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29-April-02: For your downloading and viewing pleasure, the complete intro and outro movies for the classic Amiga CD≥≤ game Alien Breed Tower Assault have been converted to MPEG-1 from the original CDXL version by XtC.
This new area can be accessed from the Miscellaneous Section. Also included is an amusing story outline, and the full credits for the production.

Since the last news item on the 20th March, the UnExoticA game music section has had 3 updates, bringing the archive to 5161 files packed into 1043 archives. Thats 295 meg of music! For details of what has changed please read the Updates Page.

Updated the Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 4.19.

The following groups have had additions/changes since the last version (4.16) released at ExoticA:

Andromeda, Zenon, Infect, Parasite, Addonic, Dual Crew, Vector, Essence, Aurora, Balance, Axis, Phenomena, Banal.

Crusaders, Platin, Beyond Force, Vision, Lego, Beta Team, Applause, Brain Wave, Gathering 2002, MekkaSymp2002, Paragon, Cadaver, Ackerlight, Brainstorm, Trance, Disc12 & 13, BlackJack, Tech, Eclipse, RSI News on Tour, Mentasm.

Intense, Darkage ShowTime 16 & 17, X-Zone, The Gang, Mankind, Devils, Destiny.

4.19 (Current Version)
Complex, Dimension X, Rage, Coma, D-Tect, Vanish, Cromex, Precise, Black Division, Blizzard, Anthrox, Classic, Animate.

Updated the ExoticA Intro Page with a second place entry drawn by Mark Janssen for the Intro Logo Competition. It has been scaled very slightly to fit on the front page, but you can view the full lossless PNG version on the Competition Page.


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