Exoticons! v1.0 - 30/5/01 Release
Files Available

Exoticons v1.0 (OS3.5) - Exoticons35.lha
Aminet Readme - Exoticons35.readme

Exoticons v1.0 (NewIcons) - Exoticons.lha
Aminet Readme - Exoticons.readme

Exoticons v1.0 Screenshot (OS3.5 version)

Exoticons V1.0 Screenshot (OS 3.5)

Old Files Available

Exoticons v0.01 - Exoticons.lha
Aminet Readme - Exoticons.readme

Exoticons v0.01 Screenshot

Exoticons V0.01 Workbench Screenshot
Exoticons consists of 1500 icons created from high quality box scans of Amiga games. Certainly, it must be the largest game icon collection currently available for the Amiga. The original scans and information can be found on the Games Gallery.

Exoticons currently comes in 2 flavours, NewIcons and an OS3.5/3.9 version.

I recommend you use Exoticons with the excellent WHDLOAD (http://www.whdload.de) - a great AmigaOS friendly game install package.

The icons also work well with other HD install systems such as JST (http://jffabre.free.fr/amiga/patches.html).

The icon packs are big downloads (~9 mb for the Newicon version and ~16mb for the OS3.5 version). However, they are well worth the wait.

Soon the icons will also be individually downloadable, so you can choose the ones you want.


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