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27-Dec-98: Well here I am, back with another update. Hope you all had a really great X-Mas and I wish you all the best for the New Year.

Updated the High Voltage SID Collection. Version 2.8 is online now, with over 9700 C64 tunes. ExoticA's mirror of the collection has a great custom HTML interface as well as all the tunes available in 1 archve - HVSC.tar.gz

FTP OPEN! - Yes, All music files and other items are now available via anonymous FTP. Just FTP to and go to directory /pub/exotica/

The HTML interface for the tunes section will soon provide a link to download via FTP instead of HTTP also.

Do come and join the Exoticeer's on IRC (details on IRC page), our bot has a custom search tool which can search and dcc Exotic Music, C64 SIDS, and the archive of over 10,000 !! Amiga demos.

21-Dec-98: ExoticA now has a great Xmas feeling, with a beautiful snow covered logo and some pieces of Holly =) Check the Intro page! Huge thanks to our Graphics man XtC for his hard work!

Fixed some minor HTML bugs and a broken image on the Intro Page.

16-Dec-98: I've been a bit lazy with updates recently, but you know, there is always so much to do at this time of year (drinking etc) ;)

Added 2 Oktalyzer tunes from Marc Bekker (CheecH) - CheecH.lha

Renamed the SYN-Synthesis section to SYN-Synthesis-4.0 as I have added a new section SYN-Synthesis-4.2 which are tunes with a newer version of the Synthesis replayer. Some of the tunes are the same, but there are ones which are only available as 4.0 or 4.2 format. I have made new additions to the SYN-Synthesis-4.0 section also -


Some of the files previously in the SYN-Synthesis-4.0 section have also had minor filename alterations. Anyway, go and grab all the music from SYN-Synthesis-4.2 because there is some fantastic tunes there!

2 more formats added - MM4-MusicMaker-4 and MM8-MusicMaker-8. I know very little about these tunes or the music program.

Updated the Tunes Index. You may have noticed that none of the editors are online, this is because I have to remake this section. Will be back soon!

04-Dec-98: As some of you already will know, the music program which was known as THX Sound System had to change its name due to legal reasons. It is now known as AHX - Abyss' Highest Experience. Because of the program name change, and the fact that it doesn't refer to any versions with the THX name, I have remade the section. All files now have the prefix AHX instead of THX and the section is now called AHX-AbyssHighestExperience.

I have added many new AHX tunes, some which were taken from the recent tunes pack from Abyss and some which were sent in to me or found elsewhere on the internet. ExoticA still has the MOST complete AHX music collection available anywhere. All music is sorted by author, and all tunes contain some information on the file comment. The following are the new tunes which have been added:

AHX.as_Anymore, AHX.as_First Car, AHX.as_Making Days< AHX.as_Sorrow, AHX.Bluebeat2, AHX.burning shoes, AHX.just about, AHX.look out for friday, AHX.look out for friday, AHX.StreitTheme

AHX.Bird, AHX.Dont mess up, AHX.First One!, AHX.trolls-remix, AHX.Visit by Lucifer




AHX.Bluebeat, AHX.LastNinja31

AHX.Garfield, AHX.Greensleeves

AHX.Addiction!, AHX.Addiction!.ED, AHX.Dishwork, AHX.Enigma, AHX.Feel The Urge!, AHX.GameExamples, AHX.GameExamples 2, AHX.Into The Mist, AHX.Locked Up!, AHX.Petterĝes 1, AHX.Petterĝes 2, AHX.Petterĝes 3, AHX.Rent-A-Pink, AHX.Repeative, AHX.TLN2-Central Park, AHX.Toycars


AHX.Alex Maxwell, AHX.Blarp-tekno, AHX.Choochoo, AHX.Fantasy Zone 6, AHX.Finger puppet, AHX.Good old Alf, AHX.Good old Alf-Extended, AHX.Shamrock, AHX.The last straw


AHX.A Kto To?, AHX.Generations Next, AHX.Good Day

AHX.Countdown to NIL

AHX.Iridion, AHX.Klisje paa Klisje, AHX.kustomNIZED, AHX.R.O.T.R.2, AHX.Tomorrow

AHX.AlertMoDe, AHX.brOil mA fAce, AHX.draft-hawk, AHX.exquisiet, AHX.from-board, AHX.icecrust, AHX.jump to the roots, AHX.maredreams, AHX.outspere, AHX.slide over the skys, AHX.striptaker

AHX.Turbo-T, AHX.Turbo-T2

AHX.aika vapauden, AHX.Gyroscope, AHX.Kuupojen Yö, AHX.Twin Peaks theme

03-Dec-98: All the files for the Nostalgia Section are now online.

Christmas approaches, so I've been practising vast quantities of alchohol consumption in preparation for the big day :)

I got given a Teletubbies advent calendar a few days ago, which is nice. Thanks mum!. I suppose its fun to have a chocolate to eat each morning :) Last year, I got given a Barbie advent calendar, so it can't be too bad :)

I said I would mention something for a friend, so here it is:

"The Amiga Survivor Group wants your Workbench screen grabs. We are running a beauty contest for Amigas, a kind of "Miss Workbench" the best one we receive will get an Amiga related prize. See^sv for further details."

30-Nov-98: Finished uploading ALL of the tunes section. The music is now online!

Fixed link problems on the Games Gallery. Fixed the guestbook CGI, so you can all write your comments :)

29-Nov-98: was moving to a new server the last few days. Sorry for the downtime. Finished uploading the Games Gallery section, where you will find a fantastic new title logo, drawn by fellow Exoticeer XtC. Thanks pal!
60% of the tunes are uploaded, but not available for download until all are online. The HVSC pages are now online.
26-Nov-98: We're Back!

As you probably noticed, ExoticA has not been around for a month, due to the server which previously hosted the site getting hacked!. They closed all accounts down, had to re-install all the system software, and remove any other binaries. In fact, It's still not back up fully, and I made the decision to move the site.

So here we are, at (or, hosted by the finest and biggest Amiga demo scene archive in the world! I am currently in the process of uploading the files, and this should be 100% complete in a week or less. Also, soon, all the files will be available via anonymous FTP.

Please don't report broken links to me at this time, as I am still working on the site. I will let you know, when the site is fully uploaded.

31-Oct-98: Happy Halloween Exoticeers!

Due to some serious financial problems at the moment, it's likely my phoneline will be disconnected next week. This could mean no ExoticA updates for an unknown period of time. :(

28-Oct-98: The wind blows, the rain pours down, BuZz freezes his arse off, but still ExoticA gets an update :)

Received updated graphics for each tunes page. The smaller letters are now brighter and have some other changes. Big thanks to XtC, our friendly but 'rather dangerous with a baguette' artist bloke :)

Fixed some errors on the site.

Oh NO!! The SpOoky Pumpkin has somehow found its way onto the main page also! HELP!

Michael Thomas aka SolO/CORPSE has ripped and sent me a HUGE archive of AY tunes from the Amstrad CPC - AYsongs_CPC_Solo.lha- 313 tunes altogether. Read AYsongs_CPC_Solo.txt for the contents of the archive. There are some really great tunes in this archive, so get downloading!! Fantastic work Mike, Thanks!.

Well thats all from me for today. I'm going to out to the pub and get drunk :)

22-Oct-98: This update should have been uploaded a couple of days ago. Sorry for the delay.

It seems the HIP-Hippel tune HIP.Axis_Loader is actually a tune from Leavin Teramis, but one which I was missing. This is now added in the archive Leaving_Teramis.lha. Added a new HIP-Hippel tune - HIP.Endless_Piracy. The Endless Piracy tune was originally as MCMD but Don Adan has converted it back to Hippel. Thanks to Don Adan for ripping/sending these to me and also for bringing to my attention some major link problems on the Amiga Players page. These occured in the recent Players page update. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Ghost_Battle Hippel tunes were bad rips. I have re-ripped them - Ghost_Battle.lha. If you have any problems playing the 7 voice tune on delitracker, I suggest you download the newplayers.lha archive.

Halloween is approaching, and a SpOooky pumpkin has attacked the main ExoticA logo. See for yourself on the Intro page. Cheers XTC ;)

Received a whole load of yummy speccy tunes. All were ripped by Adam Hodson. Thanks! The following tunes are in the archive.


Full sourcecode is also in the archive.

18-Oct-98: Archived the entire High Voltage SID Collection (V2.7), so you can grab all the tunes in just one file (17 meg). The file is a gzip compressed tar archive, so it can be easily un-archived on any platform. If you dont know how to decompress such an archive on your machine, then I think its about time you found out.
Download the archive HERE.

Completely revamped the Amiga Jochen Hippel music section - HIP-Hippel/

The following new tunes were added:

Music from the game Warp - Warp.lha
Added another Rings Of Medusa tune - Rings_Of_Medusa.lha (Possibly not used in the game)
Axis Loader - HIP.Axis_Loader.lha
Cover of Crazy Comets - HIP.Crazy_Comets
Music from the game Tangram - Tangram.lha (both tunes were used in the game Chambers Of Shaolin also)
7 voice Ghost Battle tune - Ghost_Battle.lha (possibly not used in the game)

The following changes were made:

Music from Astaroth and Rings of Medusa moved into own directory.
I re-ripped the music from A Prehistoric Tale, since old one had bad filenames/filelengths - A_Prehistoric_Tale.lha
File Comments added to all files.
Various directory/filename changes.

If you want a completely up to date HIP-Hippel section, then I suggest you download all files again. Its only 2.5 meg of lha's, so shouldn't be too much bother. And it means you get all the improvements. In my opinion, Jochen Hippel is one of the finest musicians on the Atari ST and Amiga. I recommend you get these tunes!!

Added some more info to the Main Tunes Page.

17-Oct-98: Added the new release of MYST, the YM 2149 Soundchip music player from Mr.Styckx. If you had the previous version, then you only need to grab the MYST data packs 6,7 and 8 from the Amiga Players page. These contain new tunes, a document on which files to delete/replace and the new version of the player.
The tunes are all available in separate archives for each author on the YM-YM2149 page.
Huge thanks to Mr.Styckx for all his hard work. It's an exceptional music player, bringing some fantastic Atari ST sounds to our beloved Amiga.

Remade the players section, creating separate pages for Amiga and PC. Replaced out of date Winblows players with links to the official sites where you can get the latest versions.

15-Oct-98: Sorry for the HUGE delay with updates, but I have been quite busy working on some other projects.

I have revamped the main ExoticA update script to create logos for each music format from the Fantastic new font drawn by XTC. Thanks :)
This is still not a finished version of the font and it will probably have increased brightness, and possiblly some small size changes.

Added a new ExoticA link graphic to the Link Me page. Thanks to Cache/DigiTaL for modifying this graphic for a white background.

Ok, so... Lets have some music additions!! :)

Adding many new tunes from Vim made on various synth music editors. There is some really fantastic tunes here. HUGE Thanks to Vim for sending these in to me :)


FC14-FutureComposer/Vim.lha which contains :


PUMA-PumaTracker/Vim.lha which contains :

THX-THXSoundSystem/Vim.lha which contains :

Removed some duplicates from FC13-FutureComposer section:

FC13.Demonsmenu2 removed
FC13.LSDMenu3.lha removed
FC13.LSDmenu5.lha removed

02-Oct-98: HAPPY BIRTHDAY EXOTICA! - It has now been 1 year since we first came up with the idea for this site and started building it. Huge thanks to all the people who have helped and supported ExoticA to make it what it is today. I really appreciate it.

In the last update I added the tunes from the Motorola Inside 98 THX compo, but forgot to add the winning tune. Oops!. The winning tune is called pOPKORNY ('98 rEMiX) by Kure4Kancer - Download

Added some more info to the main tunes page.


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