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13-Jul-03: To start this update, I must apologise again for the lack of activity on ExoticA in the last months. Hopefully I can find some more time for the site this summer. Having said this, there have been some changes since the last announcement.

Since the last news announcement there has been an update to the High Voltage SID Collection. The latest updates bring it to version 5.4. The collection now contains 21,272 C64 tunes.
ExoticA's mirror of this collection offers the music individually via a simple to use HTML Interface or you can download the entire collection in one large GZIP'd TAR Archive - HVSC.tar.gz. Also, we now offer the main all-in-one ZIP file - To see whats new please check out the the e-mail announcement text - update35.txt. For more in depth changes, you can refer to the update logs in the DOCUMENTS/ Directory.

There has been an update to the Demo Scene Reference Manual which brings it to version 5.06.

The following changes have been made since the last version (4.43) released at ExoticA:

Underscore 2003,Darkside, Darkside Division, EOC 1999, Analog, Sun Connection, 23 Celsius Crew, Pacmag, Budbrain.

Danger Productions, Solaris, Nuance, Upfront, Funzine, Futura, Future Mirror, nemesis, Axend, Energy, Zeroline, Nebula, Addonic, TDRS, Prism Illusion, Mad Monks, Violence, Starline, Armageddon, Nolem.

Polka Brothers, E&L, Miranda, Pure Metal Coders, Pyrodex, Majic 12, Intryx, Imagine, Imp-666, Ackerlight, Humanoids.

WOW, Parallax.Amigavision Crew, Scarab, Flash Prod, Breakpoint party 2003, Gathering 2003, The Silents, Offworld.

Triumph, Vision, Treacl, Outrunners, Digital Force, Finnish Bit Wizards, Factor 4, Legend, Warfalcons, Mexx.

Horizon, Apology, Iris, Equinox, Syndrome, Virtual Dreams, Shining 8, Profex, Decept, Drakpak, Skid Row, Sector 4, Limbo

Goes Database.

Powerline, Eltech, United Forces, Banana Dezign, Mythos, Kindergarden 2003, R, B.T, S, Turnips, Deform.

Since the last news, there has been 5 updates to the UnExoticA game music collection. This brings the archive to 6879 files packed into 1335 archives. That's over 371 megabytes of music! For details of what has changed please read the Updates Page.

There is a small, but active community of people at the ExoticA Forum. Please do join up and participate in the various discussions.


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