet
  • Korg 01/W Wavestation driver for Blue Ribbon's "Patchmeister"
  • Oscillograph - very nice graphic display of sounds
    Amiga-only Music
  • Bjørn A. Lynne: "Arrangements"
  • Philippe Veriere: "Teakbois"
  • Vidar Engen: "From Cavatina"
    MIDI Music
  • Third Movement Moonlight Sonata (arr: Terry Delaney)
  • African Jam (arr: Terry Delaney)
  • On The Street (arr: Terry Delaney)
  • O Holy Night (arr: Terry Delaney)
  • Woodway (arr: Terry Delaney)
  • Chez Mimi: (arr: Aarno Yliselä)
  • 2nd English Suite Bouree (arr: Aarno Yliselä)
    New Bach Special! (arr: Aller Persson)
    * Air On A G-String
    * Andante
    * Bouree
    * Concerto
    * Gavottes
    * Minuet
    * Prelude
    * Sarabande
    * Toccata in D-Maj

Magazine Disk #18:

Magazine Disk #18:
  • Review: Aural Illusion sample editor
  • The truth about the "mistakingly" released Protracker v3.15
  • Amiga-Musicians on Tape and CD
  • Review: Dance Disk #1
  • HELP!! I'm thinking of buying my first synth
  • Big review: The new "Toccata" 16-bit sampling card
  • Letters to AM/FM and Amiga Music News
  • The latest Keyboard/Synth/Amiga-sound news from André Meyer
  • The Inexpensive Way to Professional Sampling!
  • Craft Bros. CD update
  • Seasoft offers Music-X v1.1 for under £30 !
  • Basement Tapes: * AM/FM-Ed's new "Montage" - big review by Kevan R. Craft
    * IDLE STATE: "Northern Lights"
    (Review of the tape and picture of the cover)
    * "Hobbits & Spaceships" CD Cover
  • CD Reviews:
    * Marillion: "Brave" (text & picture)
    * Pendragon: "The Window of Life" (text & picture)
  • Aural Illusion Jr. 8/16-bit Sample editor
  • General MIDI Patcher demo - edit all General MIDI synth sounds
  • APercKey - a drum machine on your Amiga
    Amiga-only Music
  • January in June - by Paul Draaisma
  • Sleepwalker - by Anthony Oetzmann
    MIDI Music
  • bluset55.mid
  • blakey.mid

Magazine Disk #19:

  • Music-X 2 and Notator-X! And here's the first in-depth review!
  • A slideshow of pictures from Music-X 2 and Notator-X
  • What's new? Various Amiga sound/music news
  • Video tapes review: How to get the best out of Home Recording
  • Video tape review: Off The Record - Roy Wood about recording music
  • Video tape review: How to get a recording contract
  • This month's Letters to AM/FM
  • Spool or Spoil? How to care for your DAT tapes
  • Where is the PC today?
  • Smash it up ?! - New ideas for using (?) your gear
  • Technical Dimensions service for musicians
  • Basement Tapes:
    * Generally about this column and how to enter!
    * Richard Graham: Out of Body Experience
    * Joe Wade: Synodinn
    * Michael Neil - "Tender Aggression"
  • CD-Reviews:
    * Pink Floyd - The Division Bell
    * Yes - Talk
    * Kevan Craft reviews Bjørn Lynne's CD "Montage"
  • Public Domain Reviews:
    * Exodus - "The Zone Warrior Music Disk"
    * Nigel Smith - "Game Music Examples #1 and #2"
    * Panacea - "Tympanic Membrane"
    * MegaWatts - "A Taste of U4IA"
    * Phobia - "Neoplasma"
    * Digital Dreams - "7th Heaven2
  • The Module Administrator
  • Patchmeister drivers for Korg WaveStation EX and SR
    Amiga-only Music
  • Round Midnight - arr: Aarno Yliselä
    MIDI Music
  • ValseTriste - by Jean Sibelius - arr: Aarno Yliselä
  • Feelin' Blue - by Gareth Craft - for Notator-X !
  • Plus the following additional MIDI music files:
    * MAPLE

AM/FM Special Disks

AM/FM Special Disk #1:

A Collection of MIDI music by well known artists and bands. 41 MIDI files, 20 individual songs, all well documented, with detailed description of MIDI channel setup, song lyrics etc. etc. Everything of course presented professionally by use of the well known AM/FM menu system etc. MIDI songs are normally priced at about 5 GBP each. Here you get a whole disk stuffed full of them for the price of a PD disk. If you are a MIDI user, what are you waiting for??

    Songs on AM/FM Special Disk #1:
  • Also Spracht Zarathursta
    (2001 - A Space Odyssey)
  • Ghostbusters
  • Here There and Everywhere
  • 25 Or 6 To 4
  • Interzone
  • Asayaka
  • Miles & Miles
  • A World I Never Knew
  • Mozart: Cosi Fan Tutte
  • Axel F
  • Newsong
  • Baby I Love Your Way
  • Norwegian Wood
  • Caprice
  • Orientalbossa
  • Come On
  • Woman
  • Countrydemo
  • First Steps

AM/FM Special Disk #2

Similar to AM/FM Special Disk #1, with more MIDI music.

    Songs on AM/FM Special Disk #2:
  • Autobahn
  • On My Own
  • Ballad
  • Prelude To A Kiss
  • Bangin' 32
  • Pretty In Pink
  • Cars
  • Promise Myself
  • Everything I Do
  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Everytime You Go Away
  • Spy's Eye
  • I Just Called To Say I Love You
  • Ten Watz
  • I Must Have Been A Fool
  • Thriller
  • I'll Survive
  • Toccata & Fuge in D Minor

AM/FM Special Disk #3

PROTRACKER v3.10b !!! AM/FM has special permission to distribute this excellent new version of the best Amiga-only music editor ever made, programmed by Cryptoburners! Fantastic new look and new features, more powerful than ever. You will NOT find PT3.10b (or above) distributed by any PD companies, except by those who distribute AM/FM, and PT3+ must be sold as an AM/FM disk.

Disk contains the program itself, all documentation, replay routines, stand-along module player "NPlay", and new previously unreleased demonstration modules!

AM/FM Special Disk #4:

BJØRN "DR.AWESOME" LYNNE'S DEFUNCT PROJECTS, VOL I and VOL II: Two disks filled with 19 Amiga-only songs by Bjørn A. Lynne, Editor of AM/FM and also known as "Dr.Awesome/Crusaders". The music on these two disks were originally composed for various game- and demo-projects; but these games and demos have unfortunately been cancelled because of contractual trouble, lazy programmers, etc. So the music now lives a life of it's own, and is presented to you here as AM/FM Special Disks #4 and #5; Bjørn "Dr.Awesome" Lynne's Defunct Projects, Vol. I and Vol. II. Lots of atmospheric music here, in the typical Dr.Awesome / Crusaders style.

    Vol. I: (Special Disk #4):
  • Cyberlife 1
  • Cyberlife 2
  • Oblivion
  • Shanghai Title/Intro Score
  • Shanghai In-game 1
  • Shanghai In-game 2
  • Shanghai Hi-score
  • Shanghai Game-Over
  • Zirkonium-Theme

AM/FM Special Disk #5:

BJØRN "DR.AWESOME" LYNNE'S DEFUNCT PROJECTS, VOL I and VOL II: Two disks filled with 19 Amiga-only songs by Bjørn A. Lynne, Editor of AM/FM and also known as "Dr.Awesome/Crusaders". The music on these two disks were originally composed for various game- and demo-projects; but these games and demos have unfortunately been cancelled because of contractual trouble, lazy programmers, etc. So the music now lives a life of it's own, and is presented to you here as AM/FM Special Disks #4 and #5; Bjørn "Dr.Awesome" Lynne's Defunct Projects, Vol. I and Vol. II. Lots of atmospheric music here, in the typical Dr.Awesome / Crusaders style.

    Vol. II: (Special Disk #5)
  • Airline Intro/Title Score
  • Airline In-game 1
  • Airline In-game 3
  • Fanfare from "Pictures..."
  • Kasei Vallis Intro/Title
  • Kasei Vallis Pause (Stardance)
  • Kasei Vallis Combat music
  • Kasei Vallis In-game 1
  • Kasei Vallis In-game 2
  • Kasei Vallis In-game 3

AM/FM Special Disk #6:

This disk is a compilation of 5 superb Amiga/Music utilities which were a little too disk-space-consuming to use on AM/FM Magazine Disks. There was just enough room for the 5 of them on one disk after we had compressed them heavily with the latest version of PowerPacker.

This AM/FM Special Disk is a collection of advanced MIDI Utilities and a module player which easily beats all other module players made so far. (June -93). This disk was released because these utilities took up too much disk space to be used on AM/FM Magazine Disks, which should instead use most of their disk-space for articles, tutorials etc. etc. No Amiga + MIDI user should be without this disk!!

CYCLOPHONICS: Advanced MIDI Colour Organ! Requires MIDI.

ALGORHYTHMS: Makes your Amiga compose it's own MIDI music! Requires MIDI.

SMARTPLAY: The superior module-player available for the Amiga, beats all others in flexibility, ease and speed of use. Requires kickstart 2.x or higher.

D10-GLIB: Specially rewritten version of the program GLIB for on-screen editing and storage of Roland D10 patches, tones, banks and drums. Requires MIDI and a Roland D10.

MIDICHORDS: Visualises music and lets you put chords together in a new and exciting, "visual" way. Also contains a simple sequencer and other MIDI tools. Requires MIDI.


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