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From: Archer Maclean / System 3 / 1988
Programming: Archer Maclean
Graphics: Archer Maclean

Music Amiga: Dave Lowe
Format: CUST-Custom - Download
Music C64: Rob Hubbard
Format: C64 SID - Download

Ikari Warriors
From: SNK Corporation / Elite Systems / 1986/87 (1988 for Amiga version, rereleased in 1991 on Encore label)
68000: Mark Bullock and Neil Metcalfe
Programming: R. Frankish (1988)
Graphics: P. Tattersall

Music Amiga: Jason C. Brooke
Format: JCB-JCBrooke - Download
Music Atari ST: Jason C. Brooke
Format: YM-YM2149 - Download
Music C64: Jason C. Brooke
Format: C64 SID - Download

Ikari Warriors
From: Ubi Soft / Dec 1989
Programming: Olivier Regis and Pierre Adane
Graphics: Marc Albinet

Music Amiga: ? (Title) and Frederic Hahn (Ingame)
Format: MOD-Soundtracker (Title) and FRED-FredEditor )Ingame) - Download

Immortal, The
From: Electronic Arts / Sandcastle (Will Harvey) / 1990
Programming: Brett G. Durrett and Will Harvey (Also known as DMCS programmer)
Graphics: Ian Gooding and Michael Marcantel
Cover: Gerald Chin

Music Amiga: Doug Fulton
Format: IFF-SMUS (Sonix) -

Immortal, The
From: Audiogenic Software Ltd. / 1987
Programming: John Dale
Graphics: Spiny Norman

Sound FX:

From: Nick Wilson and Matthew Stibbe / Electronic Arts / 1990
Design: Nick Wilson and Matthew Stibbe
Programming: Nick Wilson
Graphics: Carl Cropley

Original Composing: Mozart
Music Amiga: Nick Wilson
Format: -

Impossible Mission 2025
The Special Edition
From: Microprose / 199?
Programming: Stuart Whyte
Graphics: Andy Hieke
Cover: Sarah Warburton

Music Amiga: Allister Brimble
Format: P41A (MOD-Protracker Packed) -

Impossible Mission 2025 : The Special Edition
Indiana Jones
And The Fate Of Atlantis
From: U.S.Gold / Lucas Arts / 1992
Programming: Michael Stemmle, Ron Baldwin, Tony Hsieh, Sean Clark and Bret Barrett
Graphics: James Alexander Dollar, William L. Eaken, Mike Ebert, Avril Harrison, Collette Michaud, Anson Jew, Jim McLeod and many others.
Cover: William L. Eaken

Music Amiga: Peter McConnell
Format: iMUSE (Electronic Music System) -

Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis
Indianapolis 500
The Simulation
From: Electronic Arts / Papyrus Design Group / 1989/90
Programming: David Kaemmer, Richard Garcia
Graphics: Wilfredo Aguilar and Peggy Brennan

Music Amiga: Rob Hubbard
Format: RH-RobHubbard -

Indianapolis 500: The Simulation
Indy Heat
From: Storm / The Sales Curve / Trade West / (Licensed from Leland Corporation) / 1991/92
Programming: John Croudy
Graphics: Ned Langman
Cover: P ?

Music Amiga: Alister Brimble
Format: Kris (MOD-Protracker Clone) -

Indy Heat
From: Psygnosis / Dan Gallager / 1989/90
Programming: Danny Gallagher
Graphics: Jim Bowers and Herman Seranno (Title Picture)
Cover: Tim White and Roger Dean

Music Amiga: Sean Conran
Format: -

Insects In Space
From: Hewson / Paul Chamberlain / 1991
Programming: Dave Canttrell
Graphics: Mark Jones

Original Composing: Martin Galway
Music Amiga: Maniacs Of Noise
Format: MON-ManiacsOfNoise-Old - Download
Music Atari ST: Jochen Hippel
Format: HIP-Hippel-ST - Download and YM-YM2149 - Download
Music C64: Martin Galway
Format: C64 SID - Download

Insects In Space
F/A 18
From: Intellisoft / Electronic Arts / 1988
Programming: Robert Dinnerman
Graphics: Greg Johnson
Cover: Simon Roberts

Music Amiga: Dave Warhol
Format: CUST-Custom - Download

F/A 18 Interceptor
International 3D Tennis
From: Palace / Sensible Software / 1990
Programming: David Korn (Others: Steve Brown, Chris Chapman and Martin Galway)
Graphics: Sensible Software Team

Music Amiga: Richard Joseph
Format: Richard Joseph -
Music C64: ?
Format: C64 SID- Download

International 3D Tennis
International Ice Hockey
From: Zeppelin Games / Impulze / 1992
Programming: Gareth Briggs
Graphics: Richard Beston and Neil Hislop

Music Amiga: Tony (Tiny) Williams
Format: TINY-TinyWilliams - Download
Music C64: Andrew Rodger
Format: C64 SID - Download

International Ice Hockey
International Ninja Rabbits
From: Micro Value / 1989
Programming: Mick Medley
Graphics: Phil Nixon, Kevin Preston

Music Amiga: Phil Nixon
Format: MOD-Noisetracker -
Music C64: Adam Gilmore
Format: C64 SID - Download

International Ninja Rabbits
International Soccer Challenge
From: Micro Style / Microprose / Red Rat Software / 1989
Programming: Simon Ellwood and Keith Watterson
Graphics: Brian King
Cover: Julie Burness

Music Amiga: David Whittaker
Format: DW-DavidWhittaker -

International Soccer Challenge
International Sensible Soccer
World Champions
From: Sensible / Renegade / 1992/94
Programming: Chris Chapman,Dave Korn, Chris Yates and Jools
Graphics: Jon Hare

Sound FX: Richard Joseph
Music Amiga: Chris Denman and Jon Hare
Format: MOD-Protracker -

International Sensible Soccer : World Champions
International Truck Racing
From: Zeppelin / 1992
Programming: Lee Briggs
Graphics: Neil Aislop

Music Amiga: ?
Format: -
Music C64: Andrew Rodger
Format: C64 SID - Download

International Truck Racing
From: Mirrorsoft (Image Works) / The Assembly Line / 1989
Programming: Adrian Stephens
Graphics: Dean Lester Simon Knight, Danny Emmett and Mark Coleman

Music Amiga: ?
Format: (Sample Data) -

Into The Eagle's Nest
From: Pandora / 1987
Programming: Kevin Parker and Nigel Edwards
Graphics: ?

Sound FX:

Into The Eagle's Nest
From: Starbyte / 1990
Programming: Jorg Lahmann
Graphics: Frank Ziemlinski, Michael Bohne, Christoph Tenbergen and Jorn Gotze

Music Amiga: Michael Scheer and Ralf Katscher
Format: MOD-Noisetracker -
Music C64: Jeroen Tel
Format: C64 SID - Download Intro - Download End

Iron Lord
From: UBI Soft / 1989
Programming: Frederick Gaulbaire
Graphics: Row Mama

Music Amiga: Jeroen Tel
Format: CUST-Custom - Download
Music Atari ST: David Whittaker
Format: YM-YM2149 - Download
Music C64: Jeroen Tel
Format: C64 SID - Download

Iron Lord
Legend Of The Fortress
From: Silmarils / 1992
Programming: Michel Pernot, André Rocques and Louis-Marie Rocques
Graphics: Pascal Einsweiler and Jean-Christophe Charter

Music Amiga: Fabrice Hautecloque
Format: -

Ishar : Legend Of The Fortress
Ishar 3
The Seven Gates of Infinity
From: Silmarils / July 1994
Programming: Michel Pernot, Lois-Maris Rocques and Jean-Francois Trevien
Graphics: Pascal Einsweiler, Guillaume Maginot and Eric Galand
Cover: Cirvelo Cabral

Music Amiga: Fabrice Hautecloque
Format: (Silmarils) -

Ishar 3 : The Seven Gates of Infinity
The Way Of Stones
From: Accolade / 1989/90
Programming: Greg Hospelhorn
Graphics: Michael Feinberg, Brodie Lockard, Beckett Gladney and Sheryl Knowles

Music Amiga: ?
Format: -

Ishido: The Way Of Stones
Island Of Lost Hope, The
From: Digital Concepts / 1989
Programming: Michael Dimambro and Don Milosavljevic
Graphics: Paul Drzewiecki

Sound FX:

Island Of Lost Hope, The
Incredible Shrinking Sphere
From: Software / Studios / Fours Field / 1989
Design: Anna Ufnowska
Programming: Colin Reed
Graphics: Steve Green

Music Amiga: Dave Lowe (Uncle Art)
Format: -
Music Atari ST: Anthony Lees
Format: YM-YM2149 - Download
Music C64: Anthony Lees
Format: - Download

ISS : Incredible Shrinking Sphere
It Came From The Desert
From: Cinemaware / 1989
Programming: Randy Platt and Tim McWilliams
Graphics: Jeffrey Hilbers and Jeff Godfrey

Composing: Greg Haggard and Jim Simmons
Music Amiga: ?
Format: ? -

It Came From The Desert
(It Came From The Desert II Data Disk)
From: Cinemaware / Mirrorsoft / 1990
Designer/Producer: David Riordan
Programming: ?
Graphics: ?
Special thanks to the Stuntmen: Chris Caracci, James Haldy, Matt Kazanowski, Eric Keerbs, James Maxwell, L. Allen McPheeters, Gary Saylor, and Bernie Whang

Music Amiga: ?
Format: -

Antheads : It Came From The Desert 2
The Mighty Legend
From: Ocean / D.C. Ward / 1989
Programming: Michel Jamicki, Christophe Lebouil, J-C.Meyrignac, Guillaume Saviard and Stephane Mouhaut
Graphics: Michele Baque and Philippe Dessoly
Cover: Bob Wakelin

Music Amiga: P.E Loriaux and J.Baudlot
Format: ? -

Ivanhoe : The Mighty Legend
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