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1-Jan-04: Happy New Year! Hope you all enjoyed XMas and the New Year celebrations.

It's been a long time since the last Games Gallery update, and after plenty of nagging from various people, I have finally added some new scans :) 30 scans have been added (All complete with author information and links to the music if available):

D: DAA, Daily Double Horse Racing, Dan Dare 3, Day of the Pharaoh, Deathbringer, Deep Core (CD32), Deep, Defenders Of The Earth, Demons Tomb, Dennis, Detector, Devious Designs, Dick Tracy, Die Hard 2, Dino Wars, Dinosaur Detective Agency, Disc, Discovery, Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk, Dojo Dan, Dominator, Dominium, Double Dragon II, Double Dragon III, Dragon Fighter, Dragons of Flame, Dreamweb, Drivin' Force, Duck Tales, Dungeon Master Expansion Set 1,

Big thanks to Wildwest and the other contributors for all the support with scans.

Updated the Game Information Database on the Info Section.

Since the last news update there have been 2 updates to the UnExoticA game music collection. This brings the archive to 7010 files packed into 1390 archives, providing full rips for 1345 Games. For details of what has changed please read the Updates Page.

The High Voltage SID Collection was also updated. The latest updates bring it to version 5.5. The collection now contains 23,453 C64 tunes.
ExoticA's mirror of this collection offers the music individually via a simple to use HTML Interface or you can download the entire collection in one large GZIP'd TAR Archive - HVSC.tar.gz. Also, we now offer the main all-in-one ZIP file - To see whats new please check out the the e-mail announcement text - update37.txt. For more in depth changes, you can refer to the update logs in the DOCUMENTS/ Directory.


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