Deli News #2

                       * DELI NEWS Issue #2 *
                       Welcome to DELIฉ NEWS 2

      This Text is about the Delitracker and contains Information
                about all areas of Amiga Music-Scene.

        I hope that you wont mind downloading a few extra KB.      

  If you have any questions concerning Delitracker or any tunes, simply
  write me a note. Or if you want to hear your favourite tune from a game, 
  simply send a mail to my address with the name of the tune and then in
  a couple of days or a week you can get it from any MAX-BBS.

 1. Delitracker New's 
 A: New Players for Delitracker  Part 2  
 B: New DeliGenie "Filechecker"
 C: Ideas for Delitracker

 2. CD Review 
 A: Vangelis " DIRECT "

 3. Amiga & Midi
 A: Mignon Jr 
 B: Samplitude Pro

 A: Voice and noise analysis for the Amiga ?

  1.A: New Players For Delitracker


  " MARK II +++ " DeliPlayer
   By Darius Zandeh alias MARK II / Quadlite 
  How they all occurs to be unknown, ehm I think that for most of you
  this name is unknown. But I will help you a little bit. The first one
  of these that I have heard was from the game "R-Type" from 1989. In This
  game the Titletune (By Chris Huelsbeck in TFMX format) and all the
  soundeffects were made by Darius Zandeh with the Mark II Soundsystem
  version 1. From this we developed our DeliPlayer. This player should
  also be able to play things from Mark II Soundsystem version 2.
  Therefore we made a player for both types.

  We have found the following tunes:   
  from games  : R-Type 1, Crash & Burn, ......
  from intros : RSI Megademo 89 LoaderTune,
                Quadlite 64er Compilation 34 Tune,
                Thrust Sin Intro 1, Quadlite Stormchild,
                Quadlite Wabble Sprites, Threat Intro 2,4,6,7,
                Cave Linesdemo, and others
  " Maniacs Of Noise " DeliPlayer
  By Charles Deenen & ??

  This player was developed in 1988 from tunes for C=64 Sid and Fred
  Player, and was called Maniacs of Noise.
  Exactly who programmed it, is not known. A couple of the earliest
  productions can't be played at the moment because they are bound to
  specific memory addresses.

		The following Titles are known to me !                 

  Flimbo's Quest, Lords of the Rings, Onslaught, ....
  Razor 1911 Maniacs of Noise in Love  1 - 3 
  There are a lot more tunes available, unfortunately I don't know the
  names of them yet.  

  There is also a CD by Maniacs of Noise, unfortunately I don't know the
  name of it, but I will try find it out for you.

  " Gremlin's " DeliPlayer
    By  ? & Ben Daglish

  Another interesting Format. A few soundtracks were made by Ben Daglish,
  who should be known from the C=64 scene. 

  Titles known at the moment: Ultimate Golf, Deflector, Atura
                            Rick Dangorous II, Axels Magic Hammer
  More Titles are being prepared.                            


  B: New Deligenie "Filechecker"

  Who has noticed that every so often some tracker module can't be played
  in Delitracker, but in other players it can be played? Ha, that
  simply depends on the fact that the Fileformatrecognition calculates the
  filelength, and when the length of the original doesn't compare to the
  calculated, nothing is played. Therefor there is now a Filechecker
  genie. This genie just proves before the player does it, to load a file,
  and should an error occur a requester pops up in which you can select
  wether to fix it or not. It is possible to fix the file, and also to
  pack the file, of course with one of the great XPK packers.
  C: Ideas for Delitracker

  I thank Thomas Alexnat for his sugestion of improvements, they will be
  passed over to Florian or Peter.	

  - Play RAW 8Bit and 16Bit Samples
  - DMF-Player (I like 2 move it ! :)   > In Development
  - better GUI (=>Fontsensitive)        > In Development
  - by doubleclicking on a genie it should not be disabled,
    instead the GUI for the genie should appear, with a button
    to disable it.
  - localizes (if it has not yet occured)
  - HELP-Support (=> HELP-button = The Manual in GUIDE-Format is loaded) 
  - MIDI and SMUS Player :              > In Development
  2. CD Review
  A: Vangelis " DIRECT "
  I have bought a CD by Vangelis. I had never listened to the cd before,
  but that only made it more charming. Now I can say that I really liked
  it (NO TECHNO). For whom Vangelis is not known, he is the author of
  Movieclassics such as The beauty and the beast / Walt Disney, Cristopher
  Columbus with Gerard Depardieu, Bladerunner with Harrison Ford, and
  "Chariots of fire", which is also available as good conversions in S3M or 
  MOD format. Now over to the CD itself. On the front there are two very 
  strange-looking heads. On the top it says VANGELIS, and below it says
  DIRECT in rather simple letters.
  There are 12 excellent tracks. When I heard it i noticed that this cd
  must have been a model for some MODs for the Amiga.
  The price for the CD : 29.99 DM (about $20) from WOM and Kaufhof.

  In his Oscar-winning score for 'Chariots of Fire' (1981) he
  proved at a stroke his genius as a composer of music for
  feature films. He does not work, as most film composers do,
  with time codes and and click tracks: he sits back from the
  action, absorbs the atmosphere and emotion, and creats music
  instantly which captures the psychological essence of the
  visual image. Hence his music used in the course of 'Chariots
  of Fire' is not designed to fit the physical movements in the
  scenes-indeed it often contrasts with them extraordinarily, in
  both pace and superficial emotional involvement. Instead the
  music possesses a quite separate spiritual entity, where
  juxtaposition with the actual visual image often evokes a  
  profound sense of both timelessness and piognancy. The title
  music of 'Chariots of Fire', however, instantly presents the
  heroism, the striving, the nobility of the sporting endeavour,
  through the dynamic, throbbing bass line and the primeval
  upward-thrusting horn-call, out of which the main theme grows.
  This famous theme is supported by perhaps the richest and  
  grandest orchestral textures of any of Vangelis's scores, and
  indeed this music seems, quite remarkably, to have been taken
  up itself almost as a british national hymn.
                 This is also true for "DIREKT"
  My judgement > Excellent <
  3. Amiga & Midi
  A: Mignon Jr.

  Mignon Jr. is a tracker for the toccata soundcard made by MacroSystems
  According to The Amiga magazines 32 channels are possible. Well,
  possible perhaps, but not realistic for people with normal Amigas. A
  sensible work is only possible with a 68040 at 33MHz with 20MB Ram.
  The structure of the the workscreen is a catastrophy.

  At the moment I don't think anyone would like this program, not with a
  price of 200DM.
  B: Samplitude Pro

  Hello all of you!
  Who will place an order for this extensive Sample-editing program with

  A: Voice and noice recognition ?
  I have seen a program which could analyze samples in many ways. It was
  made for MAC. PRICE 4 312 DM.
  Is it possible to program anything like that on the Amiga?
   "Utility for  Analysis, Manipulation, Playback,
   Colored Spectogramme, Sonogramme,
   Frequency representation, Zoom, Longwave, Shortwave
   FFT, Kepstrum, LPC, LPC-History, LPC-Residium, averagespectrum
   Jitters, Shimmer, Harmonic, Amplituderepresentation
   Huellcurves, and and and ...
   Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about these technical terms.
   Who knows anything about that?
   The absolute manipulation of samples !!?
  This Document was translated by Spectral/Tulou (Jonas Nyren). And since
  neither German or English is my native language it is quite possible
  that there are some mis-spelled words or some grammatical errors and I 
  apologize for those. However as a whole I think you understand what I
  have written, if not I must take some courses in English :-)


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