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eXternal Format Rippers
"If you need to get out a lot of music in many different formats from game disk in a half-automated process, you can benefit of the public domain Amiga eXternal Format Rippers master library with clients. It comes with shell tools that are able to scan disks or files. if you have to handle a lot of crunched files, you can use Amiga Filterium, where you can let a music piece to be retrieved from a deep level in seriously crunched and again crunched data. almost automatically."
/Andy Silva
Amiga Music Preservation
Amiga Music Preservation (AMP), is a large and comprehensive database ever about amiga music and amiga musicians. If your looking for a amiga scene module or information about a musician, this is the place to come!
Hacked Amiga Music
Great site with lots of difficult to rip music for the Amiga, with in depth information and more.
An ftp site with more than 90,000 modules online in more than 150 formats.
High Voltage Sid Collection
The best, best sorted and bigger collection of SID music! More than 8200 musics sorted by authors coming from C64 games/demos/etc. It is heaven for any C64 owners!
Real Music
General page about computer music. You get information, software (for Amiga, PC, Linux/Unix and Macintosh) and soundfiles for formats like SID, MOD or MP3
Here you can find informations on ALL Music Software produced for Amiga and also sections dedicated to C-64 SIDs, MODs, MIDI and another one dedicated to New Age Music.
An Excellent multi-format module player for Windows. From the makers of Delitracker.
UADE plays old Amiga tunes through UAE emulation and cloned m68k-assembler Eagleplayer API.
EaglePlayer Official Homepage
Link to the main support site for EaglePlayer. An Excellent multi-format module player for the Amiga computer.
Musicline Official Website
Support page for the fantastic Musicline editor. Download the latest version, tunes, and much more!
Amiga 500 Music Collection
Lots of great tunes from amiga 500 games and intros available for downloading. Also some C64 music remixes.
Chiptune Central
A beautifully designed site, with hundreds of great chiptunes for download.
A site dedicated to famous Amiga demo musicians. A good collection of stuff.
Fantastic CD Remakes of classic C64 tracks. There are plenty of mp3's to download and the 'Back in Time' series of CD's are available to buy. I have one of them and its really great :)
Mindkiller Systems
Mindkiller System, a group of active developers. Current projects include a *GREAT* C64 SID player (MindSID), and a very fast and flexible bbs system.


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