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Xenon 2
From: Bitmap Brothers / Mirrorsoft (Image Works) / 1989
Programming: The Assembly Line and Tim Simenon
Graphics: Mark Goleman

Original Soundtrack: Bomb The Bass (Rhythm King Records 1988)
Music Amiga: David Whittaker
Format: DW-DavidWhittaker - Download
Music Atari ST: David Whittaker
Format: YM-YM2149 - Download
Music C64: Mark Wilson
Format: C64 SID - Download

Xenon 2: Megablast
From: Micro Style / 1987 Bally Midway Inc. / 1989
Amiga Conversion: Visage
Programming: Visage
Graphics: Julie Burness and Visage
Cover: Artistix

Music Amiga: Barry Leitch
Format: MOD-Soundtracker -
Music C64: Barry Leitch
Format: C64 SID - Download

The Universe Unfolds
From: Electronix Zoo / 1990
Programming: Anthony Wilkes
Graphics: Michael Cech-Lucas, Anthony Wilkes, Matthew Tidbury and Jeff Quilly
Cover: Steinar Lund

Music Amiga: Barry Leitch (Imagitec)
Format: MOD-Noisetracker -

Xiphos : The Universe Unfolds
From: Rainbow Arts / 1988/89
Programming: Heiko Schröder
Graphics: Celal Kandemiroglu
Level Design: Holger Schmidt
Cover Design: Celal Kandemiroglu

Music Amiga: Chris Hülsbeck
Format: TFMX - Download

XR 35
Fighter Mission
From: Anco / 1987/88
Programming: P.M. Baroni
Graphics: P.M. Baroni

Music Amiga: P.M. Baroni
Format: -

XR 35 : Fighter Mission
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